Han Ga In to Guest on Husband Yeon Jung Hoon’s 1N2D Marking First Time the Couple Has Done a Variety Show Together

Well that only took 17 years lol, but better late than never. K-actress Han Ga In will be guest starring in one episode of 1N2D (2 Days & 1 Night) that will air in April 2022. It will be her first time on television in a program alongside her husband actor Yeon Jung Hoon since they tied the knot in 2005. He’s a regular on 1N2D and all his cast mates have been bugging him to get her on the show. She dialed in last year for a call and explained that she’s busy with their kids (they have two) and can’t join. I guess she found child care or just wanted a nice weekend away because she’s finally joining hubby on a 1 night and 2 days getaway. It’s not luxurious but sounds like a lot of fun for them and for viewers to glimpse their married couple interaction.


Han Ga In to Guest on Husband Yeon Jung Hoon’s 1N2D Marking First Time the Couple Has Done a Variety Show Together — 24 Comments

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  2. I saw an interview where she said she was fine marrying young. She didn’t like all the comparisons and competition that was going on back in the day. I wish people would take note that these actresses who are always being ranked and thrown up against others really wish they could just do their thing without all that drama.

  3. There is something about her face which I don’t like. That’s why I don’t find her pretty. Maybe it’s her big nose & round face that affect her looks.

    I still find the pretty ones are Song Hye Kyo, Son Ye Jin, Kim Hee Sun, Lee Min Jung & Kim Tae Ri. I guess pretty is really subjective.

    • Beauty is in the eye of beholder. BUT, saying Han Ga In has a BIG nose? That’s not an opinion anymore. It’s simply untrue. Full stop.

      • I know right ?
        I’m not even a fan of Han Ga In’s beauty but I can acknowledge that she’s objectively beautiful and her nose is not in any way big lmfao ? Her nose is literally the blueprint for the perfect nose that they’re all trying to copy over there at Gangnam ?
        Maybe the commenter means she has a high-bridged nose? Because ain’t no way anyone can say she has a big nose lol ?

    • I’m not a fan of her beauty either, and I’ve never liked her face shape (I prefer slimmer faces), but Han Ga In has a narrow and short nose, how the heck is it big lmfao ?

    • Despite being Youn Junghoon’s fan for a long time, I was never got the appeal of Han Ga in’s hype on her visual before, because there’re more prettier K-actress for me. And that was until few recent years that I finally understand why she got the hype, when she’s standing beside few others actresses and I can definitely see her charms and why she’s considered as one of the prettiest actress (This is not a comparison but just my observation).

      Lol but big nose is not never accurate to describe her nose when it’s one of the most famous blueprint for perfect nose in K-ent and plastic surgery there

  4. I feel she’s making this to come back into acting. But seriously, she’s better at variety (she went viral recently in an interview, she’s really likeable) and Yeon Junghoon should act more instead of starring on this mediocre program with an outdated variety format. He’s such a good actor!

    • Agreed on Junghoon needs to act more because he’s a good actor but 2D1N is not an outdated mediocre variety show, at the very least I’m so grateful he’s a cast member in the show and he shows lots of personalities that even his long time fans never see it until now, and I think all the experiences from 2D1N can help him in acting too

    • Wow to call 1n2d mediocre is just…….

      I like him better at 1n2D. I actually find the actors/actresses even more charming when they are doing variety than acting.

    • HGI is so beautiful and I heard that she’s very smart to. Unfortunately she is not a good actor. She ruined The moon embracing the sun for me, probably the worst acting by a Korean actor/actress I’ve seen to date.

      • Very true lol. She seems like a nice lady so I have nothing against her, but she seems to be reciting her lines in Moon embracing the sun lol literally robotic acting.
        I usually don’t even notice bad acting in kdramas most of the time maybe because of the language barrier, so when I do notice it, it’s because the acting is THAT bad lol

  5. Excited for this. I really like Jung Hoon on 2D1N and looking forward to his interaction with his wife. Han Ga-in recently joined the cast of Circle House on SBS, a talk show that Lee Seung-gi is part of. I saw a quote where she said she wanted to completely devote herself to being a mother until her kids turn three and her youngest is just shy of three in international years. Looks like she’s ready to return to the entertainment industry little by little.

  6. It’s nice to see Han Ga In again after a long long time. She is still as pretty as before. It’s has always been her, Song Hye Kyo, and Kim Hee Sun that is so beautiful.

  7. She is decent looking. Not really as stunning/charismatic as SHK, KTH, JJH. Her height is great for an actress. Her look is quite limited for an actress role. Maybe her face looks too sweet. Anyway her career didn’t fly as far – I guess she married too young.

  8. Interesting how most international fans don’t seem to see Han Ga In as a goddess beauty, same with Kim Tae Hee. I think it’s because part of their goddess appeal to koreans is that their features are rare in koreans, plus they’re natural beauties too. Meanwhile their features aren’t that rare in western countries, which I’m guessing most international fans who don’t get their appeal come from. On the other hand, Song Hye Kyo’s beauty seems to appeal to both koreans and international fans, which I think is because her beauty fits the current global beauty standards too (high cheekbones, full pouty lips, almond-shaped somewhat narrow eyes, stronger bone structure relative to other korean actresses, etc.). Didn’t mean to compare, it’s just something I’ve noticed because I’m very interested in looks theory and all that lol

    • Yes, I agree with you. I am from Singapore. Though Song Hye Kyo pale in acting ability, her looks is really captivating. She is really beautiful.

      As for Kim Tae Hee, though she is beautiful but somehow I still don’t find her as pretty as Song Hye Kyo.

    • Pretty much, yeah. don’t want to mention my nationality here but being a westerner, HGI’s beauty to me is more like a cute + pretty type, whereas I prefer more mature, sophisticated beauty, chiseled features and all that, so SHK suits my preference more. Nana is another one who I would say fits korean and international beauty standards at the same time. they’re all beautiful though lol

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