Seohyun Vows to Change Na In Woo’s Bad Luck in New Poster and Teaser for Jinxed at First

Fortune favors the bold and I absolutely think luck is one of those things that if you think you’re lucky then it feels like 51% of the time things go your way. But upcoming K-drama Jinxed at First (The Jinx’s Lover) has a male lead that is extraordinarily and always unlucky, crossing paths with the female lead that vows to change his luck. I think just by falling in love she makes him happier and he just takes on a more positive outlook haha. But for the drama it’s definitely a streak of bad luck and the drama is taking on a very strong comedic tone, lots of yelling, screaming, and animated facial expressions. I’m fine with that especially since I thought Na In Woo being a stoic lovelorn second male lead in Queen Cheorin was a wet noodle, he definitely works better for me being active rather than passive like he was later in River Where the Moon Rises.

Jinxed at First teaser:


Seohyun Vows to Change Na In Woo’s Bad Luck in New Poster and Teaser for Jinxed at First — 13 Comments

  1. haven’t seen him apart from his work in Mr Queen but I hope he can make this work.

    from the poster alone, Seohyun might be doing the hard carry for this drama but let’s see how it pan out in reality

    • LMAO I swear KSH haters are so obsessed, one mention of anything remotely related to her, and they’d take the opportunity to drag her. So predictable, yawnnnn 🥱 💤 Next.

  2. Seohyun was never my favorite visual of snsd & tbh I always thought her looks were overrated and didn’t get the appeal. But in the last few years, she’s grown to be one of the most beautiful actresses/idols currently active in Korea imo. Idk what exactly it is that changed about her but now I always pause to take in how pretty she is whenever I see her on my screen

    • I agree with you 100%! I was a massive GG fan and always found her a bit underwhelming and bland, but lately I really like her. I find her very charismatic and charming as an actress.

    • Literally same with me. Never found her pretty in the early days of SNSD. But she blossomed big time over the years and she’s one of the prettiest idol actresses to me now, even prettier to me than some SNSD members who I found to be the prettiest ones in their early days. She’s stunning in Moon Lovers! I usually hate orangey hair colors, but she pulls it off so well here and it makes her skin glow so much! 😍 I love her delicate look!

  3. Na Inwoo gives me Kim Seonho’s vibe. I meant it as an actor, nothing to do with his scandal or he replacing him in variety shows. It’s the way sweet way he stares and also the kind of characters he choose.

    • I can see that. The way they look at their leading ladies, like they’re genuinely in love. Both also have this non-threatening boy next door vibes. And yes, they both tend to play characters that gen z likes to call “male characters that are like written by women” lol

      To anyone who are planning to hijack this convo, I couldn’t care less about the scandal so please let people have a quiet discussion here about him without you butting in. Have to say it just in case lol

      • But unlike with KSH, I want NIW to still test these kind of roles he’s still young and maybe a potential way to gain more popularity. With KSH, it was time he started testing different kind of roles, so his latest movie role was the right choice.

  4. Been hankering for another romcom since BP ended. KBS dramas have been mediocre/poor in their Mon-Tue and Wed-Thu timeslots so far. I love Seohyun in Love and Leashes though. Hope this one is good.

  5. Keeping a keen eye on this one. NIW has that charming down to earth vibe. They really look good together.

    Another OTP that I’m really looking forward to is Park Bo Young and Yeon Woo Jin. He’s been offered ML opposite her in Netflix healing drama Morning Comes to Psychiatric Wards Too. Love Woojin since Marriage Not Dating with Han Groo. Hope he accepts. That pairing will be intriguing.

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