Kim Young Dae in Talks for ENA Fantasy Time-travel Period Drama Midday Moon

So those of you watching the romance sageuk The Forbidden Marriage will have to tell me how male lead Kim Young Dae is doing. I watched the first episode, didn’t like or dislike it, but didn’t feel the urge to continue. He wasn’t bad in the first episode but it’s just set up and everyone was more or less serviceable. But he’s still dogged by the general impression that he can’t act so to hear he’s getting another drama already makes me fervently hope he’s improved in this current drama. He’s in talks for streaming network ENA drama Midday Moon (The Moon that Rises in the Day) which is a fantasy time-traveling sageuk about a man whose time has stopped and a woman whose time keeps slipping away and their romance between the three kingdoms (Shilla, Baekjae, Gorguyeo) period and the present day. The drama will be adapted from the same name manwha.

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MBC 2022 Year End Drama Awards Hands Lee Jong Seok the Daesang and Big Mouth Takes Home the Top Awards

The first year end awards show took place the night of the 30th over at MBC which didn’t have a lot of dramas to work with in 2022 to fete but still managed to pull off the night. Winning Daesang … Continue reading

MBC Sageuk The Forbidden Marriage with Kim Young Dae and Park Joo Hyun Continue to Release Woefully Underwhelming Posters and Promos

Normally I say expect the worse so one can hopefully get anything better than that and be happily surprised. But the promos for upcoming MBC sageuk drama The Forbidden Marriage have been just that bad that I’m happy none of … Continue reading

Park Joo Hyun and Kim Young Dae Deal with The Forbidden Marriage in First Stills for Upcoming MBC Sat-Sun Sageuk Drama

I have very low expectations for this upcoming sageuk drama lol but that’s a great thing because it has nowhere to go but up. MBC is readying for the November release of The Forbidden Marriage, taking over the Sat-Sun time … Continue reading

Lee Jung Jae and Kim Go Eun Win Best Acting at the 1st Blue Dragon Series Awards with D.P. Taking Best Drama

A new K-awards show debuted this week, with the Blue Dragon Awards branching out from their movie exclusive perch to launch the 1st annual Blue Dragon Series Awards feting the best of television. This year the big winners were primarily … Continue reading

Kim Dong Wook and Moon Ga Young Make Cameo as Their Characters in Find Me in Your Memory for tvN Drama Shooting Star as Favor to PD

This may end up being the highlight of this drama, lol, what with the complete disappointment so far in not getting either ratings or buzz. tvN Fri-Sat entertainment industry drama Shooting Star (or Sh**ting Stars) started with ratings of 1.632% … Continue reading

Lee Sung Kyung and Kim Young Dae Playfully Preview Their Chemistry for Upcoming Drama Shooting Star in New Pictorial

Seeing Lee Sung Kyung and Kim Young Dae collaborating in a new fashion pictorial, it’s clear both have model backgrounds because it’s a visual lesson in how to pose and preen, Models have one second to deliver an impression whereas … Continue reading

Lee Sung Kyung and Kim Young Dae are Opposites Bicker and Fall in Love in First Teaser for tvN Entertainment Industry Drama Shooting Star

Wow, this drama actually looks good! Or maybe just the teaser looks good, but it looks enough that I’m suddenly sitting up and fully taking note of upcoming tvN Sat-Sun drama Shooting Star. It’s set in the entertainment industry but … Continue reading