The Hosts of the 2021 KBS Drama Awards with Kim So Hyun, Lee Do Hyun, and Sung Si Kyung More Interesting as Daesang Winner Likely a Veteran From Hit Weekend Family Dramas Revolutionary Sisters or Gentleman and Young Lady

I would love to see a talented grown up child actress like Kim So Hyun or Park Eun Bin win a year end drama Daesang but alas it’s likely not their time (yet). The KBS 2021 Year End Drama Awards are being postulated to be the least competitive and interesting among the Big Three networks due to having zero major hits in dramas other than the weekend long family drama. From the two being Revolutionary Sisters and Gentleman and Young Lady will come the Daesang winner and it’s between Yoon Joo Sang in the former and Cha Hwa Young for the latter. I think Kim So Hyun and her saguek River Where the Moon Rises and Park Eun Bin and her sageuk The King’s Affection will both get plenty of awards for themselves and the rest of the cast but since neither were certified hits it’s hard for KBS to give either the Daesang even if the two actresses hard carried the dramas. So I’m more interested to see Kim So Hyun and Lee Do Hyun host together, and his Youth of May was also a shining light for KBS even with the low ratings as it proved one can do the democracy protest era of the 1980’s and not piss off K-netizens lol.


The Hosts of the 2021 KBS Drama Awards with Kim So Hyun, Lee Do Hyun, and Sung Si Kyung More Interesting as Daesang Winner Likely a Veteran From Hit Weekend Family Dramas Revolutionary Sisters or Gentleman and Young Lady — 40 Comments

  1. I agree they will probably give it to either Yoon Joo Sang or Cha Hwa Young but neither deserve it IMO. Other weekend dramas have had much more clearcut Daesang contenders. Revolutionary Sisters was dreadful and as much as I respect Yoon Joo Sang, he wasn’t very good in it. Cha Hwa Young doesn’t have much to do in Gentleman and Young Lady. She’s had better roles in other weekend dramas.

    I think Park Eun-bin deserves it personally, but I know it won’t happen.

    • I agree that PEB deserves it. But it’ll be okay if KSH gets the award, too. YJS and CHY just can’t compare to effort those two put in carrying their dramas on their shoulders. It isn’t fair that you’d only get recognition if you act in weekend or highly rated dramas. SJK and SHK won back in 2016, and their performances in DOTS wasn’t so remarkable.

  2. Kim So Hyun and Lee Do Hyun drama when!!?? Like seriously how do people look at these two and not think they absolutely need to be cast together!!! Their acting synergy will be explosive!!! My 4 hours will be spent just staring at them and wishing for a casting director to see the light!! Please someone right an article about how the drama world absolutely needs them to happen!!!

      • Maybe this hosting is the indication for their next drama together haha. I seriously need to see ksh in a college themed drama.

      • Oh no not another school related drama. She got to break away from those roles and her school girl image. She still has that lingering impression of a college girl because of Love Alarm 2.
        After her performance in Rwtmr, it’s a perfect time for her to try other genres like modern fantasy and thriller which might actually look good on her. Just my opinion.

      • I don’t mind if they have school scenes like OBS but my preference would be a proper college drama. LA2 was just 6 episodes and not the best writing. Imagine KSH and LDH in a college enemies to friends to lovers drama. They would nail it.

  3. KBS weekenders always get high ratings. There has never been a case when they didn’t get high ratings no matter how bad the drama was in reality. How can anyone justify them giving a Daesang to their weekender based on ratings when none of the actors gained any appreciation for their acting. Unlike KSH and PEB who not only hard carried their dramas but played challenging characters in female-centric dramas. They should give the Daesang to both of them because KBS usually has 2 winners for the category. If anyone deserves it they do. They are also the only ones who had to carry a 20 episode drama and KSH had to do it twice.

    • I’m abt to talk similar thing. if that’s the case fot kbs, actors should choose to act in weekend dramas because it’s highly guaranteed already to get daesang. it’s kind of unfair and not credible if the daesang criteria is solely based on this: coz it’s a weekend drama <—– the sentence that always be written in naver when it comes to kbs daesang nominee.

    • KSH has a high chance of winning the daesang too because she has been mentioned by literally every single media outlet as strong contender. Its already a big deal for her to be nominated for daesang. The first in her generation as usual and one of the youngest nominees ever. 2021 was a good year for KSH in terms of her acting breakthrough and proof once again that no matter what happens KSH always delivers above and beyond expectations. Its a good thing she’s taking time off because her performance in RWTMR is going to up people’s expectations once again.

      • @maoul

        “every single media”. you are right abt that. based on my reading in naver, ksh actually was named as kbs daesang candidate in every single article that discuss abt daesang nomination from the 3 network. to summarize, there are many names were mentioned, but every single media that discuss abt daesang consistantly mentioned these names without fail

        sbs: lee jihoon, lee hanui, kim soyeon
        kbs: kim sohyun
        mbc: nam gong min

        but in addition to that, for kbs cases, they also mentioned that the daesang probably goes to the weekenders as it is already like a tradition to have a daesang winner from weekend dramas. thus yoon Jusang and cha hwa young are expected to win it

      • @Maoul @kira Agreed even media outlets are constantly mentioning her as a daesang candidate since the start of the year which is huge for an actress her age. Agree also that unless the ratings for a weekday are 20%+ the award always goes to a weekender veteran actor. Not expecting a surprise twist on that especially with her hosting the awards. Never seen a daesang winner who also hosts. Guess we can’t have our cake and eat it too. I’m more than happy to see her host along with ldh but it would be great to see her walk away with that daesang at the end of the night.

      • @klint

        I’m not putting a high hope on her fans. but moon se yoon just won daesang despite being a host for kbs entertainment award. so it might be possible now for a host to win daesang. but don’t expect too much. kbs doesn’t like rwtmr since from the very beginning. they always play favouritism when it comes to promote this drama. even for the 2nd trailer of kda, they only shows 3 seconds of appearances of rwtmr casts. kbs is bias

      • I’d be surprised if Nam Goong-min. His performance was good but not extraordinary. What’s lacking about his performance in the drama and his acting style is, he’s unable to fully immerse into the character. But if you compare his performance to Lee Minki and the lead of On the Verge of Insanity, no doubt he would win. I thought the same way too. However, with the entry of The Red Sleeve, Lee Jun-ho’s performance is on another level.

        Beside that, The drama never created buzz and didn’t maintain the momentum. In fact the highest rating of the drama was on the third episode, then slightly decline and ended in the same range considering the drama was hyped and heavily promoted.

  4. “I’m interested to see Kim So Hyun and Lee Do Hyun host together” Aren’t we all. Even Knetz are excited for KBS just to see these two host together. They better give them all the screentime. All of it please KBS.

    • Definitely the most exciting hosts for the night belongs to KBS so I’m not surprised knetz are looking forward to them. They have the highest buzz factor as hosts and both had successful dramas which means a fun night to look forward to.

      • I know right, the visuals plus top-notch acting will be insane lol
        Let’s manifest this pairing ?

  5. Waiting to watch them walk down the red carpet together. Unfortunately it won’t be hand in hand because of covid but finally we’ll get to see them in the same frame.

  6. I hope Park Eun-Bin will get it! She was great as Hwi in The King’s Affection, her character was well written and she played it very well.

    TKA had good ratings in Korea and on Netflix.

  7. Kim Sohyun is one of the biggest contenders for the main award and it would be the best if she won. Girl fully deserves it and she did gain a baeksang nomination and won at the broadcasting awards for it so she definitely has high chances but like everyone else we know fully well its most likely going to go to some veteran from a mediocre weekender. Unlike last year where once again fully deserved to sweep the awards this year the weekenders were unimpressive in comparison. Rooting for her to win big.

  8. SoHyun will definitely win this award.
    KBS should learn from SBS, why does it have to be the highest rated drama to get a Daesang? This afternoon SBS did a miracle when letting the FL who was the most criticized of the year for her acting ability and the rating of that drama as far as I can remember, never reached 9%; but she was still nominated for the best acting award next to 3 talented actors lmao
    So why can’t my girl win this award when she’s the best?
    KBSKBSKBS, let’s change the way awards are presented, don’t just rely on ratings but look at actors’ abilities. Life may be young, but acting experience is not inferior to anyone.
    I sent an email asking them to review how the award is given to the deserving person. My girl will shine that night. Only 4 days left guys!

    • KSH will definitely win is highly unlikely but should she win? Absolutely her and PEB are the only deserving candidates. However dramas awards don’t function like that. The seniority and age matter more than performance and while she has seniority because of her 14 years of experience her age is only 22/23 and they won’t give the award to somebody that young no matter what. If either of their dramas had broken into super high ratings like Camilla then the award was guaranteed but not in this circumstance.

      • I can’t understand when these 4: young age / talent / deserving / awards… have nothing to do with each other? So why would they hold an award ceremony when everyone already knows who the winner is? They should hold the award ceremony online and let her rest at home safely because the outbreak situation in Korea is on high alert.

      • Its elitism, hierarchy or whatever and it will always matter. When KSH is in her 30s the same rules will be applied to her and she will have the same advantage over a 20 something who is equally good. Life is ultimately fair even when its unfair. She is the only actress of her generation to even be nominated for the prestigious award and as usual proves her acting prowess at a young age.

  9. It’s rare but possible for a younger actor/actress to win a Daesang. Moon Geun-Young won a Daesang at SBS at age 21 for “Painter of the Wind” back in 2008.

    • Exactly she is literally the only one in over 30-40 years worth of awards to win a Daesang at that young age. Its not just rare its exceptionally extremely rare and hence highly unlikely to ever happen again. Since 2008 it never happened so don’t build any expectations of KSH winning it at 22. Lets be happy with the nomination.

    • SBS was really fair during that year. Considering that Painter of the Wind wasn’t even the highest rated drama that year. People were expecting Lee Joon Gi or the female lead from the Kim Eun Sook drama that aired that year to win. They were even daring and gave the best couple awards to two girls.
      Personally I think Kim Yoo Jung deserves a Daesang nomination (not sure of a win since I didnt see the acting of the others in the line up). But her drama did well in the ratings (and they usually award those high rated dramas) and her acting was one of the reasons people watched it (considering the story went downhill the later episodes)

      • Her performance in LOTRS is forgettable. It is great acting but, it is the same what she did with METS. So, there is no impact at all. So, personally, I do not think she deserves a Daesang nomination or even Top Excellence.

    • No one mentions Joo Won here lol. That’s how memorable his Daesang win was lol. He won five years in his career on-screen, and he was 28 years old!! That was also a SBS drama. Korea’s hierarchy system is a bit much, like the whole Best New Actress/Actor prizes sometimes feels like another obstacle. Also fan voting for their awards like seriously, are they trying to be like the MTV awards? That’s why their awards will never be perceived the same way the Oscars or Emmys are.

  10. I will be the happiest if ksh wins daesang but even if she did not win I hope she will get top excellence award as she is still young and can get daesang in future. For now, I am just excited to see her on screen after a long time along with ldh.
    I have a feeling that we will get casting news after kbs award. Fingers crossed!

  11. @kira Yes, kbs has not been very supportive to rwtmr from the beginning so I don’t really want to keep my expectation high. I am happy just with the fact that she was even considered for this award. Also, I am excited to see what she will pick next after this.

  12. It is annoying that a veteran actor in a weekend drama will nearly always win Daesang at KBS regardless of how good or bad the drama or the actors performance was. At least there is some diversity with SBS and MBC winners.

    Ideally. I would like to see anyone from Youth of May win. The cast were flawless and the drama approached a difficult period in history sensitively and intelligently. the drama was completely immersive despite their limited budget.

  13. I agree with you @Princess.
    KYJ acting on LOTRS was commendable. It’s truly very remarkable and the media also wrote articles regarding her acting. Specifically in The last 3 episodes. It was superb.

  14. The fact that PEB and KSH are child actresses, have 23 and 14 years of experience under their belts respectively, did justice to their characters, played one of the toughest gender-bender roles, had to bounce back from a co-stars scandal and refilm RWTMR and both still managed to give beautiful and unforgettable performances, pretty much carrying both dramas on their backs which got successful ratings and popularity (TKA ranked 4th worldwide on Netflix) but still managed to escape KBS’ Daesang radar despite their massive fans leaves me with no words.

    KBS, prove us wrong this year, okay? Just give these two the Daesang. They deserve it.

    • Winning a Daesang in the early 20s is asking for too much even if KSH is deserving. Lets be happy with the nomination since its a huge acknowledgement of her skills.

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