Netflix and tvN Networks Congratulate Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin on Their Upcoming Marriage Sharing Pictures From Crash Landing on You

It’s truly the engagement heard ’round the world thanks to the global success of K-drama Crash Landing on You. Top Korean stars Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin started dating in real life after filming Crash Landing and this week announced they are engaged and will get married next month in March 2022. The drama aired on tvN terrestrially in South Korea and was broadcast to the rest of the world audience via Netflix, and was a huge hit for both platforms. With the news of their impending nuptials their fans and shippers have been congratulating the couple but now the official Instagrams of both tvN and Netflix both celebrated the two stars by posting pictures of them from Crash Landing, including handholding scenes that were super sweet and romantic for sure.


Netflix and tvN Networks Congratulate Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin on Their Upcoming Marriage Sharing Pictures From Crash Landing on You — 36 Comments

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  2. Timing of their wedding is publicity boost for US remake. Possibly re-igniting romantic drama genre to balance out proliferation of zombies, serial killers, utopian/apocalyptic themed genres. Tbh, a true romantic k-drama has been lacking for a while. True, there have been smaller scale like Dali and Cocky Prince and some fusion sags but they don’t capture the same imagination like CLOY did. Social wise, I have never seen a k-drama couple being so universally embraced by SK and ifans since the Song couple wedding. I wonder Dispatch will do a V-day drop since they skipped the traditional NY day announcement.

    • Huh? I doubt they care about publicity for a US remake of CLOY. What do the actors get out of it? They have actually been planning to get married for a while but this was the best time because SYJ just wrapped her recent drama shoot and HB isn’t scheduled to film his next project until the Fall. So the timing makes sense for THEM.

      • im very happy that this lovely couple is getting married.i wish their maried life more stronger till end.pls.ooppa hyun binn love sonyi jen forever.i love you both im your number fans in US.

  3. I saw articles popping up everywhere about their engagement- even CNN wrote about it. Korean entertainment is being covered by world wide media like never before. CLOY even started climbing back up into the Netflix top 10 in certain countries.

    I hope they share some pics of the big day! Maybe not to the extent of PSY but atleast one picture?!

  4. Netflix Japan was the first to post as expected. And rest followed.
    The one that surprised me the most were posts from Swiss Embassy and Tom Ford …lmaooo..
    They are really an IT couple.

    • So happy for this lovely couple I wish them long life happiness and love take care of each other never be sad hope one day to find my perfect match hope for everyone much love and hugs to them both❤️❤️

    • Haha even the official FB page for Switzerland’s tourism board also featured pics taken by tourists at CLOY’s filming location in Iseltwald to celebrate the news of Hyun Bin and Son Yejin’s wedding news.

  5. Your TV show CLOY got me into watching korean movies. Acting was amazing and to be the start of a romance between the 2 main actors makes this TV series a must watch for anyone that has not seen it. Congratulations. Be true to each other happy marriage ?

  6. Their engagement being featured in CNN gives perspective on how big Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin are globally. Just Jared mentioned them too.

  7. Congratulations again ❤❤❤❤

    But yeah I couldn’t have imagined the engagement of Hallyu stars making the news on non-Korean/non-Asian media outlets even five years ago, which speaks to the role of Netflix in the spread of Korean content worldwide, something that was never possible when kdramas were only available via niche websites like viki or dramafever. And CLOY was definitely in the vanguard of that third Hallyu wave.

  8. I can see the similarities of Binjin couple with that of Songsong couple. Both become sensationalized due to their hit dramas- which resulted to a cult following of shippers ardently wishing and praying for these OTPs to become real. The reel to real romance of these couples is really every shipper’s dream come true. DOTS = Songsong CLOY = Binjin.

    • I can see why they would even compared but its different. HB and SYJ worked together before CLOY and their relationship rumors started before CLOY was even announced. After CLOY ended they pretty much stayed quiet under the radar until the Dispatch reveal last year. It’s pretty commonly believed they have been together since 2018.

      With the Songs, people shipped then based on their chemistry and characters in DOTS. They began dating and got engaged very quickly. They held hands at award shows which made people suspect they were dating even though they denied it. Then they had a big splashy public wedding with months of media attention leading up to it. It was one of those epic romances but that crashed and burned just as epically. Seems they did not know each other as well as they thought because they separated before the 1 year mark.

      • Even so but it is undeniable that the majority of BinJin shippers only know them because of CLOY. Their “LOVETEAM” become super popular worldwide only because of CLOY. To be honest, without that drama, the curiosity and interest in their relationship will not be in the same magnitude. Same as the Songs with DOTS.

      • @Olive Then why not just mention the similarities in fan reception instead of comparing the relationship of the actual two couples.
        Their trajectory off screen are totally diff.

      • true.. i feel post sitr syj and jhi is more similar to song2 if u wanna say holding hand in award thing.. but no binjin is diff they are more private and dont show anything.. yes please dont compare with song2 cos its different.. binjin know each other for yrs bfor tying the knot..

    • @HM If you just read my first comment on this thread, it is about how both OTPS became popular because of their respective dramas and how they are dream come true for shippers. I didn’t say anything else. I am sure their personal stories are very different from each other which to be honest we are not 100% wary of. I am only talking about their dramas and how the reel to real romance has impacted their respective shippers. That’s it. I didn’t mention anything of how their relationship started or ended.

    • If you want to compare the shippers, then make sure to pointed out clearly. But you are comparing the couples. So..

      NO. Binjin are NOT the same as Song2.

      Their relationship has started in 2018 way way before CLOY even around in the picture. All the insider reports from journalists’, onlookers’ accounts of them dating, their interactions at their film promotions, their CEOs and staff were all together during that time as tight as one big family and then.. the L.A pictures of them together were all before CLOY.

      It is totally annoying when people can’t even leave a congratulation message but instead, always comparing to the other couple when the reality it’s not the same

    • I am not on team Bin Jin. Son Ye Jin is definitely more in love with Hyun Bin, and I think he picked her because he was probably feeling the pressure of not settling down in his late 30s.

      It will likely end in divorce. SYJ is very headstrong and HB might not know he wants a simple girl to stay at home to raise the kids after all.

  9. The drama captured my heart for a long time- so many heart warming moments not only these two great couple’s love but also ordinary North Korean people look after each other friends & neighbours.
    congratulations to Yejin and Bin.
    Be happy forever!!

  10. I am so thrilled and happy HB and SYJ are finally getting married. Have been hoping for this day for a long time. It’s a marriage made in heaven.

  11. Ich freue mich riesig das Son Ye Jin und Hyun Bin heiraten. Son Ye Jin und Hyun Bin,ich wünsche euch beiden sehr viel Glück in der Ehe und das ihr für immer zusammen bleibt.

  12. OMG! I just love these two and have seen the movie Crash Landing on You 5 times….never get fed up of it….I wish them all the very best in their life together

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