Park Hyung Sik and Han So Hee Cross the Line From Long Time Friends to Romantic Maybe in First Preview for Disney+ Drama Soundtrack #1

Streaming service Disney+ is apparently still hemorrhaging viewers in South Korea, due to the lack of comparably large body of works and also nothing super popular with any new projects. But the company is big enough to subsidize a long term investment in the market even if it keeps losing money for the time being, the most net connected country in the world is too big of a market to sound defeat anytime soon. Up next as an exclusive is a 4-episode short K-drama called Soundtrack #1 (originally titled Why Did You Come to My House) starring Park Hyung Sik and Han So Hee. The two play long time (20 years long) good friends that start cohabitating for what was supposed to be a two week stint only to start seeing each other in a romantic light. Goodness both must be blind not to see each other in that light earlier since she’s drop dead gorgeous and he’s mmmmmm tasty levels of smexy. Hopefully with the short length it will focus on their friends to lovers journey along with lots of great OST music especially with a drama title like that.

Teaser for Soundtrack #1:


Park Hyung Sik and Han So Hee Cross the Line From Long Time Friends to Romantic Maybe in First Preview for Disney+ Drama Soundtrack #1 — 13 Comments

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  2. Disney is biggest multimedia company in world especially after buying fox. They will crack the market by hook and crook. SHow gonna be realistic bcoz no matter how many people claim, most men and women fall in love while being friends. If they spend so much time together. Things always end up as mess

  3. They may be hemorrhaging viewers in SK but they could probably pick up some outside of SEA if they would just put their freaking kdramas on Disney+ as they air and not afterward. Anyone interested in Snowdrop has probably already watched it illegally and won’t be getting a subscription on Feb. 9. I’d consider getting a short-term subscription for Grid, but I’m not avoiding spoilers until after it airs and they finally get around to airing it in the U.S.

    I like friends to lovers and both actors. They look good together.

    • I am looking forward to GRID too. It looks very very interesting and this is enticing as well. Might also sign up for a trial period for this. Rookie cops and Snowdrop though… yuck not so much. Even though Chae Soo Bin is ok for me, watching daniel kangs absolutely unsuitable face for kdramas and his awkward acting in the trailer is a hard pass like jisoo in snowdrop. I suggest kpop idols really do their time and earn their stripes bottom up before being so abnoxious to take on lead roles without experience. This trend is so jarring.

    • I agree! I’m from the US, but living in Mexico and couldn’t watch Snowdrop here either. I subscribed to Disney just to watch it, but cancelled it when I saw that I couldn’t. It’s very frustrating and I’m always unhappy when I see that a new program will be on Disney. I did watch Snowdrop on another site…

    • Is there a way to contact them and wake them up to this fact? Because K-ent users are very aware of dramas before they are even close to airing, and are keenly aware of when they go live. I support legally watching dramas so that the people who make them get the benefits, but you have to be point blank blind to think the whole world is going to wait for weeks for you to finally air it when they can easily find it elsewhere.

  4. Han So Hee snagging all the hottie MLs. SK, Ahn Bo Hyun, Park Hee Soon, Park Hyung Sik, Park Seo Joon. As 2nd fl she had DO & KSH. At this rate, 87-90 liners would be next. Bring on LMH, LSG, JCW, JIW, SIG, Lee Joon, WHJ, WDH, etc. Heck even the older ones like Lee Je Hoon suit her better.

  5. I don’t really trust Disney+ between Dr Brain or Rookie Cops…

    I don’t understand why they released some MV with the OST before, it’s weird.

    I like the story about friends becoming lovers.

  6. The friends to lovers while being forced to cohabitate is actually what happened to Park Hyung Sik’s character in his most recent drama “Happiness” minus all the zombie stuff.

  7. Netflix seems to insist on mindless scenes of sex, violence and cigarette/drug smoking in its kdrama, which is a great turn off to most viewers outside of Europe and USA, that’s why it’s hemorrhagic.

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