Romance Time Skip K-Film Similar Completes Cast of Yeo Jin Gu, Choi Yi Hyun, Kim Hye Yoon, Na In Woo, and Bae In Hyuk

Okay, now I’m getting annoyed and I really was fine with Kim Hye Yoon being like a supporting actress role in Snowdrop to newbie Jisoo but now it’s getting ridiculous. On what planet is she is the second lead to Choi Yi Hyun, who granted broke out with All of Us are Dead and prior to that was part of successful ensembles in Hospital Playlist. But by all accounts she’s still not the best actress around, growing for sure and getting lead roles such as in School 2021 is all fine and dandy. But I’m lamenting the state of K-ent casting when genuine talent gets second billing to…….buzz. The casting is finalized for the upcoming film Similar (also called Agreement) and is reportedly a remake of the 2000 film Ditto which starred Kim Ha Neul and Yoo Ji Tae. It’s a time slip scenario but gender switched for this remake, where the female lead in the present connects with the male lead in the past through a ham radio. In addition to Kim Hye Yoon and Choi Yi Hyun, the male leads are Yeo Jin Gu, Na In Woo, and adding Bae In Hyuk, so lots of trendy stars but the stacking of the names rankles me for sure. It doesn’t matter who is the OTP in the story, ultimately I hope Kim Hye Yoon accepted because her role was great regardless of screen time.


Romance Time Skip K-Film Similar Completes Cast of Yeo Jin Gu, Choi Yi Hyun, Kim Hye Yoon, Na In Woo, and Bae In Hyuk — 13 Comments

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  2. Agree with Koala.
    Kim Hye Yoon playing second fiddle to Jisoo is annoying enough and now Choi Yi Hyun?!
    These days K-ent has got some weird casting..

  3. It’s not surprising. I was more surprised KHY was cast ahead of CIY who is crazy popular and on the rise. KHY never trends even post EY all the fame went to the boys who are major rising stars today. Some people just don’t have the It factor.

    • That was the weird thing here…. the offer announcement arrangement and then once confirm, the order was not aligned with the initial expectation based on the offer announcement.

  4. Ok ok, that’s all well and good. But please post about the Baeksang nominations already. I have a feeling that the comment section will be animated. And I need the laugh.

  5. I was also annoyed at the casting. And KHY deserves all the buzz because she has really worked hard for where she is currently. I know she’d have a long career ahead. So I’d be patient

  6. I’m honestly very surprised Kim Hye Yoon chose dramas like Secret Investigator and Snowdrop after SKY Castle and Extraordinary You. Is she not getting better offers, or does she genuinely enjoy those scripts?

    • “Secret Royal Inspector & Joy” was good and was a modest hit, so she made a wise choice to star in it.

      I’m not sure, but I remember Kim Hyeyoon saying something along the lines that she doesn’t get much casting offers even after her breakthrough with “SKY Castle”.

      Still, we might see her in a new project soon. She is being considered for a leading role in “Us at 29”, but I’m not sure if she’s the central character because the story documents a trio of girlfriends who are navigating their 29th year.

    • Snowdrop’team was the same as Sky Castle. It’s not nice they didn’t give her a better role because she was very good in Sky Castle.

      For Secret Investigator, it’s hard to know which drama will be successful. The one with L and Nara was very successful.

  7. I’m kinda frustrated by the actors acting in Netflix productions that got a lot of fans thanks to the violence of their show, when they’re not so good.

    Choi Yi-Hun was very bad in HP 1 and 2 and in the School 2021 that was one of the worst serie. The second leads were so better than the leads but the main actor won Mnet show and has a lot of load fans…

  8. Total agreement koala! KHY made Extraordinary You, she was the total standout, and the fact people laid more laurels and opportunities at the boys’ feet is because people go way easier on tall handsome boys. And being in a successful project matters more than actual performance apparently. I was hoping this would be the romance for YJG that really worked (unless one counts Beyond Evil…) – now I still hope they’ll work beautifully as first loves and thus the main romance will fall flat, creating buzz around KHY – she’s the one I want to see in more stuff! Would love to see her as FL to a ML who can act as well as she can.

  9. She hard carried her film The Girl on Bulldozer…..she has to be patient, what else can she do. She has two projects on her platter, one drama, one film. She seems unfussed about getting 2nd lead roles. Anyway as long this isn’t Snowdrop level disaster….all will be fine.

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