Yang Mi Lives the Dreamy Noona Romance with Xu Kai in Modern Romance C-drama She and Her Perfect Husband

Haha, this is like every K-drama noona romance paired with Kimi wa Petto but she acquires a fake husband instead of a pretend pet. Upcoming Tencent modern C-drama romance She and Her Perfect Husband (爱的二八定律 Love’s Two Eight Principle) caught my eyes because ahhhhh Xu Kai holy perfect flower boy loverboy in the making. The drama has Yang Mi as the successful lawyer who acquires (pays for) a fake husband to land a job at a top law firm which requires its staff to married, and thus lands herself the perfect loverboy waiting for her at home and worth falling in love for real. Whatever fountain of youth Yang Mi has found is working because while she is 9-years older than Xu Kai and in the drama playing older than him as well, visually they look great together and from the stills alone the chemistry is exploding from the page. Of course I expect minimal in terms of good plot but this drama screams hot GIFs, smexy memes, and watching Youtube scene cuts lol.

Trailer for She and Her Perfect Husband:


Yang Mi Lives the Dreamy Noona Romance with Xu Kai in Modern Romance C-drama She and Her Perfect Husband — 23 Comments

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  2. Does this drama finally have an air date because I’ve been waiting forever! Also loving the new barrage of Cdrama posts! So much good stuff happening and glad there’s a fun place to talk about it! Speaking of Cdrama noona romances, Fund Yourself is absolutely excellent and Why Women Love is worth a watch too!

    • Agree! Find Yourself and Why Women Love, both of them delivered noona and dongsaeng loveable good to praise 🙂 Worth to watch, absolutely!

  3. That’s really Yang Mi’s real voice? No wonder lots of people said they prefer her dubbed voice. 不太好听诶~

  4. finally! Xu Kai in another modern drama with Yang Mi nevertheless. It feels forever since the first teaser and i’ve been faithfully patient.

  5. I only watch modern Cdrama and rarely. So I’m happy to see Xu Kai in a modern one but I’m not a fan of Yang Mi.

  6. Yang Mi is so powerful in the industry, she can pick and choose who she wants to pair with…she has a list of portfolio…

    She is a very clever artiste…

    • If Yang Mi is part of this I will definitely watch it!! She is the most talented actress in this planet!!! I follow her on everything she does!!! Continue waiting for this release, but we don’t have yet any time when will be released!!! Please this is taking so long!!!!

  7. I suppose producers are betting on riding off the success of “Find Yourself” Cdrama – older women younger men concept , of which has started to get a little… hmmm… may I say mundane in dramaland? Good catch for Xu Kai fans, but this drama feels as exciting as “Now, we are breaking up”. Song Wei Long already calls dib on my younger-man eye-candy spot so a pass on this one bc I’m moving on and making room for Mr Gu.

  8. I’m eagerly waiting for this drama too. The recent crop of modern Cdramas are really good. Delicious Romance, Falling Into Your Smile, You Are My Glory, Reset, The Oath of Love etc

  9. I have always dismiss Xu Kai as an idol because he always styled so in posters including those above. But I recently watched Royal Feast and was pleasantly surprised, I am now watching Court Lady where he showed a totally different side. I now look forward to his dramas, will definitely check this out.

    • If you have access to “The Legends” and “Arsenal Military” watch them.

      XK caught my eye after I watched these couple years back. 2 totally different characters and he nailed both.

  10. Yang Mi is the reason I will watch this!! She is so genuine and talented that keeps me follow her forever!! Her list of dramas I watch repeatedly and I can’t wait for this one coming!! Please send us news about the release date!!!

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