Netflix Hit K-drama Hellbound to Get Second Season and Hopefully It Answers Questions and is Less Wearisome and Dreary

I said I was going to use Thanksgiving weekend to catch up on dramas and in a case of eeny-meeny-miny-mo I landed on Netflix K-drama Hellbound. I should have finished Squid Game instead, because oh my god was I bored but also like a runner in a marathon stuck with it trying to get some answers and satisfaction. Sadly I got neither but I also can’t say I wasted my time, it’s nice to have an own reaction to what is currently popular and I have to say Hellbound is not as good as the effusive sect of reviews warrant. It isn’t terrible but it combines a dull plodding execution with much verbal exhibition with jolty moments of extreme action in the form of Executioner Dudes Violently Killing a Human. If I have to sit through that then it better tell me why but it doesn’t, leaving the why to be the second part of the drama purpose to show that religious fanatics and people who seek power will fill in the blanks for the masses in a time of great terror and confusion. The concept is great but here the execution doesn’t work fully because there are no characters to connect with other than mildly liking latter episode kickass version of lawyer lady. With how this drama ended at the end of the 6th episode, this time I would have preferred a full series rather than on Netflix length because this story probably works better with the reveals as to the decrees of Hellbound explained and then we watch how flawed humans take advantage and try to survive despite it.


Netflix Hit K-drama Hellbound to Get Second Season and Hopefully It Answers Questions and is Less Wearisome and Dreary — 6 Comments

  1. The only second season of a Netflix show I’m interested in is D.P. one. I don’t really care for Squid Game’s characters except maybe the cop.

  2. Hellbound is more about the concept of manipulation of events for gain and power more than anything because the act of why it happens is never explained because the point is how a narrative is weaved and not the actual explanation. Watched it for the acting and YAI and KHJ delivered every bit of it. The ending for the last episode needs a second season because the whole drama feels incomplete otherwise.

  3. I wish squid game doesn’t get season, hellbound should get an animation adaptation cause I felt like it will be good for a long running series.

    Kdrama lately being a lot intense and I felt that their romance department is not quite satisfying. Miss Kdrama romcom, the one that good this year is Dali and Gamjatang, hometown cha cha is alright

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