tvN Sat-Sun Fantasy Drama Bulgasal with Lee Jin Wook and Kwon Nara Takes a One Way Ratings Fall from 6% to 4% Range 4-episodes In

The hullabaloo around jTBC Sat-Sun drama Snowdrop and its highly controversial premiere last weekend overshadowed the same time arrival of new tvN Sat-Sun drama Bulgasal (Immortal Souls). Starring Lee Jin Woo, Kwon Nara, Lee Joon, and Gong Seung Yeon, I wasn’t personally interested but it was occupying what has been tvN’s prime airing slot taking over for Jirisan. It actually premiered to decent ratings at 6.346% which doubled what Snowdrop got in its first episode in the 3% range, but since then it’s been a slide in one direction. Episode 2 got 5.826%, episode 3 with 4.775% and episode 4 brought in 4.128%. Since I’m not watching, the first week reviews from K-netizens were predominately positive with an interesting premise, dark and gripping emotional threads, and solid acting from the leads. So I’m not sure why the ratings are dropping unless the historical period was what was good and the modern day story less so hence once the drama went to the present day the viewers started to fall. No matter what, tvN has this drama to anchor the weekend slot until Twenty Five, Twenty One with Nam Joo Hyuk and Kim Tae Ri arrives in February 2022.


tvN Sat-Sun Fantasy Drama Bulgasal with Lee Jin Wook and Kwon Nara Takes a One Way Ratings Fall from 6% to 4% Range 4-episodes In — 20 Comments

  1. Its Christmas week and we’ll know next wewk where each show really stands. The show is pretty good and has had overall positive reception. Its also streaming in Netflix.

  2. I am really surprised that “Bulgasal” is losing to TV Chosun competitor, the remake of “Uncle.” The return of KBS1’s daeha drama also probably ate away at TVN’s weekend viewership.

  3. I haven’t watched it but have seen good reviews as well. I agree it’s been overshadowed by the recent tv shows, and on Netflix The Silent Sea and Don’t Look Up is getting the attention. In my case, the subject matter looks pretty similar to certain Chinese productions, so I can’t say it feels unique enough to pique my interest. Also it just looks a bit angsty for my taste lol

  4. “It’s” is a contraction of the words “it and is” or “it and has.”

    “Its” is the possessive form of it, used to indicate possession, ownership, belonging, etc.

  5. With a Daeha saeguk and a family-themed drama (Uncle), this fantasy drama do not have a strong chance of breaking a 5% at the moment.

  6. I know this seems shalow but Lee Jin wook is so hot as gruff Bulgasal, all facial hairs, mane of glory and body armor. ? Not really following the story line.
    I know why the PD and writer nim choose him as bulgasal, not some idol turn actor or something.

  7. just watch a fan’s spoilers. it is said gong seung yeon was lee jin wook’s wife in the past. but it seems that kwon nara is jin wook love interest in the current life. well, will pass on this as i don’t like the idea of him to not end up together with the wife in past lifetime

    • I watched the first episode ,and i liked it. However I did not continue the drama for the same reason. Yeah, Gong Seungyeon was indeed his wife in the past life. I dislike love triangles and i know i am going to be rooting for the second lead even harder knowing how their past life ended tragically.

      • for what reason they created the plots like that? i don’t think it’s romantic. it’s a tragedy for gong seungyeon character. if I’m watching this drama, i know for sure I’m with the 2nd fl lead side.

  8. this drama finally successfully took netflix korea top 4 spot after lee joon appearance yesterday episode which was short but viral among the knetizens community. He’s very sexy as villain, I watch the viral clips in twitter

  9. I’m surprised and not surprised that the ratings dropped. Surprised because the feedback was predominantly positive but not surprised because tvN’s fantasy dramas haven’t had high ratings this year and people have complained about it being confusing. I personally don’t find it confusing in the least, but I am much more interested in Gong Seung-yeon and Lee Joon than Lee Jin wook and Kwon Nara. Lee Joon, especially, really impressed me in Episode 4. I hope it gets more exciting now that he’s on the scene as the Big Bad.

    • call me hater but lee jinwook acting is not convincing he always has the same angry expression, teeth grinded but his eyes showed nothing, is what makes his pair with kwon nara boring and lacking chemistry.

      • If you’re a hater, so am I. I like the story, but those two aren’t doing anything for me. The rest of the cast are much more interesting, which usually seems to be the case with these kind of dramas.

  10. The high ratings for the first episode isn’t surprising at all.

    Most TVN premiered to positively good ratings only for the second episode ratings started to drop. Viewers are mostly curious so it is always the first episode that is the deal breaker. If the first episode failed to make the viewer want to keep watching then the ratings would drop.

    Bulgasal first episode was so good for me. It reminded me of a HK classic Bride with White Hair. But the second episode later on moved on to the present time and became more of a mystery thriller which is why it makes me hesitate to continue. So far the only mystery thriller I had finished was Beyond Evil and Chimera. Beyond Evil was worth the watch but Chimera was a disappointment. Dropped Mouse and other mystery dramas.

  11. I have watched the first 4 episodes and can understand why the ratings are dropping. The story has potential to be interesting but it is very confusing to figure out what is happening and who the chracters are. There are so many characters and too many flashbacks. Neither Lee Jin Wook’s character or Kwon Nara’s character are very compelling so far. I think they are supposed to be the main romance but most people are shipping him with his wife as their past story is so tragic. Maybe now the main villain has appeared and the present day story is set up, pace will improve and leads will exhibit some chemistry.

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