Shin Dong Wook Makes a Cameo in Now, We are Breaking Up as Song Hye Kyo’s Ex-boyfriend and Jang Ki Yong’s Older Brother

Man, family reunions are going to be hella awkward. SBS drama Now, We are Breaking Up plucked one of the familiar tropes of K-drama romantic destiny/complication and used it this week, and no it’s not the first love or met at childhood one. This one was used in My Lovely Girl and a few other dramas and it’s the “dated a sibling” prior connection. Here it’s Shin Dong Wook, always warm and charismatic, who makes a cameo in Breaking Up to show us that cold as ice Song Hye Hyo wasn’t always like that especially when they dated happily. But then tragedy fell like a ton of bricks and she turned to one-night stands and cold emotional detachment to cope and along came Jang Ki Yong who seems even more determined now to win her heart after learning she dated his older brother. Unlike the teacher-student relationship trope which is either illegal if the student is underage or at most violates school policy and general moral standards, the dating another sibling isn’t high on my personal “nononononono not in a million years” radar but it’s still something I couldn’t imagine touching with a ten foot pole.


Shin Dong Wook Makes a Cameo in Now, We are Breaking Up as Song Hye Kyo’s Ex-boyfriend and Jang Ki Yong’s Older Brother — 50 Comments

  1. They are not married. marriage is sacred, The reason it’s taboo is because you just can’t snatch your family and married them after acknowledge them as apart of family member of your sibling. here, I don’t see why this is morally wrong? they are not married yet. the one night stand is more morally wrong then dating their ex girfriend sibling thing. if you talk about objectivity. unless you call dating has the same sacred as marriage.

    • Yes totally agree! In reality it does happen, dating siblings and breaking up or marrying to one of them. I personally know of 2 couples that’s like that. They’ve dated each other’s brothers or sisters, not compatible so broke up. The couples are now happily married with one of the siblings and the other siblings are also happily married to someone else. They’ve all moved on…
      Especially with this drama SHK dated the older brother for 2 months and he’s passed away for years, it’s not like they’re betraying the older brother if they’re together. Just my personal opinion, morally I definitely don’t think there’s anything wrong.

      • It’s not the dating your siblings ex that is nasty. It is the way they go about it. JKY is a creep for knowing she’s still in love with his brother and manipulated her into another hookup with her without telling her that the bro died and that they’re related. THAT is the problem. Would yall be okay with hooking up with your inlaws without knowing? Cuz if you are, yall nasty too.

        The woman didn’t even have opportunity to mourn her ex properly after finally finding out he died before JKY is all up in her face being like “but why won’t you date meeee?”

      • And the little detail is they met after the exboyfriend pass away for 10 years. Unless they secrectly dating when the boyfriend is still alive is still another story, but here, it didn’t. The reaction is exagerated,

      • @msjb for someone who is a religious fundamentalist and has a holier-than-thou stance towards premarital sex and abortion, you’re remarkably open minded about getting it on with your inlaws

        Also gotta add JKY was harassing SHK about dating him when they were visiting his brother’s grave for the first time. Bro, this ain’t the time nor place!

      • @fawkess : Well… Him want her to date him is another story. It’s his behaviour towards her which is unacceptable. But the main point is dating your exboyfriend sibling is not morally wrong. And God doesn’t make a dating a sacred. Marriage is.

        If I don’t try to be open mind, I won’t watch the whole american movie and South Korean . I accept we have different culture and believe.

      • @missjb, I agree with your main point then. I too, dont think there is anything wrong with dating siblings. It might be off the table for some peeps like dating your friends exes, but it isn’t wrong.

        The issue ppl are having is that SHK DOESNT KNOW what happened to the bro or that JKY is related to him. JKY should’ve told SHK right away when he found out she’s the ex and let her process her grief. When she told him she doesn’t want to continue seeing him after finding out, he should’ve backed off immediately and not harass her at his bro’s grave of all places.

  2. NWBU is the lowest rated Friday-Saturday SBS drama of the year btw. Overall ratings didn’t even cross 8.0, utterly embarrassing. Pathetic semi-incestuous plot, robotic acting by Botox queen, absolutely deserve. Mediaplaying 24×7 only to earn 7 percent something ratings on freaking SBS LMFAO. Jirisan may not be doing well but had NWBU been on TVN, it would be getting 5 pc at most.

    • Why do keep saying it’s the lowest rated drama of the year in every post with NWABU in it? You may hate the actor but the rating of the drama is still good.

      • Ikr. She is just pathetic hater. Coming to every shk only say hateful coment about her acting, looks and rating. Yikes,

      • Because it’s the truth. A little research will tell you that. It’s all over on DC forums that NWBU is indeed the lowest rated drama on the Friday Saturday slot of SBS this year currently. Your crying won’t turn the truth fake you know. Lower than 8.0 percent on SBS is tragic actually. Ik y’all are mad because her robotic acting is getting dragged by Knetz but I have to say it like it is. Penthouse’s couple seasons, Taxi Driver and OTW were the Fri-Sat dramas on SBS this year and nothing outside Racket Boys with unknown rookie actors or the idol drama has gained less than 8.0 consistently.

      • @jennie : You missed the point. You’re pathetic because you keep bringing hate and stupid rating everywhere and everytime when noone asked. You acting like you care about the rating but thats only because of the hate of the shk and want to bringing her down

        This article is about SDW and NBWU overall story but you’re here bringing unrelated topic and even coming to SHK looks, you know you do look stupid and pathetic right?

    • But you have to take competition in consideration. It’s going head to head with The Red Sleeve which is such a good and enjoyable drama. You have Happiness and Chimera which have maintained their niche. Add to the mix Inspector Koo which has its owb following. Then you have Jirisan, though airing on Sunday but still within in the competition on Saturdays as shares the same target market. Being critical is good and being hateful is a No No.

      • What competition lmao? An idol Junho without a single prior hit on MBC is beating its arse. JTBC dramas are l flops, how are they giving competition? In the beginning of the year, Penthouse season, Taxi Driver and Vincenzo were in competition yet none of them did lower than 8.0. One The Woman had Veil giving it tough competition for the first few weeks too, but it jumped to over 10 by the 3rd episode like all other Friday-Sat SBS dramas. That is competition. Jirisan isn’t even on NWBU’s slot and only has one day in common. Y’all think facts= hate, can’t help with that.

      • Ow cmon.. Being pathetic is a result of unstable emotions, so let’s leave it, to her.. Pathetic.. Hahaha. If she dont like Song hye kyo.. Suit herself.. And be happy??

  3. All of yall asking why SHK took on this role, I wanna know why JKY took on this role! The writer has it out for him because she made him a NASTY creep. What kind of dude gets upset that his dead brother’s ex-girl doesn’t want to be involved with him (I know, shocking) and keeps tryna harass her??? No means NO.

    I facepalmed at the 2 month reveal. She threw away her life over a 2 MONTH relationship? That isn’t even long enough to go official. She needs a therapist, not hookups.

    I’m convinced SHK and JKY were blackmailed into doing this drama.

    • Haha… exact same reaction I got. Two months?!?!? That’s it?! She is hung up for TEN years over a guy she dated for TWO months!!!??? ??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️ Seriously! I know they are trying to portray this short intense passionate romance as romantic but realistically and rationally, it’s just something I cannot buy into. I totally agree that she needs to see a therapist to help her let go and move on.

    • I think JKY must have accepted because of SHK. He is still a B-list actor and having a chance to act as SHK’s love interest is a huge deal! And while I agree that his character is so unlikable and creepy, nwabu is probably the highest rated drama he ever has?

  4. I really thought JKY pairing witn SHY would work but dang both of them are stiff and cold as ice. Imagine that watching them on screen. Why didn’t they make Shin Dong-wook the lead instead?

    • SHK actually had great chemistry with SDW. They were so cute together. It’s the only time she came alive during the show. Maybe her lack of chemistry with JKY is just responding to JKY’s character being a creep.

      • I wonder if she feels uncomfortable with the age difference and doesn’t have as much influence over the casting as one might think? I thought she looked and acted super awkward with Park Bo Geum too but that might just be my bias speaking.

  5. Chemistry can even make taboo romances morbidly interesting but this drama is just a total failure on all fronts. I apologize in advance to JKY fans but I’m so tired of seeing these teenybopper looking actors as male romantic leads. I look at that picture up top and say – Shin Dong Wook please!

    • He is seriously the most boring part of the drama. SHK can emote…. as the show start to spend more towards her char emotionally, she nail the conflict and start emoting. meanwhile JKY, jeez…

      • @huh? Pay attention den the little detail then, her face emoting. She might be doesn’t has much range compare to the best actor out there. But SHK can be sincere when given a good material.

        Her only critics is she she doesn’t has so much range, so she keep getting typecast or what she is good at.

  6. WOW I thought this drama was so so bad base on all the reviews from so many commenter here, so I decided to give it a try and it’s not that bad. It’s like every other Noona dramas I’ve seen. SHK is not as bad as people make her to be. Her performance is not the best but it’s still acting and works for me. I find the male lead harder to watch. To each their own will continue to watch if for the story. Glad I give it a try because it’s not bad like everyone make it to be.

    • Most of comment about SHK is from hater, they dont even watch the drama lol. Just pure hate even bringing her looks and botox(?) while its obvious she is still pretty as even in her 40s, they dare coming to her looks lol. HYE is supposed to cold as ice, of course she barely ‘acting’

    • Lol me too. I feel bad enjoying this drama. I miss the old days of just watching Korean dramas on mysoju and enjoying them as they come. Now I can’t help but read discussion threads and sometimes they make me feel bad for enjoying something. Maybe I’ll just go back to watching dramas in a vacuum. Same thing for snow drop. I was excited because I was a huge JHI fan and wanted to watch him in something that isn’t a noona romance. I was disappointed by how depressing his last drama was with Chae Soo Bin. I couldn’t handle the emotional weight so I dropped it.

  7. Their background story tells in episode 4. He’s the one give the name “Sono”. They met yet missed long way b4. Aside from that, he is already interested in her since after one night stand and approach her b4 knowing his brother’s girlfriend ten years ago. Come on, it’s uncomfortable but your feeling can’t withdraw easily in reality. And brother is died 10 years ago so why not they both can’t have chance to fall in love? nd episode 3-4 become better and yes, reviews seem to make a bit exaggerated. SHK’s character is cold and I agree first 2 episodes mightn’t relate emotions but this week her performance is Ok. Not sure for others, but 38 yrs old career oriented woman and person with a lot on her place alwyas doesn’t show many for me. They just build up inside and can still smile. What her character shows so far in 4 episodes is Ok for me. Anyway, I find NWRBU is a drama that suits with a season change so its in my weekly watch list.

  8. Also, I said lowest rated Friday-Sat “SBS drama” of the year currently. Which is the truth. Reading comprehension isn’t the strongest suit around here is it? Almost every drama on SBS has averaged 10 or more than 10 this year, especially their Friday Saturday dramas, which is supposed to be their strongest slot equivalent to the TVN weekend slot. But okay, keep misinterpreting and acting outraged because of truth.

    • The drama isn’t even done airing yet. What’s your rush? If by the final episode and it still hasn’t reached double digits, then you can mock and bash and hate all you want.

      • That Jennie is just pathetic. Spewing the same hateful tirade in every NWABU post.

        @Jennie – Whether the drama has low ratings or not, how does it affect your pitiful life? What personal issues you must have to constantly come online to take your frustrations out on a drama and an actress who doesn’t even know you exist. Get help, weirdo.

      • What personal issue must you have to overhype and worship a mediocre actress that doesn’t know you exist? I have the same issue sis, only I am pointing out the truth which exists and not living in delusion. Even if it averages 10 from now on, it’s still not gonna be on equal footing of any other SBS friday-saturday drama this year. Do the math instead of crying because of truth. Shk’s vulture fans would’ve feasted had any of their disliked celebs were being dragged but other should stay silent when it comes to her? LMFAO no, keep crying.

  9. They met and missed long way before in Paris. And they met again as one night stand. He is already interested her b4 knowing his brother’s girlfriend. C’mon, both got feelings b4 knowing it and he has died 10yrs. It might be uncomfortable but you can’t withdraw feelings so easily. You can fall in love. For SHK’s character, she is cold. Career oriented middle age woman can’t be all over the place, right. I understand people criticized in first week but i find it’s correct amount of emotion in this week episodes. I think some reviews based on personal preference and didn’t give it a try. I’m hooking up with drama after 4 episodes. Cinematography, OST, beautiful leads & cast getting better after episodes make me want to watch. Maybe changed season needs it and I’m tired of saeguk or thriller.

    • I know everyone’s taste is different but for the life of me I don’t understand how anyone can find the writing of this series good. Can you elaborate on what’s good about it aside from the visuals? I’m genuinely curious. Setting aside the acting and whatnot, I find it very hard to relate to the characters and thus I don’t feel anything at all when SHK is sad or when she cried. And how anyone can like JKY’s character is beyond me. His personality is so bland, he is also very creepy and rude.

      • It is a truth universally acknowledged that so long as a K-drama male lead is deemed handsome, horny K-drama fans or viewers will justify, admire and applaud anything toxic or creepy he does. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

      • @FactsOnly: So accurate! If the male lead was short, fat and hideous they wouldn’t be making these lame excuses.

  10. Hope SHK gets a ML in her age range next time even if he is a z-lister or something she still has another drama aside from the KES one with Lee Dohyun

  11. Why watch if you don’t like it? I really love this drama. I especially love both the Ml and FL. The directors daughter is pretty funny although she’s spoiled but yet she brings comedy in. There is a lot of learning to be gained from the fashion industry that is being displayed. So, hey, if you don’t like it then go watch another movie. You might find something that you like. Why are you trying to influence others to hate. You are just making yourself look bad because your hateful colors are showing.

  12. This drama doesn’t have anything for him between the bad story, the actors who are flat…

    A love story starting after a hot one night stand between strangers could have been fun to watch but instead we got a very bad one night stand (the way was filmed, the chemistry, etc.) and characters are connected by a dead brother (creepy)…

  13. The only ones left that are watching this trainwreck of a drama are either the hardcore shk/jky fans or those that are hate watching so that they can pick on it later. Lol.

    99.9% of the reviews of this drama are bad reviews and many are pretty savage so you gotta question the taste and/or motivation of those still putting up with it. Lol.

    • Lol you’re one bitter ass person. I’m not SHK fan and I still watch it because there are literally nothing good to watched. U must really hate SHK to question those that are still watching it. I wonder what did she do to all these hateful people? Seem like all the mean commenters hate her with a passion. It’s funny how people can hate someone they’ve never even known of or met before? All the dramas nowadays are meh and cliché.

  14. I think the overall direction and editing is really bad.
    I don’t think people understand how much a good director changes the look and feel of a work.
    Actors also act how the director wants them to act as well.
    I was saw the first episode and what annoyed me was the way they transitioned into the scenes.
    Honestly the direction needs the flack and trust me i am no shk or jky fan.
    However, they have acted better under different directions.

  15. dating your sibling’s ex is taboo mostly because of the icky factor that comes with it and imagines the family event y’all? I can’t get into JKY’s action ngl. She didn’t know her bf (ex-bf?) was dead all these years but he is just ‘look at me’ at her. jeez ?

  16. This drama is very predictable and bland but I don’t think it’s worth all the criticism and name shaming on the actors and actress. SHK is not your typical strong range actress but she has her own style of acting. I also don’t think it’s her pretty face that landed her on dramas. She does possess her own charms in the acting field to get all the roles offered to her. The writer and director are not blind. All these disgusting hate thrown at her are probably from the best people in the world who never in their life have ever failed in anything. SHK is a human being so of course she’ll never be perfect and will surely lose her talent as times goes. I have seen all her dramas though I’m not a die heart fan but she is talented. I think so far the male lead is also a weak actors whose not so good but the sour viewers has no say on him except hate for SHK. SHK is probably the strongest celebrity in South Korea despite all the hate from the crazy k-netizens and I don’t know what to called international netizens. I may not like to drama much but will still watch it because I like SHK too.

    • The director and writer here are probably both blind given how messy the story and directing is. This drama has achieved the trifecta of bad: writing, directing, acting.

      You know a drama is bad BAD when the even the i-netizens are all clowning on it and the leads.

  17. Song Hye Kyo is still so beautiful although her age is showing. Still debating if I shall to watch this drama. I remember watching Encounter and don’t really like it because Park Bo Gum look to young for her though I did finish the drama and love all the ost.

  18. Are’nt you all getting carried away? It is a drama . It is not a real story .And yes it could happen in real life .
    When he found out that the girl he had a fling with but became totally into her as time went on wS his late brother’s ex it was not mean nor nasty .he was just being a normal person . His brother is dead 10 years …he has every right to go for it .
    That is my take . But it is only a drama . Nothing more .

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