Seo Ye Ji Sued by Brand Company for Advertising Damages After Contract Termination in 2021 Post Gaslighting Kim Jung Hyun Scandal

So one out of seven isn’t bad but still, right on the cusp of her new drama premiere is definitely bad timing. This week K-ent is reporting that K-actress Seo Ye Ji has been sued by a company which hired her as a brand CF but terminated the contract last year in 2021 after she was revealed to have gaslighted and manipulated her then boyfriend Kim Jung Hyun when they dated during the filming period of his drama Time. After the scandal broke, she lost all her endorsements and in the year since her agency Gold Medalist has been in discussions for an amicable resolution to the contract terminations. It has settled with six out of seven companies but this final one the two sides have not been able to reach a mutually acceptable outcome. So the company has sued Seo Ye Ji in court and asks the court to determine the damages. That sounds totally normal for contract disputes that can’t be settled to go to court and not a sign that things are getting worse for Seo Ye Ji, other than this being in the news right before the premiere of her tvN drama Eve next week.


Seo Ye Ji Sued by Brand Company for Advertising Damages After Contract Termination in 2021 Post Gaslighting Kim Jung Hyun Scandal — 33 Comments

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  2. Oh Koala so obvious for you to drop this article and why can’t you give GM statement as well so that it balance’s your biased as view. But alas your blog and you absolutely despise SYJ so it makes sense. Now lets get them clicks and hate posts…

    GM said:
    “There was a difference of opinion between the advertiser as to the reason for the contract termination and the amount of compensation. We tried to settle the matter amicably with the advertiser, but the litigation is in progress due to the huge difference of opinion.” The agency then added, “With six other advertisers, we ended the contracts amicably after discussing.”

    • Huh? How was this article being bias? Nothing in what Koala wrote is expressing: Ha! In your face SYJ! Koala was stating how all this is happening and it’s unfortunate this news fell before SYJ’s drama premiere, all true. All I got out of this was…yup, higher up powers is out to get this girl, not Koala. Then again, everyone interpret things differently, therefore you should not be so quick to judge.

      • This one is her one crazy fan that keeps watch on the blog to police everything on seo yeji. Shudder. Like star like fan

      • IKR? The post even paraphrases the GM statement she pasted in her comment so what is her problem? Lol.

        Nothing mean about Koala’s post. But since she wants something to get angry about, then here’s one:

        That first picture? Yikes! No wonder she got PS. 🤣

      • @Neen and @Jenna – LOL and nothing’s in my face and just on cue and as usual we have the top tier anti’s; so predictable and it’s been said all before. Same old, same old just a different day. How else is Koala gonna get her hate clicks? Even All K Poop can’t seem to trend a SYJ article; times have changed so get over it. Oh no Eve starts this week 1st June in SK and I guess this blog is gonna be full of hate watch posts. Must be so tiring being a 24/7 hater.

      • Oh the emoji poser – I posted the GM statement so that it gives context to what Koala post says and because you can’t comprehend I’ll spell it out for you. So IMO the advertiser wanted more compensation which means SYJ must have made lots for the ‘Company A’ brand and they did not want to settle; so it’s been ongoing since last year. They waited until a week until the premiere, leaked it to the media so that they could gain leverage. TvN knew about this and still continued with casting SYJ so if you have an issue please complain to TvN; I’m sure they’ll take your concerns seriously.

    • You’re posting EVERYTHING that has already been mentioned in this article minus the “”. Stop being pathetic – it’s embarrassing. There’s nothing that’s hateful on this post and even if say, there was… just suck it up.

      You know why? Because it’s a blog expressing opinions. You can say what you think in the comments, but blaming someone for not worshiping who you do, that’s pathetic. Grow up.

      • @Butterfly -I added what GM had said which Koala had omitted. Funny how you are a representative of the “it’s not the hateful brigade?” Guess what? Koala writes these articles with the same intention of bringing in the anti/hate commentators. That’s why she posts them; the same old paragraphs for the last year of the constant reminders of the SYJ gaslighting/KJH/loss of contracts etc… Go back and look at every single article on SYJ since April 12th 2021 that Koala has written and tell me that it’s just a opinion? She regurgitates the scandal like it’s a scoop. Nope; her blog like everyone says and yes opinions are given, that’s fine too but when you continuously write the same piece in a hundred different ways with a different heading and context then it just shows the obsession and spitefulness. Yes I get it, Koala hates/loathes SYJ. Pathetic? Grow up? Blaming someone for not worshipping who I do? No sorry, I’m giving my opinion just like everyone else and that is not embarrassing at all.

      • @Sunshine, LOL SYJ is a big girl, she don’t need you in every article Koala wrote (most of them not bad, literally providing news about SYJ and the bad news that’s following her) to fight with people and protect her. Fighting fans are more unfortunate then what’s happening to her now. Doubt that’s what she needs or want others to think of her fans. Just sayin.

    • LMAO I knew the number one SYJ simp will show up to justify her bulls*hit 😂 Dang, her deranged stans are something else! And for what, for a mediocre actress who’s only popular with stan twitter and “yaas queen” types 😂

      Whatever girl, accept the fact your scandal queen is done for and just take the L 😎

      • @Bulterone -Look it’s anti #5? Stay in your lane because I ain’t justifying any BS so don’t know where you got that idea from. Sorry but did you forget that SYJ highly anticipated drama is on TvN this week and the production team of ‘Eve’ said, “Seo Yea-ji is an actress with a strong image and energy to immerse herself in the character.” Oh yeah I guess she is sooooo done for?

      • “Oh yeah I guess she’s sooooo done for?”

        Indeed she is. Glad you’ve ~maybe~ finally figured it out. 👏👏

      • @Fanny -OMG Please tell me that you know I’m being sarcastic when I wrote “Oh yeah I guess she is sooooo done for?” I can’t be bothered explaining.

      • @sunshine

        OMG please tell me you know I’m being sarcastic. I can’t be bothered explaining.

      • @Fanny Sorry are you bored now? You’re copying and pasting my post, awww that’s so cute.

      • LMAO I’ll take being “anti #5” than being a pathetic simp to a l*oser celebrity who’s only known for her scandal 😂
        Anti #5? Yes I am, and so what? I’m justified to hate a manipulative, gaslighting bish like your scandal queen and I wear that like a badge of honor 😎
        You really think you insulted me, huh? 😂

    • Koala sometimes (or alot of times actually) have strong and biased view that you see in their writing (that I usually not agree with, lol) but this is not it ….this is really simple matter and non biased writing. Man/boy/girl/miss you should really read their articles on dramas they didn’t like….that what you called biased. This one? Nah

  3. This comments section is a mess as usual when there’s anything about SYJ. Why is it that all the psychotic fans of all fallen celebs gather here to spew nonsense?

    Anyway good for SYJ and Eve. She can get further publicity for her drama that’s only in the news because of her scandal anyway.

    • @Fanny -Not fans and as usual the exaggeration so how can it be a mess? Just one fan-Me but a lot peeved off anti’s that’s for sure. They are allowed to go off and spew their “it’s my opinion” but it’s really just their hate however when I reply, I’m accused of being the crazy, deranged simp. Geez isn’t it tiring to be a hater? Like there are other actresses to hype and follow so if you spent the same energy there you could do wonders.

      • You’re cute! Accusing everyone of being a hater while starting off this thread hating on the blogger 🤣🤣

        The irony is unreal.

      • @Fanny -To remind you, perhaps re read my posts to get the gist of why I said Koala loves posting articles on SYJ then hopefully you’ll understand. You must be jobless like me to be on this particular thread

    • @Sunshine for days You’re acting like SYJ is sooo oppressed or whatever and that people are hating her for no reason. Did you read all those text messages with her gaslighting bull*sh*t? People are justified in hating her. I don’t condone being people being haters of a celebrity, but in her case, it’s totally justified. If you’re still supporting her after knowing everything she did, YOU are the one who needs help, not normal people who see right through her sh*t.
      You’re acting as if being a SYJ hater is a bad thing lmao, it’s not. You say people on this blog are SYJ antis and haters? I say good for them, that means they are sane people who don’t condone psychopathic behavior.
      Oppalogists are always called out on this blog, rightfully so, and unnie apologists like you should be called out too for supporting garbage people like SYJ
      If you’re gonna simp on a celebrity who doesn’t know you exist, at least choose someone talented and not a vile person like she is 🙄

      • You said everything so perfectly. Normally i am okay with celebs who apologise and try to correct their behaviour for example like Irene , but this seo yeaji is irredeemable. Who can forget the “common lover’s fight” that apparently destroyed an entire drama? And she didn’t even bother to post a sincere apology

    • Don’t like this girl but u are kind of a hipocrite being a simp for a man like depp who has a history of dating underaged girls, drugs abuse , domestic violence and what not. Society will progress when people accept that both heard and depp are toxic in their own ways.

  4. I only have five words for that sunshine days whatever: GET A BETTER ROLE MODEL. Like, seriously. Plenty of beautiful, talented actresses in k-ent who also played kick-ass strong female characters, and who are also not an abusive POS like SYJ. lol sorry I just don’t get your fascination with SYJ of all people. #MenToo #AbuseHasNoGender

  5. Seo yea ji really needs a psychological help. one hit drama doesnt make u superstar, she’s still one of those starlet in Korea. she we never be a Alister actor because of her fucking attitude. See her credentials before IONTBO few awards with no best actress considering she’s been in the industry for years. IONTBO hype her career with the help of KSH but after that she’s still considered as starlet with delusional fans. only her fan hyping her but in Korea she is CANCELLED. goodluck on her drama

  6. seo ye jin really needs a psychological help. Shes a starlet delusional fans. see her credentials before IONTBO few awards with no best actress considering she’s been in the industry for years already. IONTBO helped her to hype her career and ofcourse KSH. she will never be a A LISTER actore because of her bad attitude. starelt forever. only her fans hyping her but in Korea she is CANCELLED. goodluck on her drama

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