Han So Hee Attends the Seoul Launch of the Gucci x Balenciaga Collab Hacker Collection

This is such a fashion moment of our times, as hypebeast as it can get. Gucci and Balengiaca, two top fashion houses, have collaborated on a collection ranging from accessories to clothing which just dropped this week. It’s called the Hacker Project and the concept is Gucci and Balenciaga hacking each other’s lines. The centerpiece has got to be the classic Gucci tote getting a spray painted in white graffiti that says “This is Not a Gucci Bag”. I mean, Louis Vuitton did it over a decade ago with the Stephen Sprouse graffiti collection and it’s as stupid now as it was then. It defeats the purpose of spending thousands on a bag that is supposed to be classic and a great investment by turning it into something that looks dated six months later because the hype has passed. With that said, K-actress Han So Hee was in attendance at the launch in Seoul and she looks fantabulous. No wonder she was the IT girl this year, she makes even douchey accessories and over engineered clothing look great on her.


Han So Hee Attends the Seoul Launch of the Gucci x Balenciaga Collab Hacker Collection — 57 Comments

  1. Isn’t it the ultimate bored rich person move to drop thousands of dollars on an ugly bag that will become dated within the month?

  2. Lol. I owned a LV speedy of Stephen Sprouse collection with green graffiti. I was young when I purchased it but I still like it.

    Having said that, I find so many fashion houses turning so tacky and excessively flashy these days. Gucci, Balenciaga and even Fendi went overboard with the brand stamping.

    Celine under Heidi Slimane not as classy as Phobe Phillo’s time. The only brand I appreciate now is Saint Laurent. Still maintain that classiness. Should learn from Chanel, be timeless.

    Anyway, Han So Hee so pretty here. I like how she’s not afraid to venture out of her comfort zone, judging from the project she picked, from makjang to romance to action and a musical coming up.

    • Did you see the Miu Miu Marine Collection? It was GOOD good. That’s the best Miu Miu I’ve seen till now and was very on point with the season.

      • No. Not yet. I have checked out of Miu Miu quite sometimes ago. The same happened with Prada which I find has lost its direction lately.

        These days, I prefer simple clean cut design. Not too outstanding and not flashy. Guess that’s got to do with me ageing.

        Anyway, I will definitely checkout Miu Miu Marine collection you suggested. Been quite a while since someone actually mentioned Miu Miu.

      • Actually its called the Maritime Collection and yes it was pretty and surprisingly fresh for something like Miu Miu. Everyone looked good in it which is saying a lot for a brand Miu Miu.

    • I still use my Louis Vuitton Murakami cherry blossom papillon and character Neverfull all the time, so I get that trendy collabs can still be worth a buy. Sorry I just hated the Sprouse graffiti collection and that actually turned me off LV (and all subsequent collabs too) and I pivoted to Bottega and Chanel. Now I’m collecting Hermes for the colorful leathers and timeless shapes.

      Saint Laurent’s pivot (getting rid of the Yves) was such a success, I got a bag a few years ago and used it daily and loved it so much.

      The Miu Miu Maritime collection is too young for me, a cross between cottagecore and Cape Cod, and the bags are all meh. The shoes are adorbs though.

      I love Phoebe Philo I’m glad she’s launching her own eponymous line.

      • I love Gucci, have a watch and purses, and Balenciaga is my baby favorite. But I have to say Tod’s graffiti items are awesome! Not big on LV although I kept in good condition a 15 year old LV purse – a gift from a friend who lives in Italy. I’m a Gucci girl, though.

      • Bottega just fired Daniel Lee, so those those it bags are coming to an abrupt end.

        Chanel is still riding on the success of its classic flap, IMO. The C19 looks like a squashed pillow and is going to be a fad bag. Chanel also keeps upping its prices to match Hermes, but its quality has gone down drastically.

      • Chanel has turned into a joke this year. The 3 price increases makes a Medium Flap $8,800 USD like WTF? And yes, just terrible terrible quality. Unless you do caviar which is more scratch resistant expect your corners to die starting 3 months in even with light and careful use.

        Plus the mini bag craze is ruining the functionality of everything. If I wanted a mini bag just for decoration I would pick a Judith Leiber and not a classic or handle Chanel shrunken and for the same price as it’s larger counterpart.

        My Bottegas are all from 2013-2016, before D. Lee showed up and honestly his “revival” did nothing for me in continuing to find things I liked at BV.

        Question: Anyone have a Loewe Puzzle Bag? I’m eyeing that one even if I haven’t bought a Loewe in 15 years. It’s visually such a structural treat. But I’m worried it only looks good mint and once used the leather softens and collapses and it’ll look like a mushed mess.

      • @Koala – I have the Puzzle in small. I bought it more for function than looks (has a zipper, a “normal” shape, can actually hold stuff). It’s a great everyday bag, but the leather does sag after long use. Perhaps get it in black if you’re worried about the sagging appearance?

      • Thank you for the review @ Amaranth! I’ll probably skip it as I have lots of ample function bags and really liked the uniqueness of the shape with slight similar vibe to an Issey Miyake Bao Bao with the grids. Once the leather softens I think it will look similar to the slouchy look of Hermes Lindy 26 which I have already. I don’t mind a soft bag with sagging/slouching leather, I just don’t like to get bags that resemble others I already have. 🙂

        I also think the Loewe mini hammock looks adorable, not too twee or small – looks like it can fit a phone, small wallet, keys, and lipstick easily.

      • Oh @OCKOALA, you got great and expensive taste.

        I couldn’t afford an Hermes yet, except for a Herbag. LOL

        Chanel’s prices are really crazy. The Classic Maxi Double Flap that I bought in 2013 now retailing more than 2.5 times when I purchased it. No wonder people going crazy selling preloved Chanel, cos they can make so much from there.

        I kind of like the Chanel 19 for the reason that it’s lightweight and great for traveling. I hate mini/micro bag. The bag that does not serve as bag is just plain stupid.

        I have been thinking of finally getting a Lady Dior this year. Been thinking of getting it for quite sometimes but was hold back by the many complaints over the super tight zip opening which now been replaced with more practical flap. Any comment if it’s worthy?

      • @Amaranth – I guess you know the news by now but Bottega looks like it’s going to be in good hands, the new creative director has over a decade of experience and was once the designer of Margiela’s couture line. Personally I liked the Tomas Maier era intrecciato bags, they’re classic and not likely to look dated in 5 years like some of the more ‘statement’ Bottega accessories.

        As for the gossip on Daniel Lee… a Vogue France writer on twitter said he was fired on the spot by Francois-Henri Pinault for calling someone a racial slur.

      • @Royal We – We shall see. I personally found all the BV bags and shoes under Daniel Lee to be butt ugly, but you cannot deny his impact on the fashion world. BV has been the most influential fashion brand during his tenure. I read his firing was due to the Berlin fallout, but who knows. It must’ve been serious for them to fire a cash cow.

        @Alexa – Re: Lady Dior – My take is that it’s a good evening / event bag, but not a good everyday bag. It’s very stiff, the zippers on the smaller sizes cut your hands when you reach in, and the look is too “ladies who lunch” for casual wear. It is a good bag if you’re going to a fancy event.

      • @Amaranth – oh I absolutely agree on the impact, I just think a lot of his designs are going to read dated in a few years (until the inevitable revival anyway!!).

        And yeah cash cow designers don’t get fired just like that, whatever triggered the end of this ‘collaboration’ must have been a deal breaker for at least one party but I guess it’s hushed enough that they’re keeping it civil in public.

      • @Q – Heck yes! Self-proclaimed Philophile here. Collected most of the Phoebe-era Celine bags and have been saving up in anticipation of her return.

    • Checked out on Chanel last year. And just in time too, what with the 3 price increases (this year alone) and their quality sub-par. I don’t know Virginie Viard is thinking or not as is the case I guess.

      LV is coming back stronger it feels like and Celine is also dropping some items that I want to have. But I’ve turned my attention fully to Goyard, some Hermès and Dior.

      I also will agree that I like Han So Hee’s styling here. I like the juxtapose of classy and edgy, she carries it well.

      • There’s something about Dior that is just timeless and classy. I know Chanel is supposed to be that brand but I find Dior more appealing. LV had some good pieces for their SS 21 but that collection they made BTS model was just not it.

  3. HSH is the definition of ‘It Girl’ and is without a doubt the most successful actress in the 20s and will be a huge success even in her 30s which is just 3 years from now.

    • If the Squid Game girl manages to land another success then between the two of them they’ll own the current batch of 20s. They are also the same age and both are currently highly in demand and they have what it takes to rule over acting, fashion and cfs.

      • Caa landed her and they just don’t land anyone. She is on way to hit international level projects.

      • You sure about that? Not invalidating Hoyeon’s current success but CAA also signed those SM groups NCT and Aespa who nobody knows outside of Kpop so…

      • CAA is known as an actor’s agency, an actress vs idol groups is apples and oranges. All Jung Hoyeon needs is to get work, she has the fashion potential already so won’t be short of endorsement money.

      • What actor agency are you talking about, CAA literally covers and represents almost every facet of the entertainment industry LOL Bey and Cardi B are also represented by them, but also much more non-A list clients.

      • @MMM sm is big agency who must have collab with caa bcoz they envy BTS’s success, so nct and aespa thing. Here the case is different. Reports say various top managements wanted to land her. If she went for CAA, their must be solid things and offers they must have assured her of! International brands r already demanding her and she might get some big projects in hollywood. Even if it starts with small roles. It is big step

      • Ah I only read the Soompi article, had no idea what you’re talking about her getting love calls from others LOL good luck to her then.

  4. Han so hee deserves all cfs and mega projects she is getting. She is doing so many genres. No wonder directors want her and she has the edgy beautiful look for cfs. Not ur typical korean vanilla beauty. Most in demand actress in 20s and jung ho yeon got signed by agency CAA. They don’t sign just typical vanilla pretty faces of korea or local stars. She has international name. Has that edgy look liked by americans. Caa went for her and wanted to land her. Two self made actresses in 20s has upped the game, hsh getting best projects and i am happy for them. Their future is bright. Association with netflix or any streaming giant is now most important. I remember when last year, when i said that netflix is the future and their ranking matters. U n ur minions here laughed at me. Time has turned the tables. Music Industry realized streaming is present , future and now whole hollywood realized that. Now actors contracts take profit from streaming. Move on with times and u koala, u have to accept it . I m laughing at u n ur minions now

  5. she’s definitely trendy but I wouldn’t call her the most successful actress in her twenties. she doesn’t have any hit projects to her name. my name only performed moderately despite following the mega success of squid game and nevertheless was a complete flop. like it or not, despite her poor acting, suzy is still the most successful one based on hit projects and track record although I think she is becoming less relevant in the past 2 years. i’m curious to see how jung hoyeon’s next project performs because i think she is currently the biggest and trendiest star in her age group.

    • woah! For one thing u cannot based on the rating alone to consider N is a flop or not! It did pretty well on netflix and even got into their top 10 ranking despite that it was aired only on limited countries. U cant deny that fact that it was the most talked drama during its whole 10 weeks running. Anyway N was different cup of tea from kdrama. Its like whether u love it or hate it but called it a flop means u understand nothing how the industry worked dear

    • Aiyooo! Can u check ur resource before calling N a flop. Please lah! It was on top 10 netflix worldwide rank since its beginning even when it was aired on limited countries. Plus it was the most talked show for the whole 10 weeks. So far only home chachacha could achieve that. I think Koala pointed it out before, N is one drama that either u love it or hate it. But calling it a flop is absurb lor

    • 94 line – Suzy, Hyeri, Han So Hee and Jung Hyo Yeon. Out of the 4 the first 2 are longer at their peak but are very popular while the former 2 are still on their way to the peak. If you compare their currently moving career trajectory Han So Hee is definitely one of the most successful actress in the twenties and is going to be more successful in the future since she has yet to hit her peak and more importantly can carry a drama on her own. Nevertheless had about the same ratings as Lost and at this point the problem isn’t the dramas but the JTBC. Nevertheless was still a huge hit overseas and you can tell by how heavily it was promoted by Swoon after it started airing that the drama had a huge international audience. Jung Hyo Yeon is still a wildcard but something about her gives off the superstar vibes and most importantly I have a feeling the S list movie veterans adore her and won’t miss an opportunity to cast her in everything especially Lee Jung Jae basically fawns over her. She got in with the right crowd.

      • 94 line – Suzy, Hyeri, Han So Hee and Jung Hyo Yeon. Out of the 4 the first 2 are no longer at their peak but are very popular while the former 2 are still on their way to the peak. If you compare their currently moving career trajectory Han So Hee is definitely one of the most successful actress in the twenties and is going to be more successful in the future since she has yet to hit her peak and more importantly can carry a drama on her own. Nevertheless had about the same ratings as Lost and at this point the problem isn’t the dramas but the JTBC. Nevertheless was still a huge hit overseas and you can tell by how heavily it was promoted by Swoon after it started airing that the drama had a huge international audience. Jung Hyo Yeon is still a wildcard but something about her gives off the superstar vibes and most importantly I have a feeling the S list movie veterans adore her and won’t miss an opportunity to cast her in everything especially Lee Jung Jae basically fawns over her. She got in with the right crowd.

      • @Teri – your assessment seems correct, the first two are of course popular but not quite the draw as actresses that their hype would have you assume (IU has actually done better than both of them in numbers terms, leaving aside the question of talent).

        Han So Hee has now proved she can carry a hit drama on her own and has the talent to take on different types of roles (plus she seems to actively seek to do different kinds of roles and improve her acting- good for her). Combine that with her explosive popularity and you have the potential for a lasting career where she’ll be remembered as a good actress and not just a pretty face.

        I also agree that Jung Hoyeon is a bit of a wild card – total rookie hitting it big off her acting debut – but if she can do well in other projects too and chooses roles carefully, she has a good chance of finding a niche for herself.

      • I agree with both of you over here however I would like to point out one thing about HSH that while I agree she actively seeks out diverse roles she is also at an advantage of being the right age to be able to do diverse roles without having the baggage of previous roles that she would have been shoehorned into if she had broken out much younger like Hyeri and Suzy. I’m not saying its an excuse about their lack of talent as actresses but Suzy and Hyeri had fewer choices in their younger years and especially pre Netflix. That said the talent gap is still huge between them and HSH. Fully onboard with JHY being a wildcard. I have a feeling she could really shake up the industry if she picks the right projects.

      • yall saw Squid Game success and think that everything will do the same
        HSH is a trend but she is not Hoyeon level

        also success drama is not the same of star power
        tell me who is the itboy right now in Korea?

        Kim Seonho or Wi Jahoon? Wi Jahoon can have viral tweets.likes everyday
        but Kim Seonho is build a powerful name and his cfs will pay more

        simply like that

        thats why yall here are in rush think that ladies who have one Netflix hits are above Suzy already

      • @noroti – “fewer choices”? They were basically offered what felt like all the roles for 20something actresses in dramas for years, it wasn’t them that had a lack of opportunities but the other new 20s actresses who only started getting cast in drama leads once Netflix etc opened up the field to them again or they had a surprise hit. I mean, you really think Hyeri or Suzy even after all these years of acting experience, could have the talent to break out into female lead roles from playing the ‘other woman’ (HSH) or pull off Jung Hoyeon’s role in Squid Game?

        It was a known problem in the middle of the last decade, there were even Korean news articles about how producers were complaining “there are no 20s actresses” when what they meant was that there were no famous 20s actresses because kdramas were only casting idols in the lead roles!

    • @teri and royalwe

      my bad, flop is too strong of a word, but i wouldn’t call her works hits either. i consider hits to be dramas that perform well domestically (ratings) or both domestically and internationally. if being popular overseas is the standard now, then tkem and start-up would be considered hits when most koreans don’t view them as such. my point is it’s a reach to call han sohee THE most successful actress in her twenties, as some have stated above, because she hasn’t had a hit drama as lead yet, although i’m sure that will change soon. suzy has been lead in several hit dramas and has been on reputable lists like gallup, forbes, kobaco, so on. hyeri too. iu as well, but she seems more focused on music and movies nowadays. sohee is on her way, she just needs more works under her belt. hoyeon is just on another level globally from all these names, so i’m most curious about her.

      • I have to say I don’t agree with your definition of a hit because Marriage Lyrics had very high ratings but I would never call it a hit. It was just a drama with high ratings that’s all. Startup was definitely a hit and it basically sent KSH into superstardom. TKEM was also a hit because Studio Dragon made crazy money from the sales and it did well overseas doesn’t mean it was a good drama but it was extremely popular. The world is changing and so is the definition of success. HSH has created a craze about her that Suzy and Hyeri didn’t have even in their best years. More importantly the craze isn’t only limited to Korea but extends the world over same with JHY. They have become sensations which bigger than just being garden variety popular. HSH was already on Forbes and Gallup even before she did a single lead role.

      • @leh

        Well if you look at Squid Game Koreans didn’t think it was a hit either until it blew up in USA and eventually the rest of the world. The thing is South Korea is no longer in control of its own popular culture. Even if they think Drama A or Movie B is not good it doesn’t matter as long as it blows up overseas and everyone else is telling South Korea that Drama A or Movie B is a hit. #Alive had the same trajectory and in the future more dramas will continue to follow the same pattern. Netflix numbers are starting to outrank local opinions.

      • “South Korea is no longer in control of its own popular culture.”

        “Netflix numbers are starting to outrank local opinions.”

        Those are really powerful points @yove.

      • @gully
        to say han sohee created a craze that suzy never had is delusional. suzy’s dramas are more popular overseas than anything of han sohee’s and she did that without Netflix, which is more impressive. And if you compare dramas on Netflix, start up is more popular than my name and nevertheless even though my name is a Netflix-produced drama. another delusional thing is thinking sohee is anywhere near the level of hoyeon worldwide lol. sohee is very much local whether you admit or not. hoyeon is the only one named here who has created the so-called craze you talk about.

      • @gully

        sohee can’t win the recent aaa popularity poll against song jihyo lol let alone jung hoyeon, what worldwide craze are you talking about? even seo yeji had more hype overseas as she was able to build a rabid fandom and win popularity polls easily.

      • yall are so..
        for sure Squid Game is a phenomenon but a hit on Netflix not translating in biggest stars in Korea
        is Jaa Hoon or Kim Seonho who is taking Korea and taking all the cfs? is Seonho

        its very delusional think that Hoyeon is already on the level of some itgirls for example
        she is bigger ww for sure, but the her next project can flop ww and its bye bye

        she is not a big name so far with koreans

        girls like Suzy cant have bigger ratings in the last projects but yet she still in a level there that Hoyeon cant touch

        success of drama is not equally a star power
        even if you remove worldwide and thinking just in Korea
        is any actress of Penthouse in the level of Juhyun or Song Hye Kyo just because their last drama did much better? lol

  6. Those bags and that coat are ugly af. I really dislike the hypebeast streetwear movement that’s taken over high fashion in the last few years. Thank god Phoebe Philo is coming back.

    HSH really impressed in My Name. She seems to enjoy doing edgy, gritty roles. Charlize Theron would be a good role model for her career path.

    • @peanut gallery – I don’t mind some aspects of the hypebeast trend, like the fact that it’s accepted to wear comfortable shoes now and some sneaker designs are really interesting….

      but this logo sh-t was ugly and lazy design in the 00s and it’s still ugly now!

      • @Royal We – okay, I agree on the sneakers trend.

        Yes to the ugly af logos. The only logo that worked was the Murakami x LV collab from way back.

  7. How tall is Han So Hee? She seems pretty tall in My Name and she’s carrying the clothes well here too.

    (I still think that Balenciaga/Gucci hack collection looks like the work of, well, hacks though. I don’t have a problem with ugly designs if it’s interesting or expressing an idea, but this hack thing is both ugly AND lazy, like…graffitied logo bags with spray paint on them? How tacky.)

  8. Love hsh choose different genres esp my name. Curious how she fare in music drama. Her ulsan sunbae was at same fashion launch with bestie lee si eon. impromptu south gyeongsang gathering? if u r korean, u get the joke. sunbae mentioned jeju in agency vid promo with lse. lse then announced his wedding at jeju on xmas & mentioned ksy in same vid. then ksy cast in same drama as ulsan sunbae. maybe hsh’s ml in music drama will be sunbae. lol raining coincidences.

    • Here we are in April 2022. Both she and SIG were at the same event. Now we see HSH and Ulsan sunbae SIG making a cameo in her drama Soundtrack#1. She mysteriously deleted the post of this event in her IG.

  9. She is pretty in motion but doesn’t photograph well unless it’s an editorial where they can photoshop. She has had some work done on the bottom half of her face and it throws the balance off.

    I find her acting very mediocre.

  10. Han so hee nailed it here. Whatever brands she is wearing she looks absolutely expensive, classy, elegant and stunning. About her acting carreer please please do not compare here with other local actresses coz we all know what she she is capable of. Directors, writers and even her co stars commended what she can do as she showcase her talent in the big screen. Just dont compare her with others because there is only one HAN SO HEE…and you even know it

  11. While folks here are talking global impact and greatness, a bunch of kiddie stans in the previous post are running their bratty little mouths about small-time network awards. The contrast is just … I have to laugh. ???????????

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