First Poster for K-film Broker with Song Kang Ho, Kang Dong Won, IU, and Bae Doo Na

The dichotomy from the front seat to the backseat is too funny here. The first poster is out for the South Korean flick Broker, releasing this June 2022 with a star studded cast of Song Kang Ho, Kang Dong Won, Bae Doo Na, and IU. It’s a story around baby boxes with South Korea has to allow drop off of unwanted babies without endangering their lies. It’s from the Japanese director Hirokazu Kore-eda who most recently won the Palm d’Or at the Cannes Film Fest in 2018 in the Best Director prize for Shoplifters. I don’t know his entire filmography but I think this is his first Korean directorial effort so kudos for the collaboration of such a talented director with four exceptionally well regarded acting talent.


First Poster for K-film Broker with Song Kang Ho, Kang Dong Won, IU, and Bae Doo Na — 9 Comments

  1. Broker has made to the competition section at Cannes 2022 along with Park Chan Wook’s Decision to Leave (starring Tang Wei and Park Hae Il). Congrats to the team and I can’t wait to watch it!

    • Oooh, thanks for this info! Didn’t know Park Chan-wook was coming out with a new film, and with Tang Wei no less!

      Adding both of these films to my to-watch list. I loved Kore-eda’s previous “Like Father, Like Son”.

  2. The Cannes competition this year is very strong
    tbh i think Broker will won nothing, if they award a korean movie probably will be Decision To Leave
    Koreeda already has his Palm meanwhile Chan Wook have a narrative of being boycotted with his masterpiece OldBoy
    but i hope both of them will be acclaimed there

    also this is huge for IU
    cant believe this is the same girl who was dragged everywhere because of MoonLovers
    now she is working in a Palm contender movie

    • I mean, IU was never a bad actress, Moon Lovers direction choices (those excessive closeups where you could see every individual fibre of her mascara and the guys’ wig lines, Kim Kyu Tae really went overboard) were a mess but she handled the difficult emotional scenes really well.

      Still, starring in a Palme d’Or contender with a cast that’s Chungmuro royalty is quite an amazing achievement!

  3. IU’s career is incredible. The biggest soloist in Korea for the past decade, one of the most in-demand actresses in their 20s, and now rising even higher in her acting career with a Cannes debut. Love that for her.

    • shhh that mention of facts like IU being the most in-demand 20s actress is probably going to summon that rabid stan who insists her fave is “the most in-demand actress in the 20s” despite IU’s dramas consistently doing better and her acting being better reviewed. And she does this all while having an active music career with songs that she writes, it’s pretty amazing.

  4. This is going to be a tear-jerker. I love Koreeda’s films and I’m happy that he is back. Synopsis seems interesting and the cast fit their roles. I’m looking forward to Bae Doona and IU after watching them in Persona Love Set.

    • the trailer is out and it got me in tears already 😭😭😭

      I don’t even know if I will manage to watch the whole movie without running out of tissues

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