Studio Dragon Announces the Production of Arthdal Chronicles Season 2, Casting and Filming Start Date Not Yet Confirmed

Well if I was a betting person I would not put all my money on this horse, but I can see why the investors conceivably believe it could beat it to ground to see if pumping more money in can recoup some of the loses and maybe even end up a moneymaker. Production house Studio Dragon announced today that it is confirmed for sure to produce season 2 of Arthdal Chronicles, the most expensive K-drama ever made that was split into two sections in airing the first season and ended on a major cliffhanger with barely any story tapped yet and plenty left to tell. The question is whether there is enough people still interesting in what’s left to tell, I know there are ardent and diehard fans waiting for another season the question is how many are out there and if there is a second season the regular viewers and even new viewers will tune in. I was SO DAMN EXCITED for this drama when it was announced and the full year leading up to the release, Song Joong Ki in an epic swashbuckling sageuk was so much squeeeeee.

And then I watched the first episode and went “WTF did I just watch?” The second episode was even worse, Mr. Koala actually mocked me for watching as he glanced over on some scenes, and he never mocks any K-dramas I watch because he knows even the silliest ones can be endearing to me. It was like someone said “Let’s make a K-drama Game of Thrones, add caveman era flower children, and make sure to not hire a lighting guy during nighttime filming”, and sadly someone with the purse strings replied “Great idea, here’s a bucket load of cash make it happen!” It marginally got better when the guyliner devilish plotting twin showed up but that was it in terms of positives. The reason I thought there was no way a season 2 would happen is that I cannot believe Song Joong Ki would return for it, unless he was contractually obligated to do so. Turns out season 2 will happen with or without the same cast as Studio Dragon confirmed it’s still in discussions with the cast and K-ent insiders are saying Jang Dong Gun has a chance of returning. Look, stranger things have happened with changes in male/female leads even DURING an airing drama so to swap out the lead(s) for season 2 of Arthdal will not be a dealbreaker.


Studio Dragon Announces the Production of Arthdal Chronicles Season 2, Casting and Filming Start Date Not Yet Confirmed — 50 Comments

  1. yesssssssssssss!!!

    but song joongki has to return, right? i mean he is the main character lol it wouldn’t be arthdal chronicles without him.

      • I’m surprised seeing so many bad reviews about the drama. It’s easily one of my best kdramas. I love the storyline and all the characters, especially tagon and taehla. Y’all don’t appreciate good dramas. Smh!!! I can’t wait for the season 2 and I believe it’s gonna be an absolute success.

  2. As a SJK’s fan, I’m torn about this. On the one hand, I like AC and really want the story to be complete (I miss my baby Eumsom too). On the other hand, as the first season was not well received and it will be even harder for season 2 to succeed, I’m not sure if I want SJK to return because if it doesn’t do well in the rating, it’s him again who will bear all the negativity from the media.

  3. Hell yes! And enough with the tired game of thrones comparison smh. Other than good world building, its a completely different take on the genre.

    • hear hear! GOT didn’t invent stories about power grabs in fantasy lands so comparing any drama set in such a realm, that has competition for the throne, to GOT is lazy. I get that GOT is the most famous and popular but AC distinguishes itself with different world building and lore. It’s its own beast. I was really pleasently surprised with what they came up with. I only hope they will cut on sageuky scheming in 3 rooms and give us more of stunning locations and open space goings on. And yes, better lighting in nighttime scenes. 🙂

    • Nem filmművészeti-re jártam. Egyszerű hétköznapi ember vagyok. Nem is értem a negatív kritikákat.
      Nekem nagyon tetsző sorozat volt. Jó storyval, jó karakterekkel, szuper színészekkel. A képi környezet is meseszép volt.
      (Miért kellene a Trónok Harcához hasonlítani? Az is más, meg ez is. Mindkettőt másért szerettem. Most már minden kosztümös filmet ahhoz akarnak hasonlítani?)
      És nagyon várom a folytatást! Remélem mihamarabb láthatom! És ezekkel a szereplőkkel!!!

  4. This drama is more like ensemble cast with so many star get casted. The focus doesn’t even eunseom or Saya, but the world building. So I can see Saya or Eun Seum can be our of the picture. I’m not a big fan of Arthdal, But I will accept if SJK is in it, It means I might watch him again in the next 1-2 years. YESSS… I would rather he star in this than something like DOTS or vincenzo

    • I was bored out of my mind by DOTS and had to drop it. Vincenzo was a massive bait and switch. I thought it would be set in Italy but nope. Also, his character was total Gary Stu and supporting cast carried that one IMO. Vincenzo himself was boring (always winning, indestructible, zzzz) and FL annoying beyond any reason. I watched for Kwak Dong Yeon (the MVP), entertaining villains and the Vincenzo gang. That said, SJK is excellent as Saya ( a better role) and Eun Seum ( a weaker role, another Stu but more likable that loses from time to time ) so I want to see where these characters are going.

      • @lord_varvara. pick up project like DOTS or vincenzo once in a while is fine. but maake it become career trajectory is a shame and won’t do any good for showing his potential as an an actor. I don’t want him become like Gong Hyo Jin choosing drama, extremely talent but stuck in a typical roles when she can do so much better.

      • @missjb I wished there was Reply button but apparently only the main post has it so I have to reply to myself to reply to you lol. Yes, I too have noticed that drama stars allow themselves to get typecast (eg LMH is always some variation of chaebol prince, SJK is invincible badass, CEW is a highschool heartthrob with daddy/mommy issues, Rowoon is a plank of wood…oh wait, that isn’t a type of role but he turns each and every into that type, etc). Which is why I find their careers boring. It’s secondary leads that get more variety, as well as supporting actors.

  5. I read that for S2 the allotted budget is around 10b won, which I find too low considering the CGs needed and cast, unless it will be in a shorter format lol it’d be weird if SJK doesn’t return tbh

      • Yeah I get that but it’s literally a fantasy kdrama, CGIs are expensive unless they’re gonna be cheapskates on that lol anyway I guess this season is more for closure of the story

      • Q : It can be release as original netflix and only 6 episode get released for closure. It makes more sense given the budget, LOL

  6. Looks like Studio Dragon wants to milk the cow dry to recoup money. The Korean audience didnt like AC but international audience had a more mixed reaction.

    I’ll bet money SD puts this on Netflix, where there is a chance of capturing the Western audience who is into Witcher, Wheel of Time, etc.

    • Korean Audiences actually was angry at it when the news release they will create the webtoon without mentioning the drama, thinking the webtoon will be make the AC fans satisfied, LOL. Alot of netizen in naver want the actual drama . It might be the reason.

      • Color me surprised that netizens taking time to comment on AC would want an AC drama. That’s called a biased sample size.

      • AC was a hit for Netflix so it isn’t just few netizens that somehow convinced Studio Dragon to invest billions of won in a drama with limited audience. There’s international potential unlike lets say Bulgasal which is neither a hit in Korea nor internationally. I follow Netflix viewership charts so that’s how I know.

        I said it in another post but best case would be Netflix release a la other hit Netflix K dramas. That way, no fretting about Korean ratings which very likely wouldn’t be impressive. Netflix saved KTEM’s face (huge international hit) and AC is billion times better than that unwatchable crap.

  7. What a bad idea… Why the actors would like to be in this after the first disaster. They could come back in better productions with Vincenzo, Lovestruck in the City and then My Liberation Diary, that looks good for Kim Ji-Won.

  8. I enjoyed AC 1 – it was different and while it may not be for everyone, I thought it was a solid show with a great cast. I would like to see the story’s ending. I hope all the main actors/actresses return.

  9. Great freakin news! I hope they release it as a Netflix show like Kingdom, Sweet Home, All of Us Are Dead and Squid Game. The show was popular with international audience so Studio Dragon wouldn’t have to sweat about ratings in Korea if Netflix releases the whole season. I bet it would top Netflix charters all those other Netflix shows with Korean cast.

    While I want the whole cast back, it’s world building that really hooked me – yes, those first episodes that made Ockoala facepalm were absolute bliss for me 🙂 – so lets hope for more open spaces and lavish locations and less sageuk-y scheming in closed quarters.

  10. Hm…I’m curious if SJK will sign up for this given how much of a flop the first season was. Willing to bet money he might try to get out of it.

    Personally I was borrrrrred af with Arthdal and would much rather get a Vincenzo S2. Koreans don’t do hard fantasy or science fiction well.

  11. I like it so much..Can’t wait..This kdrama provide another test than other’s. Orginal cast must come and tell us about Unsom And Sia…

  12. Yesssss!!! I’ve been waiting so long for the season 2 ? I hope the cast is still the same. Despite the negative comments about this drama, is one of the very few dramas that I watched more than once, the type that when you watch it again you get another side of the story that you didn’t noticed before.

  13. I’ll be honest. I love the characters so much, especially Song Joong Ki. This guy is ageless and extremely talented actor. I can’t wait for them to continue the movie. I don’t really crazy about the story, but i think the actors and actresses are awesome. Great chemistry between them. I’ll be one of the first one who will watch the second part. Please spread the words so the makers can find it as profitable

  14. I am looking forward for Season 2 of Arthdal Chronicles. I see no similarities with Game of Thrones beside being a fantasy series. Game of Thrones does not own the fantasy genre, there were before and will have after.
    The acting in Arthdal Chronicles was good. The main cast were brilliant. The storylines were good and I see nothing wrong with them.
    Looking towards the Saya and Eun-seom meeting. Eun-seom had to face the difficulties that he encountered to become a leader and form alliances. The popular consensus is Tan-Ya is the bell, Eun-seom the sword, and Saya the mirror but I believed Tan-ya is the Bell, Eun-seom and Saya is the mirror, and Noon-Byul is the sword. Noon-Byul is trained in the sword plus she is a Neanthal.

  15. Honestly, this drama is fine if they have casting changes, the character is just character, especially Kim ji won character, she can be replaced and I don’t think it barely changes anything.

  16. This new season will be better as a Netflix series and not back as tvn series – with like 6-8 epi only. It won’t get high rating domestic but clearly it will top Netflix rank. So make a choice.
    I don’t remember anything about the first season tbh. Song Joong ki should return because AC is him and vice versa. Other actors can go if they want and they won’t be missed.

  17. Finally at last, can’t really wait, please all the characters should be involved ooo, really love this movie, best Korea of the year

  18. Tbm…estou aguardando ansiosa, pois assisti e reassisti e quero ver o encontro dos irmãos e a Tanya, Tiago e de dos outros personagens, precisamos saber sobre os Neanthais, Igutus e as outras tribos, quem será o verdadeiro Rei?
    Não vejo a hora, aguardando???

  19. Been waiting so long for season 2 arthdal chronicles, was hoping this year sometime, one of the best series I’ve seen in a long time. The Characters, storyline kept you at your wits end of each episode.


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