Thirty Nine Gets Upstaged as Ending 12-episode Run on the Same Day as Female Lead Son Ye Jin’s Real Life Wedding

It’s was a super busy week in K-ent last week and one of the events was the conclusion of a high profile drama. jTBC Wed-Thurs leading ladies friendship drama Thirty Nine wrapped on Thursday with its highest rating to date at 8.122%, fantastic ratings having aired on a cable channel. But if there is something called un-buzz it would be aptly used to describe the decreasing chatter about this drama as it aired. Sure the ratings went up from the first episode but stayed in the 5%-7% range throughout but I legit rarely heard any online discussion on this drama as it went on. It was hard carried by the acting and star power of the three leads Son Ye Jin, Jeon Mi Do, and Kim Ji Hyun and with a shorter length didn’t drag on. But the final episode airing on the same day as Son Ye Jin’s mega wedding to Hyun Bin made the finale feel upstaged and overall this drama doesn’t seem like it will leave much of a mark on the resumes of the cast or the memories of the viewers.


Thirty Nine Gets Upstaged as Ending 12-episode Run on the Same Day as Female Lead Son Ye Jin’s Real Life Wedding — 33 Comments

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  2. Eh most dramas end up being utterly forgettable. This one had successful enough ratings and certainly didn’t hurt anyone’s careers. It was fine. I have no desire to watch more of the writer’s dramas. They’ve all been forgettable or disappointing. She should probably stick to movies.

  3. Yep I agree, the finale was upstaged by the wedding. I was one of those that forgot about it because I was so focused on the wedding, lol. But hey, for something that was overshadowed by a real-life event, the ratings were definitely good for a late weeknight drama on JTBC. The story was not my cup of tea, but I’m glad a lot of people still liked it. The acting was superb, no question about that!

    • The drama was not always consistent but the finale episode was well done and had me sobbing. This series was a success ratings wise and for the actors involved it showed their talent and chemistry with each other. But the writer leaves a lot to be desired.

  4. Recien la empiezo a ver, Netflix Israel emite 2 capitulos nuevos por semana.Todos me encantan…pero me rompio el corazon que muera una de las chicas. Volvi a ver al protagonista de Chocolate, un drama buenísimo…

  5. Son Ye Jin Is better in movies than in dramas . Or should i say that she is better at selecting movies than dramas . I’ve been watching Kdramas since 15 years now and i only remember a few ones . And i have watched a plethora of them .

  6. I dropped 39 after watching SYJ’s overacting acting. I don’t know why people said she is good. Imo, she is one of those over hyped unnatural actors that is.. never like her acting at all. I dropped CLOY for the same reason too.

    • I haven’t finished watching all of 39 yet but overhyped in CLOY? She was phenomenal as Yoon Seri. Charm for days. Many actors are overhyped but I would never describe her that way.

      • Simplesmente é perfeita sua atuação, e seu papel lindo em pousando no amor a torna inesquecível?❤️

    • I think the acting-award giving bodies in Korea would disagree with you, given the number of accolades she’s won. I wasn’t a fan of 39, but I thought she was amazing in CLOY.

    • This comment is a joke of the day LOL

      You can criticize SYJ on other staff but saying she can’t act/act unnatural is simply untrue ?

    • I never liked her acting either. She was good/tolerable in movies cos well, movies are just 1-2 hours plus long. Dramas are a different thing altogether with the cast having to sell the characters over a period of 16-20 hours. She tends to overact/is unnatural in her dramas. I don’t find her pretty either so she never hooks me in. I alw thought Cloy would have been so much more appealing with younger, fresher and more vibrant leads than her and hb. But of course her rabid fans acquired after cloy will disagree with you, like the ones below, who are more weirdly obsessed with her and her real-life rlshp than anything else.

      • SYJ and HB are the reason CLOY was as successful as it was all around the world. Veteran actors showing their skills. Why would younger actors have done a better job? These characters had to be in their 30s to be believable, not 20 somethings.

      • Sorry. But you just don’t sound like a neutral kdrama viewer either. What you wrote is more like a hater from a certain camp.

        It’s a universal knowledge that it’s harder to grab and impress the audience in a movie than in a drama. Movie where you only have limited screentime, you need to be able to grab the attention and delivers. Drama on the other hand, has plenty of time for audience to get warm up with your character. That’s why every actors are dreaming to enter hollywood and win an oscar not emmy.

        Saying her acting is unnatural/overreacting are just laughable as well especially when you also bring up about looks. All in all, it shows that you have little knowledge about movie industry and critical acting skills and more like the ‘rabid hater’ 🙂

  7. I have to wonder whose acting they like if they didn’t like Son Ye Jin’s. Lol.

    Her getting acting awards for almost every project invalidates your opinion on her acting.

  8. Beautifully done love sonyejin always
    Simply the best and no matter what other people say am just so happy for her wedding day with hyunbin
    That is all the matter.

  9. 39 was forgettable Ye jin was brilliant in Cloy . Some of the scenes in 39 with her lead were similar to Cloy- her fainting scene, sweet potato peeling , the tent sleeping scene where her hair was moved . Was wondering why? That chemistry in Cloy cannot be replicated so why mirror it. Can’t even feel any chemistry with her kead .

  10. I dropped this after ep3. The story just felt stale and just not very fresh. Felt bad for SYJ and Mido, they would have been great together in ala-Hospital Playlist slice of life drama.

  11. At the very least JTBC got the ratings boost it needed after a tough 2021 thanks to 39 and FLAW. The drama was forgettable and hard-carried by Son Yejin and Jeon Mido’s starpower and talents. It won’t be remembered as anything special except for the all-female leads did their best with the mediocre script.

  12. I found it very similar – bestie trio – one dying … to the SHG recent drama.
    Just different setting.
    One was fashion, one was plastic surgery-orphanage setting

    With both – the issues around Death/Denial – Acceptance/ Impact and Prep for the living … were fairly well done.
    Romance was Secondary.

    Son Ye-jin over-acts to some extent in most of her dramas (Ke-in with Lee Min-ho in that fake gay-architect one where he lived in her home) …
    In CLOY she wasn’t much diff from 39 (the cutesy, the girlish smiles etc) … But also shines in many other ways (for eg in her movie with BYJ as the stunned widow etc)

  13. 39 and Now We’re Breaking Up had kinda a similar plot – with the 3 besties, one dying.

    That, was more interesting meaningful in BOTH, than the romance.
    Denial, acceptance, preparation for moving on … worrying for the living left behind.

    Son Ye-jin yes can come across as over acting. Right from the Ke-in role in Personal Taste = > 39 was very similar to her role in CLOY.
    The cutesy, the girlishness, the petulance … yes sometimes a tad OTT overdone.

    And I say this as someone who enjoys watching her suff.

    BUT despite these … Soh Ye-jin like other actresses with other quirks … also has decent acting chops. The movie with Bae Yong-jin comes to mind, among others.

    • I feel the same about Son Ye Jin thought I watch her works. I find her over acting most of the times especially in Personal Taste. I wouldn’t say she is a bad actress but she’s not the best. This drama is quite bland and I feel so cringe watching Son Ye Jin in comedy. I find comedy is her weakest field.

      • Then you are the actress whom you think are the best then? Mind to share with us? Spare us those veterans. Just name those in her age group and below 🙂

  14. Wonder why viewers don’t mention this gem of an actor Yeon woo -jin .
    The chemistry between him and mi- Jo was so warm and understated.
    He is a rare talent and 39 is an oyster pearl in the K drama fermament ??

  15. These people coming after Son Ye Jin’s acting better have their bias match Yejin’s acting awards trophy for trophy else we would just consider you jealous fans of mediocre actresses who can’t and would never hold a candle to Son Ye Jin’s acting talent. Hahaha.

    As for those not finding Son Ye Jin pretty, well all the beauty and fashion CFs that Son Ye Jin has that rely on her visuals to sell products just proves you all wrong.

    • Come on. We know who these clowns are Isn’t that too obvious? LOL

      Saying syj overact and mediocore is just simply a joke for general readers to read

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