New Stills of Suzy in Poor and Rich Girl Personas for Coupang Play K-drama Anna

This feels like a Suzy cosplay drama, maybe a show to show her range and perhaps even challenge and push her outside her comfort zone. She’s headlining the upcoming Coupang Play streaming K-drama Anna where she’s a downtrodden poor girl who falls into a lie created life of a very rich woman. I would love to know how to transform oneself like this but it probably involves identity theft lol. The drama is from the screenwriter and director Lee Joo Young of A Single Rider in her first television effort so that’s an indication of a potentially quality production. Of course it will all hinge on Suzy’s acting because she’s going to have to sell both characters and the conflict therein.


New Stills of Suzy in Poor and Rich Girl Personas for Coupang Play K-drama Anna — 22 Comments

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  2. This looks good and plot sounds promising…sadly, no news about it being available to international audience.

  3. It will be challenging for her as from her works so far (mostly dramas), she is very limited in facial and emotional expressions. Look at her magazine covers, she is beautiful (at very least to Koreans) but pose and affection are the same. This is one of the cases in Korea that I found interesting, acting is limited but still lots of casting. But well, I guess casting is not just based on talents and we are not Koreans to understand why lol

  4. Have you seen the teaser Koala? It looks very promising. Heard this is adapted from a critically acclaimed novel, and the production team here is quite elite.

    • No matter how promising or elite, it’s useless if fans can’t access it. CP management & marketing are clueless. It will do better if on Netflix/Viki/Viu/Iqiyi.

  5. Crickets silence like pach#nko. Zero buzz zero talk coz coupang disney don’t care for ifans. Consigned to graveyard app.

  6. Don’t count on Koala to give weekly account. She’ll be Eve posting all the way. She abandoned her fav lmh’s most acclaimed role. No hyping all the episodes.

    • It’s adaptation of popular korean novel, Intimate Stranger (2017)… Previously, the director said that it inspired by Anna Delvey’s story + Mr Ripley (lead having Ripley Syndrome).

  7. the premise sounds interesting but I’m not really sold on suzy being able to bring nuance to those character(s). I hope I’m wrong tho

  8. Seeing the teaser, she looks really beautiful but I can’t tell if her acting will be convincing enough to make the role work. Still, it’s nice to see her seek to challenge herself and grow as an actress.

  9. from the teaser it looks promising but still it didn’t show a longer extract of suzy’s acting just a bunch of scenes that looks expensive. Like someone pointed out, suzy is very beautiful in photos and can actually evoke emotions in photos, but until now I have not felt the same in motions pictures. Of course I’m willing to change my mind with this work of hers.

  10. Any drama starring Bae Suzy is normally worth watching .
    She is so attractive!!
    Park Shin Hye is also another favourite actress of mine.
    Looking forward to PSH new show she is starring in ..
    Compliments from Australia..

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