Kim Young Dae, Park Joo Hyun, and Kim Min Ju Cast in Fusion Sageuk Romance K-drama Joseon’s Ban on Marriage

I feel like this casting is ripe for winning the assemblage of leads with no track record of success in one drama but I do want the drama to be worth watching so I will just hope for the best. Casting is done for upcoming sageuk romance Joseon’s Ban on Marriage, adapted from the same name webtoon. Kim Young Dae will play the male lead with Park Joo Hyun as the female lead. The second female lead is idol-actress Kim Min Ju and reported idol-singer Kwon Hyun Bin has been offered the second male lead. This is going to be so interesting either in epic expected fail or epic surprisingly good. The story is about a Crown Prince of Joseon who bans marriage in the nation after his wife dies, and 7 years later a swindler woman arrives claiming she has possessed by the spirit of the Crown Princess. Of the four only Park Joo Hyun has shown she can act consistently but she just lacks onscreen charisma, she’s good in non-romance roles like in Mouse otherwise I just don’t vibe her. The drama is slated for a second half 2022 filming with an eye towards year end airing.


Kim Young Dae, Park Joo Hyun, and Kim Min Ju Cast in Fusion Sageuk Romance K-drama Joseon’s Ban on Marriage — 11 Comments

  1. I think Park Joo Hyun is great. I’ve liked her in everything she’s done. She convinced me she can do romance in Love All Play, at least before they made her character a full on martyr. My favorite roles of her are still Extracurricular and Zombie Detective though.

    I’m still not impressed with Kim Young Dae. I have enjoyed Shooting Stars but his acting isn’t that good. I’m a little scared to see him in a sageuk lol.

  2. I am sorry, it sound rude but are this PH/director alright? I mean after SS, they should choose better option. The FL also didnt reassuring me.

  3. I wanna say that maybe they’re hoping for it to be a surprise hit like Business Proposal but BP got great lineup at least (sans AHS, sorry not sorry)

  4. Just when will actor Lee Tae Ri become a lead? His Extraordinary You costars leading sageuks left and right, and he being the sageuk veteran among them. He had been one of the amazing child actors in Moon Embracing the Sun but for some reason he’s forgotten, and even before that drama he had a lot of sageuk as a child actor (including some oldie sageuks from the 2000s and even late 1990s, one of which was where he married Park Eun Bin child character). I’m so sorry but cant help but be annoyed. I’m impressed in his sageuk acting and speech in his small roles in Bloody Heart and King of Tears Lee Bang Won.
    Sorry, just had to complain, can’t help but be sad for him

    • Unfortunately for Lee Tae Ri, his post-METS supporting or 2nd ML roles were not hits. Hence, he just didnt hit a stable momentum. If he had a strong agency (for some rookie actors) or if he is an idol with a solid fanbase, he might be given multiple chances to prove his lead capability. And more worrisome for him will be his MS….

  5. Park Ju Hyun is supeeeer talented and supeeer underrated! Her current drama is a gem, but couldn’t hit proper ratings because of rookie actors. If anybody is sceptical about her range, they should check Extracurricular, Mouse, One piece of mind! U can see her acting range. She can be badass, psycho, first love, crybaby easily, which most current IT girl actresses can’t. She won Baeksang which isn’t joke at all. Before bashing her acting, compare her dramas with sone trendy actresses. Check whether they can have range like that or not. Maybe she’s not famous, but she can act better than some pretty with with thousand media play actresses

  6. Swimming against the tide, Kim Young Dae impressed me so much in Sh**ting Stars (after not impressing me in Extraordinary You) that I’ll check this out just for him. Please bring me sincere feelings and sincere crazy eyes again, KYD!

    • I‘m swimming with you!
      Kim Young Dae‘s acting was fire in SS! He rocked his role!
      And SS is definitely a success online!
      The plot of this upcoming Joseon drama sounds a bit weird. But I hope for the actors that the script and directing will make it a good show.

  7. Yeah for Kim Young Dae!!! Amazing actor! He’s amazing in Shooting Stars…
    I cannot wait for his new project!

  8. I like Kim Young-Dae and Park Joo-Hyun. She’s really good and she chose very different roles. A sageuk wil be new for her. But she already has the long black hair :p

    I’m not convinced by the second leads.

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