tvN Weekend Drama Castaway Diva Premieres to Low-ish 3.172% Ratings But Jumps in Second Episode to 5.155% with Solid Reviews

Last weekend was a big new arrival in K-drama land with Castaway Diva premiering on tvN, following Arthdal Chronicles: The Sword of Aramun and with the return of Park Eun Bin after her career elevating hit Extraordinary Attorney Woo last year. I was swamped so haven’t checked it out yet but this is a much watch for me not just for Park Eun Bin but the drama being from writer Park Hye Ryun who is one of my all time faves. Castaway Diva premiered to a bit lower than expected ratings of 3.172% but notched a big jump in episode 2 to 5.155%. Scene stealing teen actress Lee Re plays younger Park Eun Bin perfectly and everyone apparently did double takes to see very well known child actor Moon Woo Jin show up playing a teen high school student like we went from baby to teen young man in a fortnight haha. I expect massive shipping wars as there is already about which of the two male leads Chae Jong Hyeob or Cha Hak Yeon is the grown up version of Moon Woo Jin’s character. Ah Park Hye Ryun, please never change.

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Ji Hyun Woo Takes Home the 2021 KBS Drama Award Daesang for Young Lady and Gentleman as Ceremony Shines with Many Stars in Attendance Winning Awards

The 2021 KBS Drama Awards was the surprising highlight for me of the three network ceremonies, there was so many of my faves in attendance and everyone looked great! Even the black dresses were uniquely cut so it wasn’t so … Continue reading

Netflix Hit K-drama Hellbound to Get Second Season and Hopefully It Answers Questions and is Less Wearisome and Dreary

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KBS Wed-Thurs Hello? It’s Me! with Choi Kang Hee, Lee Re, and Kim Young Kwang is the First Emotionally Satisfying Drama of 2021 So Far

I know disappointing K-dramas abound more than actually good ones, it’s a law of averages as well as how hard it is to make a great series from beginning to end with so many unknowns including acting, chemistry, writing, and … Continue reading

KBS Second Chance Drama Hello, It’s Me with Choi Kang Hee, Kim Young Kwang, and Lee Re Premieres to a Promising Start

I think this drama is either more or less than its ratings so I’ll focus on what’s good and lacking in the end product. Lost amongst the more high profile new K-dramas to premiere this week in mid-February 2021 is … Continue reading

Teenager Lee Re Sparkles with Attitude Over the Adults in New Poster and Teasers for KBS Drama Hello? It’s Me!

KBS comedy Hello? It’s Me! is one of my anticipated February drama premieres thanks to a diverse cast, interesting concept, and lingering good will from last year’s turn young again and learn life appreciation lessons drama 18 Again. I also … Continue reading

KBS Drama Hello? It’s Me Confirms Main Leads Choi Kang Hee, Kim Young Kwang, Lee Re, and Eum Moon Suk

This drama premiere may be delayed due to production shutdowns for quarantine and whatnot but currently it’s scheduled to premiere at the end of January 2021 on KBS. I’m talking about the fantasy rom-com Hello? It’s Me! which this week … Continue reading