Woo Do Hwan and Bona Make a Fresh Pairing with Casting Offer for Sageuk Drama Joseon Lawyer

The list of sageuks that put the word Joseon next to an occupation or action is long indeed and unfortunately the last one was the dumpster fire that got cancelled in two episodes with Joseon Exorcist, but there’s Joseon Gunman and Joseon Survival and you get the drift. Now comes Joseon Lawyer, a webtoon that will be adapted into a K-drama which has offers out to Woo Do Hwan and Bona as the leads. Love this, what a new and promising pairing onscreen with Woo Do Hwan still easing back from military service discharge and Bona breaking out thanks to Twenty Five, Twenty One. The drama is about Joseon’s best lawyer who actually used victims to file lawsuits that he can win but gradually he changes to care about getting justice and helping those who are unable to navigate the legal system, with his love interest being initially his client but also has her own revenge secrets and finds herself torn. I hope Woo Do Hwan gets to tap into his wide range and go from sleazy to comedic to heroic all in one character.

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Woo Do Hwan and Bona Make a Fresh Pairing with Casting Offer for Sageuk Drama Joseon Lawyer — 5 Comments

  1. There is Joseon Therapist too!

    I like Woo Do-Hwan, it was the best thing in the mess of The King Eternal Monarch.

    Bona did Girl’s Generation 1979 that was a great mini drama with a very good OST.

    I think it will be her first sageuk, so we will see if she can adapt to this genre.

    • Girl’s generation 1979 was very good , and the parents relation was a realistic one . As a lover of 60’s and 70’s songs the OST was for me a treat . I recommend another mini drama , different but also good , Dance Sports Girls ( Jang Dong Yoon ) .

      • I loved Dance Sport Girls too! I still listen the song Take My Hand. This one was a little more bittersweent for me.

  2. L’s Royal secret agent and Taecyeon’s secret royal inspector did well rating-wise so I’m sure this will do fine as well.

    Woo Doo Hwan already did one sageuk Country with Jang Hyuk before so he’s not new to sageuk.

    That is a huge leap for Bona from second lead to lead. I wonder who the second leads are.

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