KBS Admits a Horse Died After Filming Falling Scene in Taejong Lee Bang Won Three Days After Netizens Express Concern

Okay, KBS f*#ked up so badly here I hope the television authorities throw the book at them. This past weekend’s new episode of weekend sageuk Taejong Lee Bang Won (King of Tears: Lee Bang Won) had a scene with Lee Seung Gye riding a horse and the horse throwing him. Viewers expressed grave discomfort and concern over the welfare of the horse after watching the scene as it did not appear to be a CGI horse and the way the horse hit the down was straight forward with its heard and shoulders striking the ground. That would be a catastrophic injury for a horse, similar to the way racing horses have to be put down after falling during a run. KBS was silent for three full days to these concerns and today admitted that the horse died a week after filming. It claimed all precautions were taken and the horse seemed fine after filming the scene and got up on its own. This is so so awful, as an animal lover the careless and callousness of the production team in ensuring it could safely film this scene with a real horse and then going “eh, it was an accident we did our best to be safe” afterwards has me fuming.


KBS Admits a Horse Died After Filming Falling Scene in Taejong Lee Bang Won Three Days After Netizens Express Concern — 40 Comments

  1. KBS claimed it was an accident. It was not. That was outright animal abuse, a deliberate decision to do this to an innocent horse for the sake of capturing a scene for a drama. It’s utterly appalling, inhumane & disgusting. The ones who made the decisions should be charged for animal abuse

    • That was clearly animal abuse. The poor horse suffered. Why did the horse owner agreed to that scene? That was hard to watch.

      They couldn’t afford CGI and would rather hurt a live horse. Is the PD even human?

  2. I would appreciate the wooden horse used in C-drama “Rebirth For You” despite the laughable effect than an actual horse having to die for whatever godawful sake there is as in the case with this drama. Shame on you KBS ???

    KBS and the production team shall be penalized heavily over the death of the poor animal.

  3. This is so horrible….I had to scroll really fast. I don’t know how can the staff on site watch this and see the horse do this countless of times. I know this is their job and some cannot afford to say something, but still I would end up leaving the job for the stress of seeing this abuse or because I cried and shouted while they were shooting…

  4. OMG.I can’t even…

    They used ropes to stop the horse suddenly. The stunt people on the set are obviously inexperienced. They should have asked people who are used to these sort of stunts.

    On the other hand and more importantly my heart broke watching this poor animal subjected to this. I am so angry that if I was in South Korea I would actually petitioned against such inhumane behaviour and such animal cruelty.

    Which brainless idiot thought that was acceptable to do to anyone or any human. I am so angry I can’t even find enough words to condemn such cruelty. The poor horse. The poor horse who was in pain. I hope they gave it painkillers instead of waiting 1 week to put it down.

  5. now i firmly believe that chinese historical dramas are way more better and superior than korean sageuk dramas. not only that they shoot the dramas more beautifully, but I’ve found that most of bts of Chinese dramas used a fake horse. they even fake riding the horse, but doesn’t make the drama become lesser. i don’t know but korean dramas are so overrated.



    funny indeed.. but no horses are abused.

    • better act
      better storyline
      a more realistic world without been just “beautiful”

      thats why sageuk dramas are much better than the historical chinese ones

      • i beg to differ. it is always known that chinese is better in producing historical dramas while korean is better in producing modern drama. there are also so many chinese actors and actresses who are really good in acting, so you points of ‘better act’ doesn’t really on point, as they are so many korean actors and actresses who are being criticized for not having a good sageuk dictation. and i wonder if u have really seen one..i mean the chinese historical dramas. I’ve watched both. sageuk troup always have the same route. 2nd lead will always gonna die, fighting scenes at nearly at the end of the episodes, weak fl (some exception like yeonmu). it’s getting boring. and some of the fighting scenes looks like a joke to me, coz it always happened in a small scale and in a courtyard. while chinese costume drama, they have many genres like xianxia, wuxia, xuanhuan, palace story, etc. well, this is only my opinion. not forcing it for others to accept it. I’ve been following saeguks for almost a decade already, and just this recently i watched chinese costume drama. that’s why i found sageuk is overated. most probably due to korean dramas are more well known globally

      • Sorry to disagree but Chinese historical dramas are so much better than Korean Sageuk dramas. They have more depths and were more professional.

  6. The horse dying for the drama is terrible but you know what – everytime I have an order of fried chicken it mean it means a life has been lost too. And it wasn’t because I didn’t have any alternative but that I wanted to have it. So let all have some perspective

    • What are you even on about???

      Both cases are two very different things. The fried chicken we eat is from specific groups of chicken reared for human consumption. This horse lost its life for no reason, except to make a 2 second scene in a not even highly rated drama look “realistic”.

      They cant even be compared. Keep your smart a** perspective to yourself

  7. k-netz should start a petition to cancel this drama. the nerve of kbs in abusing this poor horse to death. just bc it’s an animal doesn’t mean its life is lesser than that of a human. it’s part of the cast too tbh & should be treated with the same respect as human cast. the govt should fine them big time too.

  8. Honestly, they should have a horse trainer and horse stunt manager onsite at all times to supervise or observe the stunts involving animals. The Lord of the Rings movies filmed in NZ back in the 2000s had heaps of scenes involving horses but I didn’t hear/see/read of any horse dying. Cutting budget on cgi kbs? Queenie would be apoplectic if this happened in old blighty.

  9. This is horrific and no, not an accident, but blatant animal abuse. I can’t believe this poor creature was tied to a rope, to enact the fall. How cruel can people be!

  10. F*#kin Murderers! I initially thought there was an unpreventable accident on set. Having watched that video, the rope around that poor horse.. I’m so angry now!!! This was no accident. This was animal abuse, murder!

  11. Dang! That poor horse…Definitely animal cruelty right there. Whoever thought to execute this scene. Not just the horse, but the person on the horse looked like he could have been seriously injured too.

  12. I heard about the cancelation of the broadcast on the 22nd and 23rd date. An apology is not enough. Even more so by saying that it was an accident. Those staff who pulled the horse to trip should face punishment.

  13. Wtf!!! The last gif shows how fcked up this is! Using ropes to stop the horse suddenly and letting it injure itself going forward first is taking precautions how?! It’s hard to see in a gif how do people just stand there and see this happen to the poor horse!?!

  14. They did all this just for some horrendous & ridiculous scene. There’s nothing “real” about this horse flipping. Like in what possible scenario does a horse suddenly decide to do a front tuck while galloping mid air?

    rip to the horse. it deserved better than to die for such a ridiculous scene.

  15. Seriously, KBS got inhummane mentality,from the look for it, the stunt actor n horse were injured from such a force fall, and they take no responsibility but to brush it off as accident, clearly not accident it shows their stupidity n arrogance by saying it is an accident. Koreaboo also mentioned the king affection which had such fall by actress n horse too. Hope full investigation and KBS be dealt with severely to prevent lost of lifes.

  16. I have long been uncomfortable with the way horses used in Kdramas look. With few exceptions they are normally badly and abusively handled and emaciated. Rarely do I see a horse in Kdrama that is the correct weight and has a healthy shiny coat. They all look sick and hungry. It’s horrible the condition they are in. (I have been riding horses for over 35 years and have owned many, including rescuing a couple and putting them through re-feeding, so I know an underweight, ill-cared for horse when I see one.)

  17. What the flying f***?!!!! That is horrific!!! what and it was all deliberate?! I’m so glad the show is cancelled from what I hear but please I hope korea has criminal laws for animal abuse, anyone involved or whoever approved this must be charged, the network must face some consequences too. This must be prevented from ever happening again, I’m glad there is public outcry…on top of that it was incredibly dangerous for the actor! The whole setup is absolutely brain dead ?

  18. OH MY GOD!
    I wish I could unsee even the pictures.
    The fact that the horse was kicking desperately after it fell means it was in pain!!!!!!!!!

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