K-ent Discusses How Currently Popular Stars are Doing Back-to-Back Dramas Including Ahn Hyo Seob, Lee Se Young, Song Kang, and Kim Se Jung

I knew it wasn’t just me that so many articles I write in the last year or so keep including the same stars frequently. A recent K-ent post (article click here) discusses what is going on right now – there are so many K-dramas in production due to the new popularity on Netflix, more streaming sites getting into producing their own, and the shorter dramas allows for the production to be shorter on each so more can be made. Recently Ahn Hyo Seob and Kim Se Jung finished A Business Proposal and both are already lined up with new projects, he’s in the K-drama remake of TW-drama Someday or One Day and she’s in the K-drama remake of J-dorama Today’s Webtoon. Song Kang has been see in 5 straight dramas in a row and is reportedly fielding multiple new drama offers and is expected to accept one soon. Lee Se Young recently did the hit sageuk Red Cuff and will be starting filming the rom-com with Lee Seung Gi. This is also leading to supporting actors and actresses more quickly getting leading roles after just one breakout, including Hwang In Yeob, Kim Young Dae, Ahn Eun Jin, Shin Hyun Bin, Lee Se Hee, and more. With all this growth in K-drama land, it also increases the paychecks for the leads and is expected to continue with the seeking of lead roles.


K-ent Discusses How Currently Popular Stars are Doing Back-to-Back Dramas Including Ahn Hyo Seob, Lee Se Young, Song Kang, and Kim Se Jung — 97 Comments

  1. Unpopular opinion: I could use a little less “pretty boys” like Song Kang and Ahn Hyo Seob. I rather watch good actors like Kwak Dong Yeon. I don’t understand why height is such a disadvantage compared to bad acting. I’m sure Song Kang and Ahn Hyo Seob are great hard working people, but other people deserve opportunities too.

      • Not at all. Song Kang doesn’t get so many offers because his dramas have good ratings. It’s because they go viral with international fans. Nevertheless had 2% ratings but had a massive fan following. Navillera has 3% ratings but is critically acclaimed. Weather People is his highest rated drama till now at 6% but he is already so popular by then it no longer matters. If we want to look at it the Love Alarm syndrome is what set off his career and because of that one drama he’s gone from one popular project to another and also why Netflix has basically turned into his PR agency. It’s the power of streaming that made him the most in demand 20s actor in South Korea.

    • @Soph – that’s not an unpopular opinion, more like popular opinion. #justice4KDY. At this point Idk what it’s going to take for KDY to get lead roles. How many more times does he need to prove himself? He should’ve gotten cast as ML in the SOOD remake.

      • wow kdy would have acted the hell out of that role. now, i’m sad he’s not the one playing it.

      • @peanut gallery, I say unpopular because obviously he still hasn’t landed his first lead role. I feel like he breathes life into every character he plays!

    • I love song kang, and can watch him all day, but don’t worry he is off to mandatory military very soon, so you won’t see him on our screens for a couple of years

    • They both are in the near end of passable and most often just not good.

      I just feel like they should take a break an acting lesson before starting a new project. Just act good.

    • Yeah we def need to see less of Song Kang & more Kwak Dong Yeon as lead on screen cuz he’s just way way better at acting than the current trending Korean actors in their 20s right now. It’s a shame on these casting producers that only cast ppl just for looks rather than overall talent.

      • It’s not like Kwak Dongyeon is lacking in looks…he has the entire package, so I don’t get why he isn’t booking lead offers. Maybe he needs a better agency…

      • @peanut gallery I agree, KDY is gorgeous and has such a unique, memorable visuals. Maybe they prefer taller actors? IDK

      • I have moved on yo Chinese Dramas because Netflix is killing Kdramas. The talent is lacking, they have di many pauses in between words making the show feel long and tiring. Finally, the shows seem to have the same story lines..

      • He did get the lead in a family drama, Never Twice

        I wonder if KDY does get some leading-man offers, but they’re crappy offers and he’s not being offered meaty primetime lead roles. The supporting roles he does seem carefully-selected to both be fun for him to play and showcase his skills.

        I suspect his height might be a deterrent since he is already so obviously talented, versatile, and good-looking. Also, maybe he just gets overlooked because he’s been in the industry for so long (he’s been acting since he was 15..) unlike the up and coming actors around his age who get all the buzz by being a fresh, new face.

    • SongKang may not be a good actor. But he definitely brings in the buzz and international audience which is the only thing that Netflix cares for. Business is business. If I am the producer, I will do the same honestly- best actors or actresses won’t get my attention, I will get actors who brings in the numbers and the money. That is why we see acting geniuses doing supporting/villain roles while mediocre actors get the lead roles and the fame. I am sure if they are honest, actors are not aiming to get the most trophies but the most money. Acting trophies are not going to pay the bills.

  2. That’s a good thing actually! We get to see more of the actors & actresses we love. Shorter dramas with tighter writing. Really who wants to sit through obvious filler scenes or complain about plot lines dragged out? And it gives actors and actresses the opportunity to fine tune their acting skills, provided they manage their schedule well and not burn themselves out.

    • There used to be nothing wrong with the usual 16 episodes format but nowadays it is the writer’s or team of writers problem that the story is not rich enough to fill an entire 16 episodes.

      So I did find shorter Netflix style episodes refreshing and easier to watch.

    • YES. Shorter better written dramas should be the norm. Twelve episode dramas are good for some genres but 16 episodes make for fully fleshed out characters and scripts that tie up loose ends.

  3. I agree with newer artists making more shorter dramas. I tried watching Our Blues and My Lib Notes on Netflix but just dropped them stone cold. The pacing is just slow for me. The characters couldn’t grab my attention at all. No stomach for grim reaper Tomorrow. I hope more k-romcoms will be made for ifans. More of KSJ please and Junho.

    • Omg… you totally mirror my sentiment. I think ABP killed my interest in romance dramas. The slow pacing of the recent ones really bore me. Our blues was a snooze and I fell asleep twice while binge watching Soundtrack #1. Arrrggghhh it was only 4 eps too but the dragout was boring. Not sure why, but found the chemistry btw PHS and HSH lacking as well. I am gonna try Red Sleeve next since the reviews are good and awards are pouring in. Hope it lifts me out of the lull since ABP ended. All that said last year was a heated post about Remarried Empress. If it gets headlined for adaptation again I hope they can field Kim Sejeong/Park Bo Gum/ for it with Seo Kang Joon as the bad king and Ha Yeon Soo as the slave girl. This casting will be the all-kill for me. Korean drama finally has their new gen romcom queen (after gongvely) and I cant wait to see KSJ put out her lively acting skills and killer chemistry with these boys.

      • @Jenna, we may be twinnie in our sentiments! I had zero feeling looking at PSH and HSH in Soundtrack#1 press con photos. No spark at all. Like a dead fish. I only watch it for the sake of PSH. But he looked strangely detached from HSH. Normally he has excellent chemistry with his leading ladies HHJ, PBY and NJH. I’m now watching Happiness. All in for KSJ, PBG, SKJ combo. I need to see Lee Junho badly in another drama. I want idol/singer actor who can genuinely act as opposed to pretty boys.

      • hsh is overrated. not suited for romance dramas. strength lies in action and badass roles. chemistry is flat in 100 dmp, nevertheless and soundtrack. directors should have screen test before they cast leads together.

      • Red red sleeve is great drama! I’ve been in a drama slump for 3 months after watching it. The acting, pacing, directing, music, and cinematography were top tier. Wish there were more dramas with te same quality. Hope they win at the Baeksangs this year!

    • The idol crossovers recently aren’t bad at all and if they are anything like KSJ, Junho, PHS and Im Siwan… its far better than the likes of Song Kang. His marbled in mouth diction really irks me. Its so apparent in FLAW. I used to dislike AHS with a passion but totally into his good looks now due to ABP but still no thanks on his new drama. I think KSJ’s acting around him in circles is the biggest reason for this one off miracle. Don’t bother watching Soundtrack 1. Its forced romantic acting on both sides. Theres a few touching moments but the aftertaste feels unmemorable and unmagical. You are right on PHS detached chemistry. First time I really feel hes acting the part rather than owning the part. Doesnt help his hairstyle is flat as a mop in it and the make up makes him look tired and like a smoker (very brown lips). He is not handsome in the show at all. Han So Hee is still so very pretty but her male leads chemistry remains questionable. Shes paired with the formidable PSJ next so she should do fine.

      • I also tuned into Soundtrack solely for PHS and for In Guk cameo. Lol. He looks really handsome as Jay Jun. Why did the make-up team make PSH look terrible? Agree with unflattering hair. Sigh. Now I’m not sure I want In Guk to be cast opposite Han So Hee. I rather watch her performance with Park Seo Joon first.

      • I feel so cheated that both PHS and SIG didn’t sing in Soundtrack. I mean real singing in the drama. Both have great vocals. What a waste of talent. Boring like hell. At least I can hear JCW sing in the Sound of Magic preview.

      • I think the idol crossover is taking from great trained actors. It’s unfortunate that we may never experience real talent because of this trend.

      • Why would Idol crossover be a problem? There are many Idols who are Acting or Performing Arts or theater major. And, many full actors don’t have these qualifications & training.

        Nam Goongmin – Mechanical Engg; I think it’s the reason why he’s been supporting role for so long. The lack of training from the start slowed him down to get a lead role. In fact, Good Manager was his break-out drama. He’s one of the best actors now but took him years.

        Hyun Bin – Business major; I love Hyun Bin and will watched anything he’s in. He’s a good actor but I think he’s more like Mr. Popularity than Best Actor guy.

        Again, what is educational without natural talent? These two should go hand-in-hand after all acting is skill that need continuous training & development.

        Prejudice against Idol is such a shallow mentality. I actually think they have good foundation considering their many years of training. Singing, dancing, stage performances, MV requires acting too. What makes one performer better than another, is good acting skill.

        The only thing I don’t about idol being cast is; when they are cast because popularity even if they are not suitable for the role.

    • I feel the same with Tomorrow despite having KHS as lead there. While with MLN I did not mind the pace but rather I felt detached and didn’t care about any of the leads.

      But with Our Blues since it is penned by NHK I already thought it was going to be like The Most Beautiful Goodbye which I didn’t like. But instead I ended up watching both episodes and hoping it won’t end badly with both characters.

      I do think Korean rom-coms should really stick to shorter episodes 12 would be perfect.

      • I’m glad I continued Green Mother’s Club the story started to pick up at episode three.

    • Oh no, please.

      BP was fun but it’s all. It was very empty and they screw up the end when it was very easy to do something good…

      12 episodes can be short for developping character.

      And please, don’t speak for international viewers, it’s not because you can’t watch dramas that ask thinking from the viewers, it’s the case for everybody.

      • Bp was fun but i was getting bored . But i rarely finish watching rom com lately . Until now my favorite drama this year is “Through the darkness”. Tomorrow is interesting and Military Prosecutor Doberman is a kind of funny because the villains are really something but the bullying subject is a reality .

  4. songkang should take a break tbh. his continuous projects only highlight his shortcomings. but he is probably trying to do a lot before his enlistment

    • Hes shooting Sweet Home 2 but yes -we will likely get 1 more new drama before his enlistment. Him and cha eun woo remains at the bottom of the rising male leads pile for me. Atroucious diction and foot acting. Pretty can only carry at max a few episodes.

  5. Quantity rather than quality.. don’t know which is better..
    On one hand, seeing your fave faster is nice, keeps them relevant.. but the quality of kdramas have dropped drastically.. esp with Netflix. Storyline is just not interesting at all.. sigh.. missing a good drama like Red Sleeve…

    • How has quality of kdramas dropped because of Netflix? Are you talking about Netflix original productions? Those have actually increased the quality of kdramas, imo. More diverse content and formats, and top-notch production quality. They took half the Baeksang nominations this year.

      The explosion in drama quantity is being driven by the wider OTT platform movement.

      • I think the comments below kinda answered your question.. hahaha. Yes, trendy is all there is, but as fast as they rise, as fast as they fall.. the Netflix dramas are just not worthy of being remembered.. it’s just good for temporary distraction, to follow the crowd, until the next hit.. which is like next week after the current one ends? Who actually goes back and rewatch Netflix dramas again? Once is more than enough.. besides, there are more things to watch, than to rewatch.. with such quick turnover, there is no need for the production companies to even focus on getting the best script, or best cinematography, best emotional acting.. kinda like the tons of romance fiction books vs literature.

      • @Bb09 – You’re throwing out a lot of claims that don’t hold up to scrutiny. Netflix tracks rewatches and completion rates for all their shows, and I bet you $ people are rewatching Squid Games at the very least. Cinematography is the last thing to complain about since it’s the one reliable thing for Netflix.

        Your complaints about bad quality script, cinematography, emotional acting can be applied to kdramas even before the OTT age. So many janky looking kdramas with leads that can’t act well, and scripts that fall off midway through airing. I don’t see how regular kdrama channels like TVN/JBTC/SBS are doing any better on the quality front. They all churn out their share of duds that no one rewatches (or watches even).

      • Why I feel people think Netflix is the only OTT platform?

        For sure, Netflix doesn’t dominate Asia. Hotstar dominates India, Viu SEA, Amazon in Japan, etc.

        I’ve cancelled my Netflix subscription because I have other options.

    • Kinda agree to some of your sentiments. Netflix does feel like its keeps young stars very relevant in this very fast paced age with their back-to-back casting. Some I am quite hapoy with, some not so much.
      Though I do thank Netflix for Move to Heaven. That was such an awesome gem…!!!

      For upcoming dramas, I am Crossing my fingers for Bloody Heart. I am not expecting the level of The Red Sleeve cause that too much expectation that is bound to get back to me bad. But I am hoping to would be good. They have solid cast with movie like cinematography (in trailers so far). It just needs a very solid writing and directing…. please dramagods make it good.

    • Netflix has done for Kdrama what Iqiyi and Tencent have done for Cdrama. They taken an online platform that’s faster and easier to access with mediocre to sometimes fun scripts and completely raw actors for the most part and turned them into celebrities. It’s basically The Youtube/Instagram influencer model. Anyone can be a celebrity these days. Add to that tons of media play, fashion show “outings” and a bunch of endorsements and voila you have a STAR on the rise. This is how Gen Z is going to be and tons of actors will keep breaking out and being replaced overnight. I think the generation with the most longevity in K-ent is the 80s gen. The early 90s rose and fell so quickly it was shocking. Some of the early 90s have taken forever to breakout like LSY and PEB but I don’t see their current popularity lasting too long. The late 90s onwards it’s been one new breakout star every day and they just keep coming.

      • Actors are as good as their last project. Actors who have lasted are those who knows how to promote themselves, knows about branding and has the charisma to back it up. Song Hyekyo for instance. No matter what negative things thrown at her, she’ll thrive.

        But those who don’t know how to promote themselves and rely on their agency will never survived in this rigorous and highly competitive ent. industry.

      • Add Hyun Bin, Shin Minah, Gongyoo.. these actors very well know what promotion and branding is all about.

      • This is so true. The amount of new faces we’ve seen in the past year or so amounts to 10 years worth of breakouts. Every time a new Netflix drama drops somebody breaks out. These days even web dramas like Semantic Error or Drink Now Work Later have gripped the nation sometimes more than actual dramas that air on tv. Ratings have been relatively better these days but popularity tends to be dominated by new rising stars. Even KTR has become known to majority of the international audience thanks to 2521 but not at the same level as KSJ through ABP. Instagram followers till a few years back we’re still ignored but now like the West is an actual marker of popularity and everyone is paying attention to it. Netflix makes a huge deal out of Insta followers and even agencies push that image. SYJ and HB were always popular and respected in South Korea, Japan and SEA countries but if CLOY wasn’t available on Netflix they would never have become the global celebrities being hounded by fans at the airport on their honeymoon. I completely agree we are in a new era where the younger audience wants a fresh face every 5 mins. Older actors have a hold and staying power only because they’ve been around since forever but the new Gen Z still doesn’t care about the older actors they want fresh faces and fresh concepts. Popularity matters more than ratings and performance these days. What’s trendy and buzzy has more worth than what’s good. Not that stuff that’s trendy isn’t good always but the focus is more on trend before anything else. This is the new normal and as the attention span of people gets smaller and smaller dramas will be hopefully more tightly written and limited to 6-8 episodes or at most 10. The seasonal format isn’t bad either as long as it pushes the story forward without ruining it. Dramas have more power than movies these days and that is why we see more and more people breaking out as the audience size also increases however fan loyalty has gone down. Most people are multi stans since it’s less stressful and it’s more fun to casually support multiple people. The fanaticism has died down massively from the last Hallyu wave.

      • @Moire This. Everything you said is spot on. We live in a fast-paced world now. There are new rising stars, new Faves every other month. LOL.
        The Organic Hallyu stars like GY, HB, LMH, SHK, PSH, JJY, etc will remain OGs. They are the last of their kind.

  6. Song Kang is filming another show? Does the guy sleep? I thought he’s enlisting in the military already. Been hearing about his pending enlistment for the last 2 years. Aishhh.

  7. You strike the iron whilst it’s hot. Park seo joon and park minyoung did the same after wwwsk then there’s Kim ji won lol who waited 2 years after fight for my way and now she’s nowhere near as big as psj and Pmy.

    • she could be happy with her breaks I remember her rejecting a drama with park bo gum back then. She might not be as popular as those two names you mentioned but meh atleast right now she’s doing fine, she’s in a drama written by the my mister writer.

      The one I don’t understand is Kim seul gi, she’s now signed up for a second lead role in Lee Se Young’s drama. Make that make sense, she’s a freaking talented lady who steals every scene she’s in ugh. What are casting directors not seeing?!

      • Probably because Kim seul gi is not conventionally pretty or at least doesn’t fit korean beauty standards, and we all know how important that is to k-ent, that’s why we get all these pretty boys who can’t act in every freaking drama lol
        Yeah she’s very talented, but I doubt that’s the first thing in these casting directors’ minds, sadly

      • On that topic, I have known ‘Ahn Hyo Seop’ since ‘Queen of the ring’ with
        Kim Seul Gi.
        Now how high AHS has reached and KSG , sigh !

        I am having dilemma whether to happy or not ,about her casting news.

        On one hand, I am happy that LSG & LSY drama has one more talented cast.

        On other hand, KSG still as a second FL at most.

      • Yeah if the Park Bogum drama she rejected was Record of Youth or Encounter….it’s no great loss to Kim Jiwon’s career lol. She’s firmly established as a leading lady and recognised in Korea as being a good actress, plus has the natural good looks to fit their beauty standards. Her drama for Naver tv actually did well, but it looks like she’s being picky with scripts and gets offers for prestige projects. People here are real keen to write off any non-idol actress who breaks out but reality just doesn’t back it up.

      • @royalwe

        True, she was offered love in the moonlight, her and kim go eun both declined then instead of the offer going to other leading ladies of similar age they offered it to Kim yoo jung who was literally a kid at the time…
        Yh kjw does a solid job in her project here and there but I bet if she accepted more jobs and got more exposure she’d get unwarranted hate like I’m seeing with hoyeon.

      • Ugh you’re they’re so shallow in drama’s, you see more diversity in movies.

        I find her so pretty, plus she a class act who makes the most of every role. I’m just excited for her comeback at this point even if she’s not main lead, at least she’s supporting lee se young and not an untalented idol. I can already picture the two having good chemistry.

  8. Forgot about han so hee, who literally hasn’t rested since her break out role, thing is if she took a break another IT girl probably would’ve stolen her thunder.

  9. Reminds me of the anime landscape, where they’re mass churning out shorter but more series with sloppier productions (writing, directing).

    • Is there any possibility that ahn hyo seop and han so hee can be paired together in the future? Cause Im currently browsing AHS filmography because of BP and I love seeing them together in Abyss. I think they have more chemistry than PBY. (Sorry) Anyways, I cant wait to see his new projects and I hope he can also appear in Dr Romantic because that was really just his best role. (Sorry Kang TaeMoo)

  10. I actually has warm up with Ahn Hyeo Seop since watching ABP. Who will decline starring project in someday one day remake, and with Kim Jin Won as PD?

    More over the production is no longer live shooting in short time . It seems due to covid, the production take longer production, which is more healthy environment.

    I think there is so many star now in South Korea, they just milk the opportunity when the iron is still HOT. Since It seems it’s harder to establish HIGH career in current generation since so many star come and go.

  11. I’m still not ready for the korean remake of someday one day. My issue mostly with it is that the Netflix treatment will mostly likely rob the original ones recognition. Also ahn hyo seob has nothing on greg hsu, who was next level brilliant. Btw how has Greg hsu done nothing since someday one day if he was korean he’d have a few roles post SOOD.

  12. Looks like opinion are based on International people perspectives. Sadly, domestic market probably have different outlook.

    Song Kang may have international following, but locally he hasn’t built the influence yet. That is why, he has not been the first lead in a drama for local release. It was HSH, the one leading Navillera & PMY leading in FLAW. It’s an indication that he is not that popular in Korea. Beside that, he has not improved in his craft which is the saddest part of it.

  13. I realize top actors like GongYoo, Hyunbin, Song Joongki, Kim Soo Huyn, Lee Min Ho etc. takes a long break after one project ends before starting another while the young and rising actors and actresses keep doing back-to-back dramas without any break. Is that because the surge of ott platforms that offers them more opportunities? And why isn’t the top actors being more active given the change?

    And How is Song Kang leading dramas after dramas while talents like kwang dong yeon is still doing supporting roles???

    • Well, sadly, it looks like Kim Soohyun and Lee Minho popularity have plummeted in Korea. Their international fans probably think they are still as popular as they used but I don’t think that is the case.

    • @Abc – the article @Koala linked talks about top actors but she didn’t include it in her summary.

      Basically, the kdrama market has heated up and price of top actors has increased in parallel, so production companies prefer casting rising stars and have more leeway to do so.

  14. Among child actors
    Yeo jin goo is getting more projects
    What about Kim yoo Jung and kim so hyun?
    Seems new breakout stars have taken over these Kim’s popularity

    • This “the two kims are over” narrative is always repeated in this blog, and I just don’t understand it. Just because actors and actresses are resting between projects doesn’t mean they’re suddenly irrelevant or whatever. They don’t have to be in a drama every month to be popular and relevant, those two are already household names in korea. Red sky was forgettable, so KYJ is probably taking more time to review scripts to make a better decision this time. As for KSH, the girl is a Baeksang nominee, her last drama earned lots of awards, and she had some side projects last year, understandable if she wants some break lol

      • @Swa your comment is not the “gotcha” that you think its is, with that stupid emoji lol. Her former agency Sidus HQ pushed her into a bunch of endorsements, and when she got out of the agency, she stopped taking so much endorsements, which is obviously her choice, and a smart one at that, because she’s not obligated to act a certain way. I see international fans like you who always bang on about endorsements all the time, as if that’s the most important thing about being an actor lmao. Yoo Ah In, Kang Dong Won, Kim Nam Gil, and the likes are all award-winning, A-listers and don’t take endorsements and CFs, and as a result, they’re more known for their acting than stupid CFs, and the same is happening with KSH, so try again.
        Also, when I say side projects, I meant her MV with Junho, her MC gigs, and photoshoots lmao stop obsessing over endorsements lol
        Why are you even always mentioning the two Kims anyway, do you have some sort of vendetta against them ?

    • YJG has a habit of working non stop. He’s done over 15 projects in 7 years. Yet he doesn’t have half the popularity or influence of people like LDH, SK or CEW. He also tends to get over shadowed by his co actors or bad writing or both. His biggest problem is he can’t build any chemistry with his female leads. His romance acting is the worst. The girls are also only popular because they have almost 2 decades of experience and KSH has the advantage of most of her dramas being very popular internationally while having good domestic response also but she’s gone into hibernation now for whatever reason. The thing is out of the 3 only YJG and KSH are very good actors while KYJ is good but mostly she’s known more for her looks and her child image is the strongest out of any child actor ever. The current competition however is even better looking and people like JWY who is an idol but bound to debut into acting soon then there is PJH from AOUD who is stunning and GYJ, GMS etc who are trendy and cool with an unbeatable aura. These former child actors are currently coasting on their past glory but in 3 years time the competition will be at its peak and by then they’ll be reduced to the SSK, YSH and GA level of relevance.

      • why would YJG has relevance as YSH? YJG is way more talent. he is just can switch to critically acclaim movie if he doesn’t has enough popularity with drama. many people watch his movie. his only problem is his choice of drama project.

      • @Nuben sorry to pop your bubble but SSK is still very much relevant. She even gets continuously booked for CFs even during her long break.

        She might be taking a break now as she is getting picky in choosing projects after leaving her long time agency for 2 decades.

      • Yes KSH is definitely the better actress. The fact that KYJ didn’t get nominated in Baeksang despite her overacting and over-the-top crying scenes in red sky says it lol

      • @LOL just because Yoo Jung is not nominated in Baeksang, your fave is the better actress. There are a lot of competitors that time, and your fave just got lucky. You can not drag down yoo jung’s talent just because of a nomination.

  15. The thing about the supporting actors getting lead roles after one breakout hit is that their leading role dramas haven’t gotten good ratings. Ahn Eun Jin in My One And Only has bombed. Shin Hyun Been in Reflection of You has bombed. It’s because they’re not draws by themselves yet. At least they’re given second chances by being paired with bigger stars in their next dramas–Ahn Eun Jin with Yoo Ah In and Shin Hyun Been with Song Joong Ki.

  16. If we’re getting more Junho, Lee Se Young, Kim Tae Ri, and Hwang In Yeob, I’m certainly not complaining lol ?‍♀️

    • Why would anyone want the same pairing? I don’t think it’s good professionally for both parties.

      I really want Junho to be paired up with Shin Sekyung. Junho has this ability to bring out the best of his partner. Is it because he’s a producer himself? So he knows how to work around people his working with. I believe there’s more to extract from Shin Sekyung and working with Junho would be a good idea.

      • I didn’t say I want the same pairing. I said I’m not complaining if we see more of the actors and actresses I’ve mentioned above lol

  17. Not to mention that Jun Ho has managed to bag himself a Best Actor PD Award this year. Ohh, he is also in the running for the Best Actor category. Ahn Hyo Seob and Song Kang have nothing to boot as their dramas are being carried by the female leads

  18. A new era , i don’t think that all this new “stars” will overcome time . I may be wrong but long careers are over . New actors are like fast fashion items . Youngers get tired of everything very quickly . So all theses actors need to do as many dramas or projects as possible . It’s about the same in another countries . Before i used to know all the names of the actors i watched in various shows, dramas ,..from various countries , now i can only remember a few ones. Once Jim Carey said that he may have been one of the most popular ” actors in the 90’s but nowadays any viewer can be a celeb thanks to social media . So one day he will be the last viewer . He wrote an interesting book .

  19. Of all the OG stars from the 2000s, only Son YeJin has made a successful comeback. She was expected to save JTBC and she did. She provided all the numbers from ratings, netflix, gooddata and racoi stats. While they were some complaints about the script of 39, it wasn’t slammed like the kdramas of her contemporaries were.

    She came off 39 smelling like roses and that kept her on the radar of the new kdrama fans.

    She will probably take another long break but her next project will be anticipated and looked forward to.

    • Let’s be honest here, I am not a fan of hers or of SHK so I am a neutral observer. The truth is her popularity soared with CLOY before CLOY she was never considered a hallyu star. SITR and her past dramas was just So-So in rating while HB had a few Hallyu hits under his belt and is the Hallyu star between the two. SYJ is known more for her movies and is only famous in SK. Hallyu was never associated with her name before.
      39 had good ratings but not high enough to be considered a hit. Even the Netflix standing Is also decent. 39 didn’t have the buzz nor the critical acclaim. It was forgettable.

      • The buzz of 39 were mostly because of her marriage to Hb. Sad but it’s the truth.

      • Ditto. Before CLOY, SYJ was seldom mentioned in terms of k-drama hits or hallyu wave. Summer Scent was never talked about in the same level as Autumn In My Heart. She’s known more as the chungmuro queen. After CLOY, her fans seem to think she’s some sort of k-drama goddess which she never has been. 39 was riding on the coat-tails of her wedding to HB and CLOY success.

      • Ratings wise, 39 did decently, but it was hardly a hit. Even with news of the wedding, SYJ barely made it in the top 10 buzz list during the airing of the drama. Netflix rankings were also low overall.

      • I second you Asus , she was known in South Korean as a movie star not a drama queen . Hallyu stars were SHK,Song Joong Ki ,Gong Yoo, Lee Min Ho, Park Shin Hye, Choi Ye Jin, Yoon Eun Hye , Lee Jong Suk, …because they were in Hallyu dramas

  20. Why do y’all care so much about their looks or acting in they first place..I see no problem in any of them. They are all trying hard you know, we can’t act or do any better than them. Everyone has their own problems. I’ve watched their drama and observed them , they didn’t seem that bad. If you can’t support them atleast don’t criticize or say anything at all. No one has it easy.

    • Yes, majority of us probably can’t act better than them, but it’s also why it’s not our chosen career. If you’re a chef at a restaurant, people expect you to cook at a certain standard. If you cook mediocre or bad food, what do you think most people will do? Leave you a bad review. Same thing. No one is attacking them personally. Actors like Ahn Hyoseob, Song Kang, and Cha Eunwoo have such a long way to go when it comes to acting. Instead of honing their craft with acting classes, some of them just keep taking lead roles and giving the same mediocre performance with no real improvement. Don’t get me wrong, they’re all handsome, nice and hard working. But my gripe is there are other perfectly nice, hard working actors deserving their chance as first lead that are also actually good at their job (acting).

  21. I don’t know why it’s considered a drag that Son Ye Jin got worldwide attention because of CLOY. With just one drama, Son Ye Jin left all the other OG Hallyu Queens eating her dust. And even now with their most recent dramas as basis, she is the most successful of them all. Son Ye Jin got the ratings, netflix, gooddata and racoi numbers and many praised her acting. Plus all her CFs. All the other OG Hallyu queens except maybe for JJH are no match for her current success.

    • Maybe because you are blinded by your adoration instead of basing everything on facts. You are making it sound that everything she touched turn to gold when it is not the case.

  22. I am currently watching some show about couples. Too lazy to check the title as I type this. They barely have lines. The silence in between sentences is something. So I ended up heres.. That said, I think touch of something leads to boredom. I think mystery is good. lol

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