Decision to Leave Gets Highest Jury Marks with Broker Coming in Near the Bottom of Movies in Contention at 2022 Cannes Film Festival

So this is just the jury votes and doesn’t mean the movies are bad if its gets on the low side of the marks, it just isn’t as good as the higher voted ones. Of the two K-movies in contention at the 2022 Cannes Film Festival they occupy the top and bottom of the vote spread. Korean direct Park Chan Wook‘s police procedural maybe romance Decision to Leave with Park Hae Il and Tang Wei ends the screening period with the highest of all movie votes with 3.2 average, and even more impressive it was the only movie to break 3 in average. Japanese director Hirokazu Kore-eda and his first Korean cast movie Broker with Song Kang Ho, Kang Dong Won, and IU got a 1.9 average near the low as the lowest average vote was 1.8. While Decision to Leave got rapturous reviews from the critics, Broker is coming off with very good reviews as well more of a feel good movie with a strong message but not as artistically and directorially exceptional. K-ent is coming away feeling very happy with this year’s K-offering contention at the festival.


Decision to Leave Gets Highest Jury Marks with Broker Coming in Near the Bottom of Movies in Contention at 2022 Cannes Film Festival — 17 Comments

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  2. Song Kangho won best actor for Broker and Park Chanwook took Best director. Both movies did well and both are getting good reviews so I’m very happy with the results. Also, as an IU fan I’m extremely happy with the raves about her performance in the movie so this was definitely a success.

  3. These are the golden years for Korean film. I’ve loved movies since I was a youngster when my dad walked in on me watching old Hollywood black and whites. He could name every actor, even the minor ones. I hope to be able to watch every one of these wonderful subtitled films.

  4. i think korean media should stop doing media play already. last time i checked they reported that decision to leave gained 5 minutes standing ovation while broker gained 2 minutes standing ovation. they also brought iu’s name by mentioning that she’s the best contender to win best actresss award. this made fans so disappointed 🙄

    • There’s always media play involved with everything but Decision to leave did have a 5 minute and all the reports I’ve seen said Broker had a 12 minute ovation. Also Korean Media was just reporting based on tweets from critics. about IU

    • Lol. its not the korean media’s fault.
      Critics always hype up each performances. sometimes they do it for clout if they know the actor has massive fan based on twitter.

      as for standing ovation, its common courtesy for the festival, so i wouldnt make a big deal about it.

    • Partly to blame is the echo chamber k-ent enthusiasts have closed themselves within. For casual followers of the event, the movie in question is fairly average as far as Cannes is concerned.

      • One of the movies that won an award had some of the worst reviews – The Stars at Noon, so I wouldn’t base the films worth on what the Jury scores were.

    • Everyone knows kmedia will always media play but it was also the fans themselves who won’t stop hyping those things in twitter and IG based mostly on tweets from critics and those who were at the screenings.

    • She had one of the worst odds for best actress in other coverages. Media bias is media bias but people have to read from other sources as well.

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  6. As i’m a french , i know that critic’s vote for Best actor were more into a teen rookie actor ( 15 years) but as the president of the jury was Vincent Lindon, i know why SKH won . He is an amazing actor who did a lot of “social movies” and Vincent Lindon ( award winner of the same prize for “La loi du marché” a few years ago) is very sensible about this genre . He did a lot of them himself and he isn’t an elitist , he loves movies which can move and awaken people and the actors who can convey feelings . I agree with him .

    • a Franck Capra’s movie may seems plain on the paper but it shows you much more than a “pseudo creative movie ” .

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