Sat-Sun Anthology Drama Our Blues Ends with 14.597% as 7th on the List of Highest Rated tvN Drama of All Time

For those who spent three months with the folks on Jeju Island, it’s time to say goodbye as this weekend Our Blues signed off. The drama ended on its own highest rating ever with 14.597% which places it 7th on the list of highest rated K-dramas on cable network tvN, it’s just below Vincenzo and above 100 Days My Prince. Praise went to famed screenwriter Noh Hee Kyung‘s insightful and humanistic writing as well as performances from the sprawling A-list cast of veterans and younger leads not to mention the supporting cast also nailed it. tvN did a really excellent job promoting Our Blues on its SNS and releasing tons of new pictures and stills throughout its airing. Each of the vignettes had its own purpose and delivered different but still meaningful narratives. Congrats to tvN for its first big hit of 2022!


Sat-Sun Anthology Drama Our Blues Ends with 14.597% as 7th on the List of Highest Rated tvN Drama of All Time — 17 Comments

  1. I didn’t specially like it. I found the writer tried to tell too many different stories with too many serious themes. I couldn’t care about the characters.

  2. I loved it, I started it with a bit of pause since I’m not really a fan of any of the actors and it seemed like a strange format on paper but it worked really well. I felt very touched by the stories and in some cases they were painfully relatable as well. After the misfire that was Live for me, this one took Writer Noh back to form. I will watch the last 2 epis soon 😀

  3. Started strong, ended strong, albeit a bit too idealistic ending but we need some happy endings some times. My only issue is jeju isn’t as small as manjae Island as is portrayed. All stories are humanistic is ordinary people with everyday problem, magnified 10 fold as per all k dramas. No chaebols and violin playing in background or slow mo walk or whatever. I was impressed with the realistic dialogue and reaction, kdrama style. The performances were very good all around, and I was super impressed with the actress with down syndrome. In fact my respect to the production team for hiring actual down syndrome actress in one of the most heart wrenching stories. I never quite like Kim woo bin but I like how he interacted with the actress and he seemed genuinely affectionate and interested in her, and he displayed such immense kindness in his eyes, it was a very compassionate performance. My favourite cha seung won was saddled with a horrible character but he managed to make him less despicable and his performance was top notch. Never liked sleazy Lee byung hun but gotta admit his deong seok was very well acted. The actress playing his mother was infuriating but that shows how good her performance was. Lee jung eun, who I couldn’t believe was the same actress in parasite for me was the star of the show. Loved the ending where she rushed to hug cha seung won which was very funny. Her story remains a favourite, a very bittersweet end for her. The entire show to me is one of those rare gem of a kdrama that works when it doesn’t do the usual OTT drama like the usual infuriating kdramas making it so un kdrama like. Best series this year, best for the last many years. Get tissues ready when watching. Each story will make you weep in joy and weep in sadness.i just don’t like thr end message by the writers which was so unnecessary. That spoiled the end for me.

  4. This is definitely one of the best kdramas of the year for me. I really loved the format, with all the different stories. Each one really touched me. I love that Noh Hee-kyung focuses on ordinary people and explored so many different social issues that other kdramas won’t touch. The writing, acting and cinematography were all great. I’m glad it was a hit.

  5. It started a slow pace but each story has its own meaning. i cried the most at the end when the mother died (which was expected) but she decided to die at her own house.

  6. the casts were so believable as ordinary people. i chuckled out loud when I saw Yeong Ju’s father shows up as the 7 billion won guy in Why Her

  7. rough as its ending was, i’d still say twenty five, twenty one was tvn’s “first big hit” of 2022. i haven’t seen this bc i was consumed by my liberation notes and there was a distinct lack of buzz surrounding this drama in the international forums. i might check it out later if i hear/read anything interesting.

    • Agreed with you on 2521 (I liked the ending) and My Liberation Diary. Didn’t hear much chatter around Our Blues.

      I’ll still miffed that MLD didn’t get higher ratings. Yeah Our Blues has a famous writer but so does MLD.

  8. It is also because of the OST #WithYou by #Jimin #BTSJIMIN and Sungwoon. It had attracted a broader and larger viewership as the fans wanted to enjoy and hear the angelic voice of Jimin.

      • Ost barely register. Rating success domestically but lack of buzz/interest/chatter internationally. Unlike Business Proposal/Squid Games/AOUAD it wasn’t highly ranked in Netflix non-English program list.

  9. Hasta hoy, me han gustado todas las historias de cada uno de los personajes, he llorado y reído. Seguiré esperando para ver los siguientes capítulos. En México aún falta. Gracias.

  10. I like this drama and every one story was very hurtful but I want to say that, that teen couple story was my fav…sorry I don’t know their names and also the depressed lady
    And i can’t tell you guys the ost with you is one of the my fav,this song is my sleeping pills ….but still 2521 is best for me.

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