Gong Yoo Denies Rumor That He Had a Lunch Date with Taylor Swift in NYC By Saying He Hasn’t Even Been in the US Recently

Well, I can’t decide which side could have been behind the rumor, the one with a drama coming out next month or the one with a mega re-release of an album and a record setting longest song ever. I’m teasing, can’t believe it’s either and more like some blurry eyed fan made it up because I dunno all tall Asian dudes look the same or perhaps all tall blond songstresses look the same? The most random rumor spread this week that K-actor Gong Yoo and top American singer Taylor Swift had a lunch date in NYC last week. Gong Yoo denied the rumor by saying he hasn’t even traveled to the US recently, which does put a kibosh on it unless he can teleport. If they did grab lunch I would be fine since I totally can see their agencies discussing a collab opportunity together, that’s how much the Korean entertainment stars are in total hot demand. Anyhoo, back to listening to the 10-minute long version of “All Too Well” on repeat.


Gong Yoo Denies Rumor That He Had a Lunch Date with Taylor Swift in NYC By Saying He Hasn’t Even Been in the US Recently — 10 Comments

  1. Swift is so petty. Releasing a song on 3 mnths relationship from 2009. Her crazy lesbian fanbase is other level lol. She still cant hold a note. Adele atleaat sing and dont go on about relationship from 1985. Gong yoo be safe. Dont be material for her next album

    • speaking on taylor when you stan bts? rofl the only average singer is jungkook and the rest are competing on who’s the best at straining and shrieking. literally one of the group with the worst vocalists in kpop.

      • Still better singer than nepotism rich father daughter who even after 15 years gave tragic performance on snl with all instrument, technology. Whereas my other Fave Adele sang 6 minute nallad without instrument live on twitter. Worry anout that. Bts self made. And still can sing netter, better performers than ur basic white women whose only career fame is singing about men. And getting exposed by kardashian. She is still a fame hungry btch!

      • bts better singers than taylor? delusional. jungkook, maybe. but the rest of the vocal line are among the weakest vocalists to come out of korea rofl. that’s why nobody praises tae and jin’s posts because they are not even average technical vocalists who strain like it’s second nature and there are viral videos of jimin not even straining but literally shrieking rofl. you also stan lee min hoe who is even out-acted by idol actors like junho, siwan, hyungshik, sungjae, and so on. lee min hoe 20 years of acting experience and still bad. you must love standing untalented people rofl. adele is the only one with talent among your fav.

    • You sound like she remade her songs to just stuff it in her exes faces again. No, she’s making Taylor’s version so she can own all of her songs again.
      She seems like a romantic so maybe she loved deeply in the relationship even though to us outside it was only 3 months. Who’s to judge?
      For the record, yes, Taylor Swift CAN sing and is one of the best lyricists of her time. All Too Well 10 minute version is a masterpiece.

      • She still cant sing. No wonder she stick to songwtiting as talent. So does her fd. She sells herself as singer and pop star first to gp not songwriter. My faves can sing and song write both. Go n watch snl performance to see her singing skills even after 15 years. Swift make her fd bash people bcoz of her petty behaviour. She is rereleasing to make More money. Record companies sign artist and spend money on them, studio sessions. Thats why they own masters to first many albums. Artists sign knowing this. And swift father is rich and knew all details about her deal. Then why swift cried when kanye made song on her with her permission? . She shames other people with her one sided stories. And then aft victim when her real face is exposed. Yes decade old relationship and with that scarf bullying story, she got jake bullied again. She is definition of loser and white feminism. No wonder sane men left her and a gold digger who is henpecked is with her

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