Never Aging Won Bin Returns to Spotlight in New CF Pictorial as K-netizens Continue to Wish for His Acting Return

Any post about K-star Won Bin inevitably feels like deja vu, the same sentiments about how handsome he was/is and how he hasn’t acted in any project in so long. The only difference is how long, and it’s now been 11 years since the 2010 movie The Man From Nowhere (Ahjusshi) that was his last movie which was of course award winning and a box office it. He may not do many acting roles but he picks well is no small feat. In the intervening years there has been plenty of good drama and movie roles and I can’t imagine he’s not offered the cream of the crop, that he doesn’t choose to do it is merely our loss. I like to think he’s living the best life on his own terms lol. He’s back in the CF limelight this week with a new Ildong supplements ad and this is one of those perfect visuals with the hair and face and physique. Forever swoon.


Never Aging Won Bin Returns to Spotlight in New CF Pictorial as K-netizens Continue to Wish for His Acting Return — 21 Comments

  1. One word to describe him. Lazy. Used to like him. But alas, over the years, I can see his “sincerity” in working. Lazy is really an undesirable trait. I wonder what his wife see in him. She has much better choices.

    • Just because he isn’t acting doesn’t make him lazy. He could have other business ventures that take priority for him. We don’t know know how he’s been using his time the last 11 years

    • She knows him better than you do. You judging his personality and adequacy as husband (and father to their children) based on his indefinite hiatus, while he may very well have other interests, is why she and he doesn’t care about your “better” choices.

    • He is a certified real estate broker and has a lucrative portfolio. He is lazy because he does a different job is a weird take on things.

  2. He is so attractive that it hurts. Anyway, I do want him to have a comeback but I also been letdown by many supposedly high budget great drama and he has an immense pressure. Hope great work catch him and wish him the best

  3. after 10 years of not acting. I don’t think his skill of acting will be the same as the last time he act. so I welcome him for not picking any drama or movie project.

  4. He : is afraid to be failed, get criticized and does not have love for acting or cinematography because if an actor truly loves acting and thinks acting is his passion or his career, he would seize every opportunities to act and none of this is a matter. It is such a pitty.

    • Exactly. He lost his passion for it or the process of acting caused him too much stress. On one hand I respect him for realizing that and not continuing for the sake of fame. We don’t need more actors to ‘phone in’ their performance. But on the other hand I wonder how fulfilling filming CFs is. I dont blame him because the money is good but how can this satisfy anyone as a career?

      • @Wintergardencouple – Filming CFs is probably a steady side income stream for him. Is a career a must-have? Most people slave away at a career because they need it to pay the bills, not because they enjoy grinding. There is a whole financial independence, early retirement movement going on, and this dude is living that dream.

  5. Won Bin looks like the Chinese actor Chen Kun. I don’t get the massive hype over his looks. The guy is decently attractive, but people talk about him like he is *the* most good-looking actor to ever grace South Korea.

  6. @Ophelia, no a career is not necessarily a must have. It seems between his his CFs, real estate ventures, royalties and investments he is likely set. I was talking more about personal fulfillment but maybe he gets that through these ventures or other hobbies. It’s just uncommon for actors who work so hard and achieve great success in such a creative field to suddenly not be interested in it anymore. Some actors move on to writing, directing and producing but still remain in the field. Just odd, is all 🙂

    • @Wintergardencouple – He probably gets fulfillment through whatever else he’s doing in his personal time. Few people get fulfillment out of their jobs, and the entertainment industry is such a meat grinder. I think Daniel Day Lewis quit acting to go be a shoemaker.

  7. Honestly, not only have I always considered Hyun Bin more classically handsomer than him but if one doesn’t make ANY movies for 11 years and only does CFs to keep that shmoney coming in and brand relevance alive then you’re a lazy ass in my book. Celebs already make too much damn money, they should be acting and providing some entertainment in return at least. Yeah, he’s a great actor blah blah blah but if he can’t actually make any content to showcase that acting then what’s the damn point?

    • You are talking as if he is forcing brands to give him money for free. He has a charming face, that appeals to consumers in S. Korea, his market value is his physical beauty. He hasn’t claimed to be some huge actor, he did a few films, dramas, was popular both for his acting ability and his looks….didn’t like acting, so retired, now has his real estate business worth millions and does CF on the side as some extra source of cash. None of that says he is lazy. He just doesn’t want to act. Its neither a crime nor a sin to loose passion for acting.

  8. Won bin and lee na invested money smartly and owns so much real estate. Not everyone wishes to work forever. Also investments also bring millions of dollars in rent. Look at rain and kth. Both he and kim tae hee sold 60 millions dollars worth 2 building, making huge profit and invested that and bought an 80 million us building. Jun ji hyun 30 million uad building is now estimated to be worth between 45 to 50 million usd. And add ther houses, apartments. They are well over 100 million usd in real estate. They don’t even have to do cfs. But i guess one more building won’t hurt

  9. He probably has better things to do in his spare time. Cannot force one to do anything that is not enjoyable. Everyone has different takes in life. I am just happy to see him in CFs. IMO he is an attractive CF model now.

  10. my first SLS due to autumn in my heart. at this rate, I’m just happy to see him a few secs a couple of times a year because I don’t think he wants to go back to acting.

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