The King’s Affection and Secret Royal Inspector Joy Give Hope to Mon-Tues as Both Rise in Ratings and Also Garner Increasingly Positive Reviews

The slow but steady rise in ratings the last three weeks for KBS Mon-Tues sageuk The King’s Affection (Yeonmo) paid off as the most recent episode 12 this Tuesday broke 8% for the first time to hit 8.8%. Even better news is that this is a 20-episode drama so plenty of time left to see if it can try for double digits. Either way it’s clearly a bright light for the network and the industry as it shows a well-crafted story, even if it takes a bit to get going, can still be recognized by viewers gradually tuning in. Another Mon-Tues drama the tvN comedic procedural Secret Royal Inspector Joy started off last week in the 4% range for its premiere weekend and I said then that it will need to see the second week ratings to tell if domestic viewers like this intentionally goofy tone. The viewers have spoken and this week’s episodes 3-4 notched 5.257% and 5.060%. Sageuks in general cost a lot less to produce thanks to filming on set in folk villages, palaces, and the outdoors and also rarely needing special effects. With that it may continue the sageuk trend into 2022 if these lower budget productions bring in decent enough ratings to merit being a safer investment.


The King’s Affection and Secret Royal Inspector Joy Give Hope to Mon-Tues as Both Rise in Ratings and Also Garner Increasingly Positive Reviews — 34 Comments

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  2. park eunbin fans aren’t loud as kyj fans who always hype abt kyj will be nominated in baeksang 2022. in fact, i haven’t seen her fans mentioned abt being baeksang nominee during this drama was airing like kyj fans always did during lotrs was airing. but no offence, i think peb has higher chance to enter baeksang as compared to kyj. i bet she’ll get top excellent award in kbs end year award. why i mentioned lotrs? well, i dislike her fans for being so arrogance and ignorant who always thought that kyj is at the top of pyramid among korean young actresses

    • @uglyjan
      Oh really and what about kimsohyuns fandoms who are also doing the same.
      Why drag only one fandom when the other is equally cringy.
      Me too no offence but if you are judging or being vocal about something do it without bias.

      • Now look who has the victim mentality. Which fandom dragged who first is clear from your comment since op never mentioned their fan alliance if anything they are obviously a peb fan. No wonder your fandom has the worst reputation and is a known toxic fandom.

      • @nover
        What victim mentality? Did i say anything about being victim. Yes some yoojung fans are going overboard with the praise so does kimsohyun fandom and thats what i see here in this blog and that is what i mentioned.
        Whichever fandom that @uglyjan belong to i dont care I just said when if u are judging someone be impartial, why only yoojng fandom is being called arrogant for hyping their girl when ur fandom is not doing no less.
        Excellent award , daesang award etc etc isnt it being arrogant .let her win first then u can talk big.
        What ur fandom doing yoojung fans doing the same but they become worst fandom lol
        Pity ur double standard mentality.

      • @ana

        lol. why u insist of bringing ksh fandom here. last time i checked when rwtmr aired, their fandom aren’t like your fandom who always mentioned something like “kim sohyun, see you in baeksang, best actress kimsohyun will enter baeksang, etc” like your fandom always did when lotrs was airing. hahhaha. and it doesn’t feel cringed and nothing is wrong if her fandom mentioned abt kimsohyun getting excellent award or daesang coz she was already win something big like you said: kba best actress award and also a baeksang nominee. so what awards did kyj obtained so far for you all to say thay kyj will get baeksang award? based on her overdramatic scenes? you guys are more cringey than kim sohyun fans. you guys look so desperate. like you said, let kim yoojung win something first so then you can talk big about kimyoojung going to baeksang. hahhaha.

    • You guys keep mentioning kyj fandom when we are not even related to this article.
      You keep accusing us being the worst fandom when it’s you all who is dragging us.

  3. The 12th episode of TKA deserved the ratings. It was really good in every aspect : romance, action, plot, etc. The last scene was filmed so beautifully.

    For Secret Royal Inspector Joy, I’m not totally convinced. There are funny scenes. But the editing is weird, for example, I didn’t like the chase in episode 3. The humor is little too much sometimes too, like once the ML is very smart or capable and in the following scene he can’t do a simple thing… But I like how the FL is capable too!

    • I agree with TKA’s ep 12. It was so fun and def one of the strongest episodes. So many great scenes: the meeting between Hwi and the King, the letter, the reunion, the red ribbon, and the end! I only watched the first episode of the Secret Royal Inspector Joy and I’m not sure yet either. Funny but the tone is a bit all over the place but will continue to watch a few more before deciding.

      • The King was so touching during this episode! The last scene was beautiful! Everything in this scene was perfect!

  4. The hamming in Inspector is tew much for me, sorry. And I’m sorry, but are those hairstyles normal? Especially since she’s not a noblewoman? It’s throwing me off.

    TKA is soooooo cute. Rowoon practically makes you swoon with his lovey dovey eyes. So glad it’s getting the buzz it deserves.

      • I think So Hyun will bagged either Top Excellence or Daesang considering she already got Baesang and Korea Broadcasting accolades for her role in River. But PEB is also a top contender for Top Excellence. Ughhh. Can’t wait to see these two.

      • Kim SoHyun will definitely get top excellence but her chances of winning daesang are also very high. Same with Park Eunbin but there is also a rumor she ( Eunbin) might not attend the award ceremony. However there’s also a chance that both Kim SoHyun and Park Eunbin might win daesang because kbs usually has more than one winner for the award. It’ll be a historic moment for both.

      • my guess for KDA nominations

        Yoon Joosang/Kim Sohyun/Ji Hyunwoo/ Cha Taehyun/ Jang Nara

        Top Excellence Actress
        Jang Nara/ Kwon Nara/ Kim Sohyun/ Park Eunbin/ Other actresses in weekends/daily drama

        Top Excellence Actor
        Yoon Jusang/ Kim Myungsoo/ Ji Hyunwoo/ Cha Taehyun/ Other actor in weekends/daily drama

        Excellence Actress in Miniseries
        Kwon Nara/ Go Minsi/ Krystal/ Park Gyuyoung/ Choi Kanghee

        Excellence Actor in Miniseries
        Lee Dohyun/ Kim Myungsoo/ Jung Yunghwa/ Jin Young/ Kim Minjae/ Kim Young Kwang

        Excellence Actress in Midlenght Drama
        Kim Sohyun/ Park Eunbin/ Choi Yuhwa/ 2nd lead actresses in TKA

        Excellence Actors in Midlenght Drama
        Na Inwoo/ Rowon/ Lee Jihoon/ 2nd lead actors in TKA

        Best New Actor/Actress
        Casts from At a Distance, Spring is green and School 2021

        i think the real competition of the 2021 drama award for public channels is coming from KBS as they published so many dramas this year. wonder how sbs and mbc will distribute their awards as there’re too little dramas were aired this year if u compared it with kbs ?

      • i think park eunbin also has a higher chance to be nominated in baeksang since she potrayed male character successfully. my guess of possible candidate for best actress baeksang so far are lee boyoung and kim seohyung from mine, park eunbin from tka, lee honey from one the women, shin minah hometown chacha, jun jihyun jirisan and han sohee my name. but there might be better female leads in upcoming dramas which will be broadcasted before baeksang 2021

      • @fify For Baeksang Honey Lee and Shin Min Ah are definite and I agree with Kim Seohyung but not Lee Boyoung. I know Lost didn’t get ratings but I still think Jeon Doyeon might be nominated because she did gain positive reviews for her acting. Jun Jihyun is not going to get nominated after all the criticism for her acting. Han Sohee is the only young actress who is likely to be nominated but Jung Hyeyoon I’m not sure if she qualifies as best actress or best supporting actress because she was the most central female character in Squid Game. In the future there are more interesting female leads who will join Honey Lee, Shin Minah and Kim Seohyung for nominations. Total there are 5 nominees if I’m not wrong.

      • Kim So Hyun and Top Excellence are 100% confirmed. I like that KBS don’t have to invent 5 different Top Excellence awards like SBS and MBC just to please everyone. At least we know the ones who win Top Excellence at KBS deserve their award. Actually SBS and MBC have it easy this year because they didn’t air many dramas. They’ll just give Excellence and Top Excellence to everyone it’s basically like AAA handing out 100 of the same award to all the attendees. It’s a joke to be honest.

      • @fifiy Don’t think JHW and CTH will get Daesang nomination. They didn’t get good feedback for their acting this time. KWN will get excellence but I don’t see her getting the top excellence nomination. LDH and NIW will get top excellence nomination. Best new actor will go to Rowoon, LDH, NIW AND KYH. You forgot the Special actor/ actress in a miniseries category. Koreans agree that KSH is the strongest contender for Daesang but like someone said it could go to 2 people.

  5. I like Secret Royal Inspector. Also the cast is having such fun time off screen. Time flies by, the plot is simple for now and I like the hijinks. I’d say ensemble chemistry is great in it. I couldn’t follow TKA but I guess it got better so will binge later. Happy that both show and cast has found footing well with audiences.

    • Yes, I must say TKA got better this past few episodes because it focused more on the palace intrigue rather than the romance which I liked it more personally. I heard the manhwa is Hwi-centric, less romance, has more angst and tragic. I think they follow the ending in manhwa even if it would hurt the viewers cause I think there’s no other way around for the FL.

  6. Secret Royal Inspector, River Where The Moon Rises and The King’s Affection have been winners for KBS this year. Add to that period drama Youth Of May makes KBS the channel to watch at the end of the year awards ceremony. Youth dramas have been the main stay for the channel for the last few years and youth sageuk is especially their forte. Goes to show you don’t need flashy big named stars to get either popularity or buzz just a heartwarming drama will do the trick. After the forgettable dramas and ratings they had last year 2021 has been a good year for KBS. They were also lucky to recover from their controversy earlier in the year and did good by never airing Dear M.

    • KSH, NIW, LDH, GMS, PEB, Rowoon, NYS, KYH, Nara, Krystal, KMJ etc. it’ll be a youth parade. Except for PEB and Nara who are 30 everyone is in their 20s. Young, fresh and beautiful stars who are leading the new generation.

  7. Why do fans of certain actress here have the tendency to downplay everything else except the things that are related to their bias? Do you even need to step on something or someone, just to feel the superiority or “prestige” of your bias’ possible accolade? So, KBS Drama awards is superior to SBS and MBC coz they have more dramas aired? But with that same logic, it should be SBS dramas awards (or TVN awards- but they don’t have) that will be competitive as they had more dramas with double digit ratings. Out of 13 double-digit dramas, SBS and TVN had 5 each, while KBS only have Royal Secret Agent.

    If you want to make yourself feel better with your bias “upcoming” award, learn not to put others down just so you can soar and flaunt at the expense of the hard work put by others. This platform have enabled you to start acting underhandedly, and when called would play the victim card. Just NO…..

    • lol, do your research. stop being burthurt and in denial. it is true that sbs and mbc will try hard to give a higher award to every dramas that has a good rating. their awards aren’t consistent. you can’t predict what kind of award sbs will be giving this year, as for every years, the name of the award weren’t consistent. in 2018, they had top excellent in mon-tues/weekend drama, then in 2019, they only had top excellent in miniseries/ midlenght drama. and in 2020, suddenly they had top excellent in fantasy/romance/action genre. similar like mbc which also inconsistent in previous year. why they always change the award? why can’t they make consistent like how kbs did every year? coz it’s true about “pleasing everyone” like one of the poster said as every high rating drama deserves top awards. and what with kbs being prestige? it’s just ur own assumption and interpret it on the other way round lol. clear your brain. read it with open minded

    • Kyj worst fandom as usual can’t accept facts that their bias gets pity awards which are bought by her agency to maintain her image and not because she deserves it. Overhype their actress mediocre acting and then try and pretend they deserve any kind of prestigious award. The one playing victim is you and fact remains the more competitive award show will always be more prestigious. SBS is the only channel that invents multiple top excellence awards and excellence awards. Even MBC doesn’t do that and KBS only gives 2 awards per category max. Protest as much as you want but your fandom is the problematic one.

      • @Gru Why is kyj fandom and kyj herself being dragged here?
        Are you even sure she’s really a fan of Kyj? A true Kyj fan will not spread hate in this already hateful comment section from Koala’s every post. Stop dragging Kyj’s fandom and Kyj herself because we do not consider any person spitting hate on others to be a Kyj fan.

      • @Debbie I’m used to seeing KYJ being dragged, insulted, accused of something in this site.
        So this is not new anymore.
        And if someone who is claiming to be a Kyj fan, keep commenting in any koala article and saying bad things towards every other celebrity, isn’t it obvious that it’s an act of pretending to be her fan so it will increase hate on Kyj in this particular blog.
        As a new fan of Kyj, I realize that her long time international fans doesn’t even know or ignore intentionally this site for a peaceful fangirling. But as a newbie fan of hers, I can’t help but to comment and at least defend her in a polite way. That’s the least I can do for her.

  8. Look at these whining kyj fans as usual complaining about being the worst fandom when literally every fandom knows how toxic and hateful they have always been. What to expect from people who stan a girl with attitude problems. The fandom is always shading or hating on everyone who is more popular than their bias. Her fans hated on hsh in all the pann comments, now they are shading shk and her drama for having more promotions all over soompi articles and twitter. Not to mention how they are constantly hating and insecure about ksh. You think ksh fans are bragging about her top excellence and Daesang nominations? There are literally media articles by the freaking press naming ksh, ho and ngm as the potential daesang winners. What articles are there about your so called actress for the same? Get off your high horse and stop assuming the anyone gives a damn about you or your less than talented bias. This is why you have the worst fandom tag the most toxic fandom.

    • ???

      Oh wow they’re even bashing HSH and SHK now? Just when I thought KYJ fans can’t get any worse ?

      They love playing the victims, especially that Ana who thinks every criticism about her bias’ overdramatic acting is a personal attack to her as a person lmao
      Just to be clear, I have no problem with new KYJ fans who don’t know about the dark history of their fandom, or the non-toxic ones, but we all know majority are toxic lol

      Oh well, they can cry all they want. All I know is that KSH has already proven herself as the superior actress with her Baeksang nomination and all her other acting and popularity awards ?
      Queen only ???

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