jTBC Weekend Drama My Liberation Notes Ends with Rapturous Audience Reception and 6.728% Ratings More than Doubling its Premiere

Ratings is definitely important and more often than not correlated with how popular a drama is. But the rare instances a drama can get lower ratings but higher online buzz and that’s the cast with My Liberation Notes. For a jTBC cable drama it started with 2.941% which is not super low but the network has seem many dramas premiere higher and this one came with high expectations from the screenwriter of My Ahjusshi. The ratings stayed in the high 2% to 3% range for the first 9 episodes and then broke through to 4% and beyond after that and ended in the final episode with a series high of 6.728%. Even more impression then these very good for jTBC ratings are the online buzz, chatter, and praise, it’s so loud and from so many corners of K-netz, C-netz, and the English-speaking drama viewers. In comparison, Again My Life doubled the ratings to 12% but I rarely heard online discussion on it. It feels like My Liberation Notes was so thoughtful a drama it made viewers wants to discuss it and share feelings about it which is the best kind of drama.


jTBC Weekend Drama My Liberation Notes Ends with Rapturous Audience Reception and 6.728% Ratings More than Doubling its Premiere — 15 Comments

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  2. I still think if it was on a different time slot and maybe on the tvn channel it would be more than 8%. Airing this so late was a big mistake.

    • All JTBC dramas nowadays are aired on a late time slot . Atleast it’s still a weekend slot , so there’s the little benefit. Wed-Thurs, Green Mother’s club also touched 6pc for its finale, it surprised me ngl.

  3. I am gonna miss watching this drama every weekend. Mr. Gu and Mi-jeong is my favorite couple of the year so far. What i love about it are the quiet moments that showcase their emotions. The cast is sooo good. So many relatable characters flawed but still loveable. People gushing about this show made others want to check it out to see what’s it all about saw how good it is and tuned in until the finale. I worship this❤

    • Totally. A huge void after looking forward to this every weekend for week.

      Easily one of the rare masterpieces we haven’t seen in a long while.

      It has never disappointed from Ep 1 – sailing to a very in-character finale in Ep 16 … while organically answering some of the ? but yet without making a huge unnatural fuss (as some Ep 16s can, and come across as fake, or leaving viewers ?!? with 10 unexplained loose strings).

      A drama that has writer-commenters coming out of dormancy.

      It isn’t a Drama that all can stomach though. Not all will want to continue after 2 episodes – of bleak and depressing, and slow.
      It also takes maturity and wisdom to appreciate the depth in this power journey.

      All the seamless details are so skillfully weaved into the weekly story telling, pieced into nuanced compelling motion by the director and actors acting their socks off.

      Definitely not a Rom-com full of glitzy packaging, a coveted shade of Chanel lipstick, eye candy or happily ever afters. And yet without all that … sooooo good.

      I liken it to a very satisfying home-cooked meal that is totally soul-fulfilling. Or a very good book that you cannot put down, are drawn to re-read parts of (for the details you missed) and then re-read again.

      Few of us have done re-watches of any drama for a long time, and yet so many are re-watching bits and pieces of this one.

  4. I just love this drama . It was so realistic . Sometimes i think i’m the only one to think , to feel, to react,… as the characters in this drama did . So for me it was a healing drama . Depression can have so much different faces ! Accepting the fact that you may suffering from it and living with it and overcoming it , step by step , that you aren’t alone it’s the most important thing . Thank you for giving us such great drama.

  5. Best drama so far. The struggles of the leads were not traumatic or too dramatic. They weren’t depressed but also not happy. I, at some points, related to the 3 siblings. Also, the relationship between the main couple was not toxic even when one of them is an alcoholic and a gangster. They didn’t try to be the savior of each other, but the liberator of their own by simply talking and making company.

  6. One of the best dramas this year, so far. Brilliant acting all round and such a realistic storyline. Usually watching dramas etc. is to escape from reality, but this drama just pushed all the right buttons! So often during the drama. I kept on thinking, wow, I also felt like this at some point. The character growth was a slow delight, each person realising his or her value, at their own pace and time.

  7. About the chatter from English-speaking fans – MLN is on Netflix and that much more accessible to ifans, Again My Life isn’t.

    Both dramas deserve their success though. I’m really happy to see the rise in ratings, 6+ ratings is a good number and I think more than some cable dramas which were hyped as this huge hit by ifans.

    • @royalwe

      But flower of evil wasn’t on Netflix and was very buzzy with a international following which is unusual for a thriller.
      I was gonna give it a try myself but was put off by that disgusting man (you prob know who I mean).

      Our blues is also on Netflix but surprisingly I’m not hearing much about it though ofcourse its doing very well domestically.

  8. MLN was a really profound watch. The ending was neither happy nor sad, just honest-to-life. You find this kind of storytelling more in films than kdramas. The writing was the show’s heart-and-soul.

    Every actor down to the secondary cast was great, but Lee Min Ki was the standout for me. His portrayal of Chang Hee was beautifully done.

    • Totally agree on Lee Min Ki. I’ve never been a fan of his but he really impressed me here with his performance. I like his scenes mucj more than MJ and Gu’s scenes.

  9. Loved,loved, love this drama!!! It kinda feels like you’re watching people from your neighborhood or childhood just simply leading their lives, or friends chatting about the mundane over coffee. This is the ‘healing’ drama that k-ent so often talk about but this really hits the spot. So happy I decided to check it out, every second was worth it.

  10. Love this drama and the 3 siblings are so relatable to me. And hell yeah now I realize that the guy from Melodramatic is the smexy Mr. Gu!

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