Lee Min Ho is the Ultimate Boss in New Casual CF Pictorial

New year but same handsome and cool Lee Min Ho. This week he shared new pictures from a Hugo Boss pictorial that is from the casual Boss line and he’s wearing a simple logo hoodie. But the difference is when a top star like Lee Min Ho wears it he just looks so effortlessly bomb when he’s posing haha. This year in 2022 he will comeback with the Apple+ show Pachinko which is adapted from the same name novel by an Korean-American writer Min Jin Lee and promos haven’t started but this project is a prestige work that will definitely add depth to his resume.


Lee Min Ho is the Ultimate Boss in New Casual CF Pictorial — 23 Comments

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  2. He’ll do just fine. Probably add a few mil more in his bank account and ig followers. Set up for life and won’t roll out of bed for anything less than 2 mil per episode.

  3. 2022 belongs to 87 liners all with new projects showing. lmh-pachinko (apple+), lsg-love according to law, jcw-sound of magic (netflix), joo won-agent carter (netflix), jiw-highway family (movie), sig-handsome shaman (kbs-netflix).

    • You forgot Kwak Si-yang. He’s been on a roll with Lovers of the Red Sky, Idol the Coup and now Handsome Shaman. He was in Oh My Ghost in which SIG cameo. Love that good friends irl get to work together. Time to upgrade to ML status.

  4. Finally! Pachinko will premiere on March 25, 2022 on Apple TV+ with 3 eps, then 1 ep per week till April 29. First stills are out on Deadline. Apple TV has finally kicked off its promo. Looks like it’s going to be a flashback with the Oscar winning actress Youn Yuh Jung as old Sunja recounting her life from childhood to teenage then married life, spanning 4 generations. There are rumors that this is season 1, with more seasons to come. Some major characters are missing in the cast list. The most obvious is Noa, Sunja’s illegitimate son with Koh Hansu, played by Lee Min Ho. LMH certainly looks more mature and seasoned as a Yakusa boss and married man.

    • I don’t think imdb is up to date. Hard to believe that Most of the cast are in only 1 ep. Apple TV has finally kicked off the promo of Pachinko. The first stills are in Deadline.

  5. Getting paid billion won per epi but smart of him and his sis not to mdeiaplay everyday about it unlike someone else eho once said he got paid 81 million usd in a year outearning Robert downey jr lmao. 100 billion won drama and streaming is present and future. When i said same in 2020, u n ur blind bunch of lesbos mocked me. N now squid game endes up aa billion dollar show thnx to streaming. God is real aunty koala

    • Jeezus, get over it, beyotch. We’re in 2022. Aren’t you tired of always spewing the same old bullshit with atrocious spelling? Time to tell your oppa to spare some of that moolah to pay for some courses in English for you and chill the f/ck out.

    • Hahaha I can’t imagine him playing a pennyless guy. Though I want to see him in diiferent role but he can’t help it, he always look amazing and it’ s hard to make him look like a nobody.

  6. LMH is not just a pretty face. He has already proven himself in terms of acting. It doesn’t matter if not everyone likes him for as long as he doesn’t demean anybody. He loves us, Minoz, that’s all that matters. We believe in his talent, skills and his whole being. To those who doesn’t like him, might as well unfollow him so as not to stress you out everytime you see his handsome face and his name. Thank you.

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