First Look at Na In Woo and Seohyun in Upcoming KBS Wed-Thurs Rom-com Drama The Jinx’s Lover

I was totally not expecting this drama to arrive so soon but it’s a happy surprise that KBS will premiere The Jinx’s Lover next month in June in the Wed-Thurs time slot following Love All Play (The Speed Going to You 493km). Starring Na In Woo and Seohyun, the drama is adapted from a webtoon and tells the story of a fishmonger male lead with incredibly outrageous bad luck and a woman with special ability to see a person’s future if she touches that person. Their paths cross and hijinks ensue, and hopefully a jinx is lifted thereafter and much love and comedy had by all. The drama is from the PD of River Where the Moon Rises, Bride of the Century, and Tamra the Island so I’m expecting lots of gorgeous visuals to tantalize the senses and a deft hand with building the romance chemistry and storytelling pace.


First Look at Na In Woo and Seohyun in Upcoming KBS Wed-Thurs Rom-com Drama The Jinx’s Lover — 7 Comments

  1. Well, the Wed-Thurs time slot pretty much guarantees this will get ratings in the 1-2% range, but I like both leads and hope it is half as cute as Love All Play, which deserves more love. This is going to end up on Disney+ too, isn’t it?

  2. Seems worth checking it out for Na In Woo and some of the supporting cast whom I liked. The female lead wasn’t my choice for that role but who knows this might be fun based on the poster.

    Something fun would be appreciated right now more than anything else.

  3. I hope this one offers cuteness as well, Love All Play is the best show around and it’s no Racket Boys but the leads are pretty cute together and it’s keeping around, I hope this one does the same.

  4. So much pink and blue! I love the poster. Very much like SKL. Hope it does well. Summer will be here soon so it’s very much needed.

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