K-netizens Appalled at Whomever Chopped K-actress Song Ji Hyo’s Hair into a Haphazard Boy Cut

I think K-ent went with the wrong lede when it said that fans and netizens were upset with Song Ji Hyo‘s new short hair. She’s had short hair before and short hair can look so fantastic and no fan or netizen would dislike short simply for being short. What happened with Song Ji Hyo is that it’s an abominable short hair cut, which normally applies only to the iconic bowl cut but here there is plenty of asymmetry and in fact so all over the place it would win an award for someone cutting without any rhyme or reason. There are long and short strands right next to each other and alternating, like WTF? The back even has the bottom slightly shaved and then the top longer, even during the early days of COVID-19 lockdown last year and I had to cut Mr. Koala and Koala Teen Boy’s hair I did not f*#k up this badly despite it being the first time I every wielded clippers and a hair scissor. With that said, I applaud Song Ji Hyo’s energy and optimism despite the hair-trastrophy and also love that sane human beings with eyeballs are all on her side and blaming whomever cut it.


K-netizens Appalled at Whomever Chopped K-actress Song Ji Hyo’s Hair into a Haphazard Boy Cut — 21 Comments

  1. I thought She said she cut it herself….. As long i’ve watched song ji hyo it seems to me she doesn’t really care about her image. She is the relax type of dresser and just goes with whats more comfortable. I bet she decided to cut her hair because hair is to much work. She in my opinion is a tomboy, when she was young she haf to be hip to her feminie side as she gets older she might feel its to much work.

  2. Maybe she just needs a change. I agree that long hair takes a lot of work. Kang Sora chopped off her long hair before she gave birth to her baby this year. Park Shin Hye maybe the next to lop off her lustrous long hair, lol.

  3. It’s not about image or whatever other words people are using to justify this. Even a non celebrity would feel the exact same way about a cut like this – appalled. But it’ll grow. She’s still beautiful but my god I wouldn’t be caught dead in that hair.

  4. I actually think it’s kinda pixie-ish and the long wisps in front are nice cute. Those wipes cannot be even … wisps always have to uneven and layered to look natural – the straight across look damn stoopid on Asians. (unless you have super-gorgeous features, and I wouldn’t say Song Ji-hyo is gorgeous).

    Long Hair didn’t quite suit her either – I didn’t like her hair in Emergency Couple. To me, she has that kind of face that is sort of older than her age, or can look old easily … and that long hair on her was aging.

  5. Eh? This particular kind of short haircut is actually in trend. You can see many stylish influencers especially in the high fashion streetwear niche rocking this haircut.

    • In trend does not equal attractive. I know that as women we’re supposed to pretend that pixie cuts are chic (… for some women, maybe) but this cut is just ugly.

      • I think more people should try on hairstyles for fun without thinking of what’s considered as attractive to others. If she likes it, who cares. It’s just hair, it’ll grow back anyways. It’s not that deep.

  6. It might look OK on someone else but she doesn’t have the bone structure to carry off this choppy, short hair.

    There are short hairstyles that would work for her face but this definitely isn’t it ?

    • @ Pineapple

      Precisely, esp when all mussed up.
      I think she looks better with short hair, longish pixie layers for eg – it’s younger on her. Not a bob, nor helmet hair. Change her style of dressing, and overall look will be more energizing on her overall.

  7. Have you guys considered for a moment that perhaps she wanted it and perhaps felt happy with it. Now with the reaction, that joy would be gone. Its not okay to comment on a person’s appearance in this way. Fans should feel ashamed if they took part in this.

  8. As far as I can tell, it’s cut fine. It doesn’t really suit her, but if she likes it then I don’t think there’s any reason to object.

    • I somehow doubt that netizens are going to hold her down and put a wig on her. It’s hilarious to see people commenting on a celebrity blog acting so holier than thou.

  9. Like what yoo jae suk said, hairstyle doesn’t matter to her because she still look good but how is it justifiable if this was actually done by a hairstylist?
    It’s easy to say it looks good but you won’t get hair cut for yourself anyways, you hypocrites.

  10. She has round and small facial features and very short hair flatters strong features and sharp jawlines. I think she should have gone for a bit larger hair, be it the fringe or at the back, closer to a short bob.

  11. What I find funny are the fans who pretend like this hairstyle is the best thing she could have done. The moment I saw her hair cut, I knew it wasn’t a good look. But her fans were photoshopping her onto better haircuts and complimenting her saying she is gorgeous.
    At least, her Kfans are honest, not like the Ifans who look for the smallest reason to praise her. That haircut makes her look far too older and highlights the wrong features on her face. I wish JH realizes that some of her fans want the best for her, take that into consideration and not fall for the empty compliments of the others.

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