Tencent Premieres C-drama Remake of Discovery of Romance with Qin Jun Jie, Wu Qian, and Yang Bing Zhuo as End of Summer Romance Capper

K-drama Discovery of Romance with Eric, Jung Yumi, and Sung Joon is a classic, I haven’t rewatched it but from what I remember of the writing, directing, and acting chemistry it would probably stand the test of time even now. That’s why having a C-drama remake just feels like an uphill climb with a why bother thrown in, but it’s here now the C-version as Tencent on August 28th premiered Discovery of Romance (Chinese title Summer’s Romance) with Qin Jun Jie, Wu Qian (Janice Wu), and Yang Bing Zhuo. The trailer is mostly comedic and Wu Qian manages to get close to shrieky/over-acting territory but thankfully never crosses over while Qin Jun Jie is one of those good actors that this drama is lucky to have cast as the male lead and has a shot at matching Eric’s portrayal which was so hard to love and hard to hate at the same time. Qin Jun Jie is actually have a double shot this week as his headlining lasted drama adaptation of Louis Cha wuxia novel Fox Volant of Snowy Mountain this 2022 version titled The Hidden Fox is premiering three days later on August 31st.

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C-netizens Unanimously Excoriate C-actor Zhang Yu Jian as He and C-actress Wife Janice Wu Confirm Divorce a Year After Valentine’s Day Announcement of Marriage

It was not a happy Valentine’s Day 2022 in the Zhang-Wu family as news broke in C-ent that married acting couple and former drama costars Zhang Yu Jian and Janice Wu (Wu Qian) have divorced. They confirmed their relationship and … Continue reading

Fantasy C-drama A Lifetime Love Promises Romantic and Heartbreak in New Stills and Preview

The long lag time between the publishing of fantasy C-novel Once Promised by writer Tong Hua in 2011 to when the drama adaptation A Lifetime Love is hitting the small screens has lowered excitement but also expectations. I’m not peeved that … Continue reading

More Pretty Stills from Once Promised Drama Adaptation A Life Time Love with Victoria Song and Huang Xiaoming

The romance novel Once Promised is a fantastic read for those who hate love triangles and love OTP consistency, but terribly traumatic for those who need happy endings. The C-drama adaption A Life Time Love (Ancient Love Song) uses the … Continue reading

Popular C-drama My Sunshine Gets Condensed TV-movie Cut with Another Version of the Cute College Romance

I’m way addicted to the currently airing C-drama My Sunshine based on the Gu Man novel Silent Separation (He Yi Sheng Xiao Mo 何以笙箫默), one of those rare beasts where is the drama is good as the novel. That’s saying a lot … Continue reading