Park Hyung Sik Will Be the Male Lead in Upcoming Music Themed 4-episode Online Streaming Drama Sound Track with Han So Hee

Wow this drama moves fast and is apparently filming already. Last month Han So Hee was announced to be doing a short musical drama but it’s later clarified to not include singing but instead is a music themed drama set in the industry and also a cohabitation drama between the leads who have been friends for 20 years before feelings emerge. It’s called Sound Track (early title Why Did You Come to My House) and now it’s also confirmed that her male lead will be both an actor and a music industry veteran – none other than idol turned actor Park Hyung Sik. I think K-ent is going to have a three-headed king in terms of successful idol-actors of this gen with Park Hyung Sik, Junho, and D.O. which will be great for casting agents. Back to Hook Song, the drama is from the PD of Vincenzo and the screenwriter of Sunbae, Please Don’t Put on That Lipstick (She Would Never Know) and is slated for an early 2022 release since it’s just a short 4-episode drama.


Park Hyung Sik Will Be the Male Lead in Upcoming Music Themed 4-episode Online Streaming Drama Sound Track with Han So Hee — 14 Comments

  1. I love both leads esp Park Hyung Sik, whom is my ultimate bias. He is one of the best idols turn actor. The PD is great too. Just not keen over the co-habitating set up and the screenwriter is meh. Perhaps 4 episodes wont be so bad for her kind of writing.

  2. he is doing amazing in happiness, love both leads here so ill check it out but koala did u watch kim soo hyun in one ordinary day yet? honestly his best performance

  3. Successful male idols turned actors of this same generation also includes Jinyoung and Cha Eun Woo, IMO. You could even add Seo In Guk, even though he was not a typical boy-band type idol.

    Park Hyun Sik is great. Can’t wait to see him in more projects in the future. Right now enjoying him in Happiness.

    • Cha eun woo? Seriously… He is nowhere near being a good actor and is the perfect example of idols cannot act… He gets projects all thanks to his perfect face and people’s obsession with good looking people…

      D.o, siwan, hyungsik, junho etc are as good as professional actors. Taecyon and Minho improved a lot and is good to lead avg rom-com dramas or be in supporting roles in big projects…
      Haven’t seen much of Ji young except one movie so won’t comment on his acting… He was good in that movie…

  4. park hyungsik was not great at all in Happiness. he can be bland at times and doesn’t really exudes charisma on screen. his fight scenes was underwhelming too. this guy can only do silly romance drama. he’s not wide range actors.

    • He’s not a bland actor just, feels like he is still working the acting craft, i dont know how to word it but I feel that he is stuck just needs a role with a whole bunch of meat and character development

    • Your opinion. For me, he is doing the best he can on what he was tasked to do. His character was just there to protect the female lead for 4 episodes and his role just became impt starting on ep5. Drama’s focus is saebom and for me, he blends well in their dynamics. Acting is subtle and not in your face, which a lot of actors are finding it hard to do.

      • @boatbo how sure are you that I am his fan? I respect your opinion but I am just stating that I differ in your opinion. His role is just a support role, the core of the drama is Saebom but he is doing a decent job for me esp if you compare him with the other actors in the drama. He isn’t the weakest link in the drama and I find other actor in the drama bland for me, but will not name names bec the article isn’t abt them. You have your opinion and I have mine. If he is bland to you, I can’t make you change your mind. I am just stating that I differ in your opinion.

  5. I like the duo PD and writer. I’m not fan of HSH, I didn’t like her in My Name but she always had a pretty chemistry with her partners. PHS is good in romance, he always has a goood chemistry with his costar too.

  6. I’ve been seeing this rumor since two weeks ago but I guess it is true now. Apparently they only film on weekends since PHS is also filming for this other sageuk drama. It’s only 4 episodes so I think it’s worth checking out.

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