Now, We are Breaking Up Episodes 9-10 Stay in High 6% Ratings as the Core Parental Conflicts Also Stay Stagnant and Lamely Old School

Last week I marathoned 7 episodes of Now, We are Breaking Up to catch up on the drama since I watched the first episode and left the rest on read. I read all the complaints, everything actually felt valid but also personal, the same criticisms could lead to someone not wanting to continue and another not being too bothered by it and liking other stuff enough to keep watching. I fell into the latter category and loved the OTP relationship of how much Jae Gook the male lead took agency in liking Young Eun, older than him and dead older half-brother ex-girlfriend messiness be damned. It’s why I loved Encounter (Boyfriend), I understood the rationale and appreciated the story trying to advance people beyond staying in a position required by life or class or past entanglements. But this week’s two new episodes of Breaking Up didn’t advance anything further for the OTP, it was the exact same issue and it was done being milked, there is no more mileage for it in this day and age. That Young Eun dated Jae Gook’s now dead older half brother Soo Won is not a death knell for their relationship, even if Soo Won died because he impetuously was rushing to see Young Eun in a rainy night and got in an accident. It sucks but goodness in 2021 this is NOT A PROBLEM. Even in K-drama land which is why there is no angst to this other than the dramatic kind being discussed. It doesn’t help that the two leads seem to be going through the motions in every scene now, I didn’t feel it earlier but these episodes I felt nothing from them other than saying “I love you” and those platitudes. I feel invested to watched the drama to the end but this is definitely not what I want/wish this drama could be.


Now, We are Breaking Up Episodes 9-10 Stay in High 6% Ratings as the Core Parental Conflicts Also Stay Stagnant and Lamely Old School — 51 Comments

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  2. I tried once again at ep. 9, and this drama really feels like those old-drama, with the story, conflict and their superficial dealings of an industry. It doesn’t help that its intro song and imagery really reminded me of those early 2000 dramas, just has an old school makjang vibe to it.

  3. Shk fans are so delusional. Shk cries for a few seconds and it’s daesang this and baeksang that. Add melodrama queen and melo queen for emphasis. Lol.They really have low standards when it comes to acting.

    • Give that to them. If you, SHK critics, have the right to criticize SHK, then they (fans) have also the right to appreciate SHK’s acting. This is a free world.

      • Lol preach! Why can’t people just mind their own business? It takes courage for an actors or actresses to go in front of the screen to give their performance whether one’s like it or not. These people are still doing their best and give what they can showcase. If someone’s performance is not to your expectations, skip their works. What is so hard about that? Everyone claim because she is so high demanded than it’s okay to degrade her? Only douchebag people do that.

      • Well they are Shk fans for a reason. They like her. They aren’t suddenly gonna think her acting is bad if they didn’t think so before. Most regular kframa people objectively understand she isn’t that great but her fans seem to enjoy her. But if they start crying about why this role won’t get her awards then they deserve to be called out lol

      • @Lola Wrong I am a huge fan of SHK and I don’t agree she is the best actress. She still have a long way to go. There are other actresses who are better actor but I still like her more so don’t point fingers.

    • The story is boring, it’s not going anywhere…actresses don’t know how to act…disappointing! It’s such a waste of time watching

      • That is her character in that drama. Not all role are the same
        Actually she got you because her acting is different seems lifeless and you are not satisfied. It is because of her 10 year loneliness that make her that such a person. If the story is jolly for sure you are laughing right now !

    • No, it’s low. I think what Koala meant was that its 6.9% (EP9) and 6.8% (EP10) is a high 6 in the 6% range as opposed to if it had gotten 6.1% which would have been a low 6 whereas 6.5% would have been a mid-6. But no, you’re not mistaken. The ratings are appalling, especially considering the channel and lead actress. Don’t know why the blogger had to write it misleadingly like that but that’s Koala for you. ?

      • @NowWeAreMakingUp: You are wrong. There is nothing misleading about the title. “high 6%” makes absolute sense both factually and grammatically. It means the high end of 6% which would be 6.7-6.9%.

      • @Sunny: And you are obtuse and have zero reading comprehension. I know what Koala meant. Did you not read the part where I basically explain the same thing you wrote in my reply to OP? I didn’t say Koala was wrong. I’m saying how she wrote it, despite being grammatically correct, can confuse some of her readers on here, for whom English isn’t a first language. Now take a hike, tyke.

    • It’s grammatically clear and correct, apologies if anyone was confused:

      Stays high in 6% ratings = the ratings are high and at 6% range.

      Stays in high 6% ratings = the ratings are close to 7% around 6.7%-6.9% would qualify. No implication as to whether these ratings qualify as high ratings or not.

  4. Honestly, I think everything can be a conflict if we fleshed out why it is a conflict for the particular individual. Why the simple things is hard for the character when it just quite simple for other people but this drama feels like they keep making questions mark when there is no more questions left.

  5. I guess those people the shk stans told to skip nwbu if they did not like it did as they were told, that’s why the ratings are this dismal. Only the stans are left watching.

    • Lol you don’t have to change your name all the times to lash out your hates on SHK. Why are you here when you dislike her that much? You are so into action when people criticize your favorite but talking cool here. I don’t think it matter if NWABU drops ratings if the viewers are nice people like you.

      • Yes, they keep on bashing NWABU but keep on watching the series. I guess they just love to look for something that will make them degade the drama as well as the lead actor. And their reason for doing so, it is their right to criticize. Very simple if one donesn’t like it, don’t watch it.

  6. Why listen to people that you don’t even know. Watch for your self and enjoy. No bias. Anyways all dramas are about life. This is a romantic drama. All romantics can understand. So see for yourself and enjoy

  7. I get that SHK is super beautiful, but her acting sucks especially in this drama.
    And strangely I’m not in awe with her beauty like her other dramas. She seems so stiff and no passion in her acting at all.
    The botox is quite distracting too

  8. Since she began the same out complaints. You are as boring and repetitive as the show your complaining about. If you got paid for this piece. All you should get paid for is the title. There are enough insults there the rest is babble. As for tge commenters way are you trying again if you disliked it early? Just bored and haven’t insulted anyone’s efforts for awhile.

  9. I don’t live in Korea, and I don’t know if the dating-the-brother issue would be a deal-breaker for Korean parents. However, I do know it makes for a crap drama viewing experience. Until this week’s episodes I was at least fast watching it but I’m stalled and will see if I get bored enough this week to jump back in but I’m more invested in the fashion stuff and some of the other stories. Oh, and as blah as some of the acting has been, it really is the writing that is a train wreck here.

  10. Ulol.. If u don’t want this Drama then don’t watch.. Don’t stress yourself. The important of her fans. They are enjoying this drama. Rating is just a # but the happiness that she will give to her fans is trillions. Stop judging or mocking kyo. U r not saint to judge other people . Instead focus in ur bias. & have a happy life.

  11. Sorry completely off topic but did anyone see the ending for Jirisan? I’m wheezing at that ridiculously impossible fairy tale ending! KEH did she really write Signal and Kingdom? Was she trying to compete with KES for who can ruin their filmography the most?

  12. The story is reminiscent of old kdramas, in the all the bad ways and none of the good. The script is really one of the worst of the year. A lot has been said about the acting, but not even Meryl Streep can save this script.

    I am most surprised SHK chose this as her comeback project after reading the script. Some dramas disappoint, but their premise is interesting so you get why the actors signed on. I don’t see how the premise is attractive here.

    I’ve paused this show since last week to wait for the eps to finish and 1.5x through it.

    • She originally passed on this drama and then it went to another actress who also rejected it. Then they circled back to SHK who finally agreed. Sounds like she should have trusted her initial instinct.

      • I remembered in her past interview after DOTS that she regretted not doing a lot of projects or something along that line. And after DOTS it took her another two years to do Encounter. It has been three years after that.

        She was supposed to star in Hyena with KJH but had to chose not to due to her divorce. I believe Hyena might have been more of an interesting choice for a comeback.

        And yes, I had been wanting to see her back on screen after DOTS and Encounter. But after learning she is to be paired with JKY, who is visually appealing without any doubt, made me feel less enthusiastic about her comeback drama.

        So I agree with you, she should have stuck with her initial decision and not accept.

        The parents conflict just like in Encounter is inevitable not just because of the age gap but also because one being rich and the other belongs in the middle class. It would have been more interesting if JKY’s mom has a deep grudge on SHK’s mom and is vent on putting a stop to their relationship.

        It’s also because DOTS was such a huge hit, and Encounter did well in cable TVN that there was just too much expectation.

        Domestically it is already a failure for SBS but at least as Ms. Koala said it is steady in 6% to nearly 7% which means SBS is not going what KBS did to A Beautiful Mind years ago, which had nationwide ratings of 4% and lower, and cut the drama from 16 to 14 episodes.

        There is one positive note though, it may not be loved locally but there are some countries who are into this kind of melodrama.

        So for those loving the drama there are still six more episodes to go.

      • I know she rejected it initially then accepted it, but why? Can’t imagine this script looking any better on second glance. Maybe she did it as a favor to someone because they wouldn’t stop asking her.

  13. The most shocking thing for me is that this stale drama is from the same writer as ‘Misty’. What happened for them to churn out this?

  14. Este drama es muy bueno tiene de todo intriga, dolor, amor, valentía en fin un sinnúmero de emociones que vivimos a través de los protagonistas en cada capítulo, pienso que encuentro y estamos rompiendo cada uno tiene su particularidad y otro tipo de amor, porque eso es lo que nos interesa como acaban las historias de amor
    Encuentro es un drama muy h3digno de verse un montón de veces, ahora este nuevo es muy de esta época, bueno decirles que amo este drama

  15. I really love to watch every episode of this series.. SHK did her best every episodes I can see how she is good for being best actress, I can’t compare this from her previous series before,maybe some fan’s can’t appreciate her acting now but for me she is one of the best Korean actress nowadays..

  16. I LOVE ALL EPISODES,that’s all i can say,so many basher and hater here…nobody forced to watch NWBU
    For me old story or not. Its simple as that,i love cookie and cream….

  17. I dont want to read comments here. You know that,you’ll see,obviously kyo’s anti-fans. No one is forsing you to watch,you are full of critism,,just watch what you want.. funny..drama writers,also critize here,you are the one who can write the concept,lol

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