Kim Tae Ri and Nam Joo Hyuk Radiate First Love Feels in New Poster and Preview for tvN Romance Twenty Five Twenty One

Whoever is doing the posters for February 2022 tvN drama Twenty Five Twenty One is going out of his/her way to emulate Start Up in vibe and presentation. The newest poster has leads Kim Tae Ri and Nam Joo Hyuk hanging out against a blue sky backdrop, take out her popsicle and his can of soda and it’s just Dal Mi and Do San in another incarnation. Even the individual character posters copy Start Up with the leads framed against symbols that represent their character’s personality and likes. I lovelovelove Start Up so I don’t have a problem with getting more excited for an upcoming romance that may deliver the same connection and feels but from a promo perspective it may sell Twenty Five Twenty One short to “look” so similar in ways that immediately makes me as a veteran drama watcher to form the connection. With that said, I’m just glad the first love and the final love in this drama is the same guy lol because another second ship whine-fest will yet again be ruinous for the mood of happy live watching.

Twenty Five Twenty One:


Kim Tae Ri and Nam Joo Hyuk Radiate First Love Feels in New Poster and Preview for tvN Romance Twenty Five Twenty One — 10 Comments

  1. Startup could have been better for sure but it was never as bad as some people made it out to be. It was the feel good brand that PHR is famous was though nothing comes close to ICHYV and Pinocchio but Startup was still good.

  2. Gosh I hope this is as good as Our Beloved Summer. Even half as good – I’ll take it! That drama is gold and I love the leads here too so fingers crossed. The chemistry so far looks good!

  3. I think the posters with them jumping were more similar. SU was a youth drama as well as this, but as well as many others so they may be very similar in terms of promotion: Sun, the sky as in ‘the sky is the limit’,smiles, people jumping.

    That’s why I wanted njh to not be in this. He already did a youth drama with a, in appearence, similar character. I was waiting for something more challenging from him.

    Sadly, I still not feel their chemistry. Both character seem interesting individually, the romance part is not that attractive (yet) and honestly KTR is more interesting. The fencing part is fresh.

  4. NJH has literally had some of the most talented actresses for costars. Starting from KSH in School 2015 which was literally his first ever lead role, then LSK in WLFKBJ, HJM in Dazzling and Josee, JYM in School Nurse and now KTR in 2521. This is literally the majority of his lead roles. Even veteran actors don’t get such consistently good and talented costars like he does.

  5. I don’t even notice NJH because of Kim Tae Ri’s….everything, especially her smile!! She’s perfectly embodied her character, looking forward to her performance here.

  6. I seriouslyy hope this drama does not have any love triangle. Star Up was actually a lovely show but the love triangle RUINED it. I feel so bad for NJH for the treatment he receives. He actually performed really well in that drama and seems like a nice person. He does not deserve such treatment and hatred from people.

    I hope people learn to treat others the way you want to be treated. If you dislike something, just skip it.

    Hope this drama turns out wonderful. Really looking forward to it

  7. Nam Joo Hyuk .He is most talented I am thankful that people and Kdrama witnessed and see his talent.He is the best actor ever …I love you NJH
    You have the sky to reach keep going ?

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