The Red Sleeve Cuff Gets Above 9% Ratings in Episode 6 as Rival Now, We are Breaking Up Remains Steady with 7.6%

This may be the last ratings related post for the direct ratings match up between Fri-Sat prime time competitors MBC‘s The Red Sleeve Cuff and Now, We are Breaking Up on SBS. Unless something drastic happens to shift the momentum in terms of the narrative to induce viewers to change channels, the victor is clearly with Red Sleeve which has built on its premiere ratings steadily to overtake Breaking Up in episode 5 and now continue to rise to striking distance of 10% by episode 6. It got 9.4% ratings and Breaking Up also rose from the previous episode to 7.6%. Breaking Up has stayed in the 7% ratings range for the past 4 episodes and from the audience feedback it doesn’t seem to have the traction needed to bring in more viewers, the best it can hope for is to stay steady and perhaps get into the 8% range again like the high in episode 2. The domestic viewers are a savvy lot and the same criticisms on Breaking Up (weak story and flat acting from the two leads) are the same opposite praise for Red Sleeve (strong story and acting from the two leads).


The Red Sleeve Cuff Gets Above 9% Ratings in Episode 6 as Rival Now, We are Breaking Up Remains Steady with 7.6% — 29 Comments

  1. Lol, MBC must be regretting all the money they put into The Veil when they have a winner in Red Sleeve that will deliver double-digits and buzz without costing $$$.

    NWABU ratings have been steadily declining week over week. At this point it should just be hoping that its ratings don’t fall below 7%.

    • MBC has only done four dramas this year. What money are you talking about lmao? Four dramas compared to other network’s is peanuts, I’m sure MBC is thrilled that The Veil/Red Sleeve got the best ratings they’ve gotten since 2018.

  2. Double digits, here we come!

    But damn you MBC for being so sly and brilliant to end the episode on the most anticipated bathtub scene. How am I gonna wait for next week? Damn you! ?

  3. I expected Red Sleeve to cross 10pc but not surprised cause Saturday is even more competitive.
    This is the first time when a red sleeve episode overtook the veil. And seeing how the drama is getting praise from everywhere it will surely reach double digit by next week.
    Everything is hitting at the right places when it comes to this drama. It ‘s only 6 episode and I already felt like a lots of things happened. The pacing is amazing.
    Anyways after the bomb mbc threw in the last few minutes, only god knows how I will wait for the next episode

  4. Well If you compare Song Hye Kyo acting and Le Se Young, Off course I prefer Lee Se Young… Such a natural talent. But I find SHK is doing her best in NWABU.

    I surprisingly not that interested in The couple lead story in Now We Are Breaking Up. I prefer it when they talk about the world building in the fashion world. Misty is definitely better so far.

  5. I think majority is in agreement about this drama seeing how the rating keeps increasing, the buzz which is consistent and consistent praise on Lee Jun-ho. The drama has very nice pacing, good storytelling, it has elements of angst and thrills balance amount of humor. Performances by the cast are on-point, from OTP to the support acts. My most fave act is Lee Jun-ho. He is brilliant in it, so natural and genuine. I also love the chemistry between our OTP. What else I can say? This drama is just brilliant.

    • Lee Jun Ho is known for being a great actor although he is an idol he really has a knack in acting. He was so damn good in The Good Manager.

  6. I just binge watch ep 1-5 and the buzz and ratings are well deserved. And it feels so long since i’ve watched a good plain sageuk. Junho’s crown prince is now my fave among this gen. And there are lots of fresh faces (atleast for me). Can’t wait for more episodes.

  7. The gloss and style cannot hide bad plot, acting and directing. NWABU is a drama is just bad, no two ways about it.
    On the other hand, TRSC is totally entertaining. It’s no wonder a lot of people have caught on and is enjoying being on top of the ratings game.

    • enjoying nwbu because my genre perhap.but will try red sleeve some days. my personal opinion nwbu after episode 5 get mucj better

  8. Shk comeback post divorce is a flop.
    Sjk comeback post divorce includes a hit TV show and film where he is winning awards and acclaim left and right.

    He took chances with interesting characters and plot. She stuck with her usual romantic melodrama, cold as ice FL role. She should have taken on something totally different. It’s like she regressed as an actress.

    • actor or acctress will always has a drama where it won’t received high buzz. they realizing too despite their high profile name. i think SHK know her limit and choose something she can executed well. she will has thriller drama with Lee Eun Beok soon and I think I will anticipated that drama the most.

    • Hey, you have the freedom of posting but pls let’s be respectful. The divorc has been a taboo issue. It has nothing to do with their jobs right now. Choosing their projects are their own decisions and preferences. It is up to the fans and viewers if they will be interested or not, anyway business is like that, might roi or not.

  9. this certain actress fans who just finished sageuk drama in public channel recently are so weird. especially that ugly fan with specs in twitter. they have nothing to do with song hyekyo or jun jihyun drama. but they are angry at twitter now on why people aren’t calling nwabu and jirisan as flop, but their fav’s previous weekend drama last year was a flop. aren’t they many peoples already criticized nwabu and jirisan? why they suddenly dragged unrelated actresses into their hate argument and suddenly playing victim? so toxic. seems like they want to be enemy with everyone

    • That fandom is always called worst fandom for a very good reason. They think their bias is the best thing on the planet when she can barely act and always does the same character. Her fans have superiority complex when their bias is just mediocre and has 3 flop dramas in a row now. Even her last sageuk with all the hype and popular channel was below average and as usual the male lead stole the show.

      • @mims

        Pretty sure there’s only one sageuk that recently ended. And the female lead having had a string of flops before that said sageuk – which btw was just as bad in terms of quality and nothing to boast about in terms of ratings.

        Her fandom is an absolute joke. It’s almost as bad as SYJ which is saying everything lol.

      • Why do I think u are talking abt kim yoo jung fans?. Only recently she finished a sageuk on a public channel. And her last couple of dramas were flops too. But I don’t remember Ahn Hyo seop stealing show in hong Chung gi

    • BSR was trash and deserved all the hateful commentary it got. Can’t believe people are still trying to defend a racist pedophile drama in this era.

    • Maybe they’re blind? Because people criticize Jirisan so hard it fell to oblivion. And people are criticizing NWBU right now.
      Even though Jirisan is my personal favourite, I have to admit that it is indeed underwhelming and create very little buzz. Even people seems to like Happiness more.

  10. NWABU was just brutally bad. I got bored watching the first two episodes. The writernim unwisely used an old formula for 2021 drama. Not to mention the flat acting of the leads and the ‘over’ acting of the side characters. JkY has not so good luck with his latest projects. Hopefully he’ll comeback with something good after military service. I dont expect anything from SHK’s acting.

    TRSC is amazing. The pace, acting, chemistry, plot… everything is on point. Can’t wait for the next episodes.

    • I Agree, though I did continue watching until last week, I really pushed myself to give it a chance.
      But man it is really brutal, almost everyone is so unlikeable. The only one I really liked was SHK’s bestfriend and they are killing her off with terminal cancer and she also has a cheating husband. talk about such dire circumstances.
      I wish she was the main lead. Her story, characterization and acting very compelling.
      I dropping off, there is really nothing to see in this drama…

  11. I’m enjoying the red sleeve
    It’s my first time watching Jun Ho – i say: he’s saeguk destined for male lead.
    Diction, posture and looks – Count me a new fan.
    Also i like the Story- it’s interesting enough and although it’s not new, chemistry is good

  12. These two have really different stories. In my POV I enjoy watching more TRS more than NWBU, maybe because the plot of NWBU is super cliche but still NWBU is a good drama. I’m a fan of SHK and her beauty ia a feast to my eyes, that’s the main factor why I am watching the drama coz I miss her. OTH, TRS has an interesting plot and it will trigger your mind to think what’s next. Peace!

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