Chaumet Jewelry Complements Song Hye Kyo in New Elegant Pictorial

Now that the underwhelming Now, We are Breaking Up has been broken up with for us viewers that stuck with it to the end, it’s time to look forward for Song Hye Kyo‘s next drama The Glory. I think it was smart of her to announce the two dramas in close succession so while I was increasingly despondent over how dumb and dull Breaking Up was there was something on the horizon. She’s normally a top PPL seller in her dramas but despite being set in the fashion industry nothing from Breaking Up got buzz or stuck around. The Glory has her taking revenge on her high school era bullies as a teacher to their kids so I’m guessing low key teacher appropriate dressing and lots of angry angst inside. Until then have a lovely Chaumet pictorial and gaze at the wildly expensive jewelry that none of us can afford heh.


Chaumet Jewelry Complements Song Hye Kyo in New Elegant Pictorial — 28 Comments

  1. is it just me or is song hye kyo overdoing botox? i noticed her face was frozen and her lips were swollen in nwabu, and in this pictorial too, her skin looks unnaturally taut.

    i wish actors and actresses would just accept aging as part of life, and stop messing with their faces. botox, in moderation, can give great results but there is only so much you can do to turn back the time. this makes me respect actresses like bae doona who looks great while looking her age.

    • I think you need a proper comparison of what a bad job looks like.

      Go watch an episode of Young Lady and the gentlemen. And see how many taut faces and Botoxed lips look like when its done badly.

      • i’m aware what a bad job looks like. but any job that looks obvious is not a good job. song hye kyo still looks pretty in these pictures, but it’s like someone else below said, she’s an empty husk of herself bc she’s given up emoting in favor of looking like a porcelain doll.

    • Idk with your comparison to Bae Doona, Lets be honest here, I don’t think she ever fit in the standard of beauty in Korea. I never find her attractive.

      SHK is ever perfect and beautiful. But I feel her beauty ends aesthetically, there is no glow anymore as if there is no joy inside of her.

      • @anon
        Thank you, my thoughts exactly. Maybe I’m reading to much, but I realized this when I watched her last drama ( unfortunately I couldn’t finish). She is beautiful, yes, and botox is now very obvious. But the more prominent aspect of her face is gone. It’s empty, like there is no life.

      • yeah, she never fit the korean standard of beauty, so maybe the pressure was never on her the way it is on actresses like song hye kyo. but even so, bae doona is able to move her face and act and look like herself. i think that is much more valuable to an actress than looking (uncannily) picture perfect.

      • Who cares if you find her attractive? She is better than this living doll who can barely emote

    • @mimimi When beauty is perfect, it becomes dull and boring. There is nothing new. Imperfect and unique beauty with the right amount of charm, spunk and lots of personality is more attractive.

    • @mimimi
      Sorry I misinterpreted what you wrote, thought you placed BD on the same level as SHK beauty wise. And I agree with you with aging naturally and how botox can make actresses look wax-like,stoic and emotionless.

    • She is still the goddess and still beautiful but her age is showing already but about the botox i think it is just the editing.

  2. I remember how beautiful I thought she was in her earlier projects, particularly in Full House. She’s still pretty, but the botox makes her beauty look unnatural. I personally don’t think she needs botox, as she seems to be the type to age gracefully. But I guess for someone like her, who relies on her beauty to get projects and endorsements, she has to make the needed enhancements. I just hope she doesn’t overdo it.

    • You need to invest on the face when you lack the talent and nobody exploits that tactic better than her. It is sad that she is the most stale veteran in K-Ent but still gets paid 200m won per episode. Now you tell me pretty privilege isn’t real.

  3. What happened to her face?????
    Her lips????
    Please ease down the botox ??‍♀️
    Look at Kim Hye Soo who ages gracefully.

  4. She looks so gorgeous. But the filter:photoshop is overdone. It was unnecessary. I understand videos/dramas/movies, production is spending lots of money to do filters as well, at least for those artists who demand it as part of their contract, but even with that, in NWABU, she already looks mature (of course, she is matured beautiful woman), so these pics compared to her drama are noticeably different. I wonder if she can’t say to magazines to tone it down? Or she actually likes it?

    Anyway, she is a goddess in these pics

  5. SHK is so pretty. I love this look and is glad she has more darker themes unlike her past photoshoots. No matter what she does people will never be satisfied. So you do you girl. Who give a damn about all these bashing. They don’t pay your bills so what ever you do is your business. So mean to always say she can’t do anything except for using her beauty to get projects. ? I hate to say this but base on all the acting excepts opinions, all the productions the offer her dramas must be some dumb ass people with no brains.

  6. Everyone has his/her own beauty inside & outside. And as we all age, the mind set, for some, would be to remain young & beautiful/pretty. With all due respect, SKH who models the jewelry here, is still one of the beautiful actresses, whether she had botox or not. (How many non actresses do aesthetics anyway? Like some said, so long one doesn’t overdo botox, it is “acceptable” though some are also obsessed with it.)
    Cheers to you all ?

  7. Song Hye Kyo looks so glamorous and sexy in her black gown and beautiful jewellery. The crown on her head suits her. She looks like a character from the tv series “Charlie Angels” or “Dynasty”.She does not need botox and neither will she use it. We know she eats tofu and wash her face with milk. She is my definition of Korean beauty. Bashers, your bashing reveals a lot about your heart.

    • Sure sure it’s just “eating tofu and washing face with milk”, just like Jennifer Lopez just uses olive oil to maintain her appearance… Sure, Jan.
      lmao you stans are unbelievably gullible and delusional ?
      And you all would complain about unrealistic and unachievable beauty standards when you’re the same ones who perpetuate those same standards by denying that your favorite stars, no matter how naturally beautiful they are, also get some help from procedures be it plastic surgery or things like botox lmao I don’t understand some women anymore ?
      But stay in your delusional bubble if it helps you sleep at night ?

  8. She looks like an empty shell. Like nobody’s home if you know what I mean. Lol.

    The same blank-eyed stare and open mouth look in all her photos. If you put all her covers side by side you get the same soul less dead eyes.

    • Your favorite look the same in all her shoots too, so I don’t know what are you so bitter for? Maybe there are too many ignorant people like you out there, that’s why she is bore and tire. Putting all her covers side by sides and she still look good. If your so judgmental and beautiful, why not show your self how beautiful and mesmerizing you look? She has been in the showbiz for so long to bearing all the hateful words from some nobody like you and still standing strong.

  9. I don’t get the empty shell the people talk about here based on the picture. She might be doing botox, and her acting might be underwhelming in NWABU. But she is a great model here and definite; great pose and emoting well. Every model always over filter their pics not only Song Hye Kyo.

  10. Life is so short. People can just give a quick comments that don’t think if you hurt someone. We are not all perfect. We have our own flaws, so before you judged look yourself at the mirror. Ok

  11. She is still the goddess SHK but her eyes is showing that she is already in her 40s but there is no shame in getting old, right? I think she is aging beautifully. I just hope the editing ain’t that overdone so the natural beauty of hers will still show.

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