C-netizens Unanimously Excoriate C-actor Zhang Yu Jian as He and C-actress Wife Janice Wu Confirm Divorce a Year After Valentine’s Day Announcement of Marriage

It was not a happy Valentine’s Day 2022 in the Zhang-Wu family as news broke in C-ent that married acting couple and former drama costars Zhang Yu Jian and Janice Wu (Wu Qian) have divorced. They confirmed their relationship and marriage during last year’s Valentine’s Day but were together since working on the C-drama Le Coup de Foudre in 2019. Rumors swirled of their romance but Zhang Yu Jian was emphatic and public in denying it over and over and even he said he was looking for the right woman. They had no choice but to admit it when Janice was seen with a toddler girl, their daughter of course, so they actually got married and had a kid and STILL Zhang Yu Jian was out there claiming he was single. Mega barf. Her fans did hope the marriage would last since Janice seemed to love him a lot to the point of agreeing to keep their romance, marriage, and even having a baby secret for the sake of his “career”. What career lol, he’s at most a B-lister if you ask me. Anyhoo, C-netizens are all over Zhang Yu Jian for this quickie marriage and his agency had to issue a legal warning to netizens for defaming him and spreading malicious lies and threated to take legal action. Boo hoo, sorry being called a douchebag for actually being a douchebag hurt you widdle feelings dude.


C-netizens Unanimously Excoriate C-actor Zhang Yu Jian as He and C-actress Wife Janice Wu Confirm Divorce a Year After Valentine’s Day Announcement of Marriage — 12 Comments

  1. Koalas, you’re being too generous listing him on the B-list. It’s too bad Janice fell for such a horrible man who never intent to protect her. This is a great example of a divorce like a gift.

  2. I love her breakup post though. Two single girl’s valentine and she’s got a glow about her. I wish her well in the future- romantic love that lasts, a thriving career and a happy child. Her recently released maternity photos were luminous… so beautiful.

    He can kick rocks. I think he’s also a shameless loser for saying that they are still best friends. I freaking doubt that. Not personally interested in watching any of his future projects.

  3. The statement they post upon the release of the divorce have different tones. Janice Wu statements is just announcing the divorce and not commenting anymore. Zhang Yu Jian’s statement states Janice is his forever friend etc… We can see how Janice is clearly keen to draw a clear line between them. I am happy Janice looks happy with her daughter… and I am sure she will move on with full spirit… Her career will be more healthy and in time, I hope she meets a good man when she is ready.

  4. he tried to sell a single image and then signed up for a bl drama hoping to get famous from fujoshis lol he just comes across as desperate for fame. should’ve never gotten married.

  5. wow, what a shame! since I liked him as an actor. didn’t realize the whole messed-up married-and-pretending-to-be-single thing. I thought Janice Wu was mid-20s at most due to Skate Into Love and was shocked to see her married with a kid.

  6. OMG! My heart is aching for these two. I root for them. I hope both will be in a good position although this is really a bad news. Sigh.

  7. Is this a news blog or just a blog expressing their opinion on what they read online? Reading your work makes me think you’re bias.

  8. Do not get why people think it’s so cool that this couple got divorced I would think you would like a family unit intact. People are allowed to want their private life to be kept private and I bet a lot of these commenters who are all giddy and saying things like you go girl to miss wu are man hating feminists. People need to realize the marriage isn’t all sunshine and ponies. Sometimes you will have unhappy moments but like a relationship you don’t give up and you work at it for the betterment of the family otherwise; the phrase for better or, for worse Isnt put into wedding vows for no reason. Don’t care what the circumstances were you enter a marriage for better or for worse you don’t give up on a person. I feel bad for the daughter who will grow up wondering why isn’t my parents together and was it something that I caused. Not all the time but in the case I described people divorce through immaturity and selfishness.

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