First Official Drama Stills of Lee Jong Seok in MBC Drama Big Mouth with Yoona

I think the Big Mouth v. Big Mouse title confusion has been sorted out. The drama called Big Mouth is scheduled to air on MBC Fri-Sat time slot after Doctor Lawyer and today released the first official drama stills of male lead Lee Jong Seok. He plays the titular Big Mouth, a loquacious lawyer with a low win percentage who nevertheless seems to be happy with life and who wouldn’t since he has Yoona as his nurse wife. But after he gets involved in a murder case he’s accused of being the genius swindler known as Big Mouse and he and Yoona have to try and clear his name. That’s the short synopsis but I’m sure the narrative will be much more robust. The drama is from the PD of Start-up, Hotel Del Luna, and While You Were Sleeping so I know visually I will love it.


First Official Drama Stills of Lee Jong Seok in MBC Drama Big Mouth with Yoona — 35 Comments

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  2. I don’t understand how people find LJS handsome? I don’t get it. His super pale skin, the very-obvious rhinoplasty, his facial features are flat, he also doesn’t have manly sex appeal. I am so lost as to why girls find him good looking.

    • Soy mujer y tampoco entiendo. No hay nada de química con sus compañeras mujeres en ninguno de los K dramas que lo he visto

    • Same here, friend. Same here. If you ever come to understand, kindly lemme know so I can also understand that mind-boggling mystery. Yikes.

    • Beauty stands in the beholder’s eyes… one might just not understand it… never judge the ones who love his acting as well as his charisma and good look

    • I personally am a fan because I have genuinely enjoyed almost every drama of his- his dramas always have very unique premises and carry social messages. I also really respect him for not only playing a gay character so early on in his career but also embracing it. As for acting, I have never considered him to be great but he truly moved me in Pinnochio. I personally feel like he’s overhated on the acting front.

    • Well that’s just straight up rude, you don’t have to find him attractive or watch the series if you aren’t fond of his looks or his acting skills. But what is “manly sex appeal” supposed to be? That is just a a very sexist remark.

      • Thank you, l truly dont understand how rude some people can be.So he is not to everyone’s liking does not warrant features shaming.l wonder what they look like hiding behind a screen xx

    • He doesn’t have a single desirable facial feature, which means it’s hard to argue that he’s traditionally good looking. But portraying a likable character helps build rapport and when people like you they’ll think you’re good looking. When enough people like you and they are vocal about it, you can brainwash those who think otherwise that they are in the minority.

    • La verdad a mí particularmente me encanta. Que tiene de atractivo? Su carita angelical, su boca seductora, su forma de ser, su sonrisa llena de sinceridad. Y me encanta su actuación. Si no lo has visto te recomiendo que comiences a ver su actuación.

    • I can see you’re a very jealous human being.
      If LJS isn’t your fan, stop following him. The world does not revolve around you okay.. If this is the path he has chosen, does it concern you?
      We don’t need your kind and you don’t deserve an explanation as to why some ladies find him attractive. Kurasini b33ma.
      Apcnkye ba!!

    • Uhm.. that’s a little harsh? I don’t find him handsome either, I think his nose is distracting, but more power to women who find him attractive. Attractiveness is subjective after all that’s why I find it weird when people question why someone is attractive to some people. And what’s wrong with super pale skin? Personally, I find pale skin beautiful, it’s giving vampire vibes and can also look ethereal lol.
      In fact, any skin color can be beautiful as long as the skin is healthy, come on…

  3. Two lawyer theme dramas back to back? Not great scheduling MBC. Wish LJS would stop messing with his face, the plastic surgery is getting very jarring.

  4. I am very happy for you l certainly hope that the show is a success and wish you the best. You always have a special place in my heart Lee💕❣❤

  5. Wow, brutal! Has he offended you in some way to warrant such personal, hurtful comments on a public platform? If you dont like his acting, dont watch- find something meaningful to do instead.If you aren’t attracted to someone, and you dont know them personally, why even comment or judge on such a superficial basis? Most of us are average looking- if we’re that lucky!You ‘beauty police’ must be absolutely gorgeous…on the outside (clearly not on the inside) Try to acquire some soul and integrity. It will make you less lonely,paranoid and much happier than worrying about who’s not hot enough to meet your ‘high’ standards. Enjoy your life and feel good, dont waste it on dissecting other people’s physical features! (It might even turn you into a nicer, kinder person- surely thats attractive)

  6. I love this actor I hope I can get it here in the United States. I have Viki. I hope they will have it on my Korean app. I’m looking forward to watching it. Like to see Dr. Lawyer to . I don’t like the people that are criticizing him. I think Lee is very handsome in fact I find most of the Korean actors very attractive. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  7. Generell sind koreanische Schauspielerinnen und Schauspieler sehr attraktiv! Und welche Schauspielkunst uns besonders gefällt, hängt von unserer Persönlichkeit ab! Allerdings sollten wir als Publikum die Darsteller ermutigen, ihr natürliches Gesicht zu behalten. Außer, eine Person ist durch Unfall, oder manchmal auch durch Geburt, entstellt.

  8. lol you must be joking. He is handsome and sexy no matter what way you look at him but beauty is in the eye of the beholder so you are allowed your opinion.

  9. He is quite handsome. I look in his eyes and his thoughts are deep. Lee is a natural in acting and modeling. His pale skin is beautiful and he is very masculine Lee’s appeal is different from the buffed man. I am mesmerized and caught up in his acting. The moments with him in a series or movie are like I am there.His demeanor and brain is what is so appealing. I have seen two of his series and if you can’t see it, I definitely do. I will always look forward to seeing him and be in awe.

  10. Those hating on LJS are pathetic..It’s just funny how wretched you are as a person yet speak ill about someone. Well he’s making a lot of money and you’re the hater.

  11. Wow thank u for saying that. I’m a fan of LJS,I’m waiting for this series like ages. That comment up there made me really upset. Seriously…I can’t imagine someone can be really that harsh of expressing their dislike.

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