Official Drama Posters for jTBC Workplace Romance Forecasting Love and Weather is All Over the Place in Projecting the Drama Feel

The great Song Kang experiment of the last year and a half continues with his upcoming male lead role in jTBC weather station romance Forecasting Love and Weather (Office Romance Cruelty). While viewers may feel female lead Park Min Young has been playing the same role for many dramas in a row now, the capable office worker, Song Kang feels like he’s being thrown in a bibimbap without anything hitting hard to indicate he’s perfect for that role. From high school hottie to shut in dude fighting zombies to helping old yeller’s achieve their ballet dreams to playboy-ing with same age college classmates to now romancing an older noona at work, it’s like he’s good enough at everything he touches without every impressing me enough at any one role/performance. I don’t feel too optimistic about this drama but it could have “that unexpected OTP magic” which elevates the usual K-romance formula into something exciting to watch onscreen. The posters are all over the place like Song Kang though, one is classic rom-com, another ensemble work palce, and the third like the two main leads are in a rom-com while the two second leads in a mystery thriller. I wish I could haha laugh but this just makes me nervous because I want to like this drama and have something to watch this February.

Preview for Forecasting Love and Weather:


Official Drama Posters for jTBC Workplace Romance Forecasting Love and Weather is All Over the Place in Projecting the Drama Feel — 14 Comments

  1. Park Min-Young’s When the Weather is Fine was pretty different from her other dramas.

    They made the meteorology looking so dramatic and Park Min-Young’s style looks good but too much for her job.

    I will test it because there aren’t so many dramas now and PMY is good to get the best from her partners…

  2. My favourite works of PMY are in Healer, 7 days queen and When the weather is fine. Her office dramas have not worked for me although her chemistry with KJW was so good! (The writing was bad and her characters were not attractive) So, for me, I wish that at least I like her character here, because I think she will have more chemistry with Yoon Park. I hope she continues with a melodrama (Kind of like flower of evil).

  3. Still not feeling any chemistry yet. It’ll be like squeezing blood out of stone. Put Yoon Park next to PMY. Their visual is palpable even in my imagination. Time to give him a ML role. Lighting in the first poster doesn’t help PMY. Makes the root of her hair look grey. SK goes better with someone like Hyeri.

  4. Is the casting director blind? Rom-coms die or live by visuals and chemistry. Both have none. If this otp can pull off a Hyun Bin-Kim Sun Ah type of success, pigs will fly to the moon.

  5. Song Kang chemistry will be good with Park Min Young…. let’s see how it’s goes! When is the premiere date??

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