Jang Hyuk Radiates Power and Danger in First Stills for Sageuk Red Single Heart

Following on the heels of the first stills of leads veteran Lee Joon and Kang Han Na in upcoming sageuk Red Single Heart, we have the dark and brooding stills of veteran lead Jang Hyuk. He plays the antagonist in the drama but it’s not so clear cut that he’s a baddie, he’s just on the other side of the young King’s desire to consolidate power. It always seems like the young upstarts want to swoop in and kick out the old guard but Jang Hyuk looks formidable an opponent as he always exudes this tense and intense vibe. When I watch Jang Hyuk in a sageuk I also know that he may suffer but he’s going to make his enemies suffer even more lol.


Jang Hyuk Radiates Power and Danger in First Stills for Sageuk Red Single Heart — 23 Comments

  1. Aaah this ahjusssi :”) I just re-watched Fated to Love You yesterday, one of his best drama. He is just a briliant actor.

  2. Why do I have the feeling that I’m going to root more for this character than the male lead lmao ?
    Anyway, bring it on! I need an angsty sageuk to watch right now lol

  3. I root for Jang Hyuk. I always thing he deserves more recognition. I find he’s very unusual and he is very good looking not in the way the others are.

  4. This actor need to be seen by a wider audience.He is outstanding in any role and comfortable with any genre.You can see how he can take you on a rollercoster of emotions especially in YOU ARE MY DESTINY.This one of Koreas best for storyline and acting. It had me laughing and crying with the emotional performances of all the cast. The comedic parts had me in stitches, but the scenes regarding the miscarriage had me in floods of tears the acting was so emotional you could actually believe it really happened.

  5. Was is it with Jang hyuk and Sagueks lately he’s not even the lead in them. Miss him, want to see him in something like money flower or even voice again.

    • Jang Hyuk may not be the standard of “handsome” in SK but for me he is so attractive and oozing with sex appeal that even when he plays a villain, I end up rooting for him more than the protagonist. Love him. ?

      • He fits the standard of handsome. He’s just not brought up that much compared to the other actors. He was dubbed little Jung Woo-sung at debut, and JWS is pretty much as close to SK standards as you can get. It’s the younger actors who are perceived to be less conventionally good looking.

  6. Jang Hyuk and sageuk will never go wrong. I still want him in a main lead role tho but i understand how a veteran of his caliber is needed and can shine even as a supporting role.

  7. while other A-list actors only choose a project with them as a male lead, here we have janghyuk who is ok being the 2nd lead. he also had acted as 2nd lead before.

  8. If I were given a choice, I would choose Jan Hyuk over Hyun Bin or Gong Yoo everytime. There is something about him…

  9. One of the best actor I’ve seen,watched his drama while other east asian country still dominated our tv slot airings,Korean’s was not yet that popular back then,just starting the hallyu wave.I like his range of acting,one of the best is with jang nara.He is also good with action and comedy.

  10. I love Jang Hyuk as one of SK best versatile actor but I love h best in FTLY for his romcom roles which ate rare he is more into action because of his skills but whatever roles he plays I will Always be rooting for h and I hope he continues to act for he is a rare find– handsome, great actor, oozing with sex appeal even at his age, sexy body and beautiful persona ???

  11. Vi a Jang Hyuk por primera vez en “My Country” y quedé fascinada con su interpretación del príncipe heredero, tiene un aura tan masculina, estuvo impresionante, cada gesto y mirada derrochaban un poder electrizante.

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