Kim Yoo Jung Epitomizes the Casual Playful Youth in New Fila Summer 2022 CF

So summer is the season of countless outdoor possibilities and K-actress Kim Yoo Jung‘s latest pictorial for Fila can be done both indoor or outdoor. I see it as roller skater girl cute or tennis girl chic, either way she’s still that prime age where energy and vigor is aplenty to tackle more athletic endeavors. It’s midway through 2022 already and she’s not announced for a K-drama on deck so far so chances are she won’t be back on the small screen this year which is fine. Reset and find the right next project and in the meantime enjoy life!


Kim Yoo Jung Epitomizes the Casual Playful Youth in New Fila Summer 2022 CF — 12 Comments

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  2. Love this styling on her!!!! Wonder if that variety show by PD Kim Sung Yoon will push through and if KYJ accepted the offer.

    • Really? I had the opposite reaction when I saw the pics. She’ll always be pretty in my eyes, but I hate when they put bangs on my girl, makes her face look “heavy”, if that makes sense 😭
      I prefer their styling one her around 2016-2016 😭

  3. I dont remember her jawline being so pointy before… am I wrong? She is such a beautiful young girl… I really hope she is not pressured to go under the knife…

    • I think it’s just photoshop and makeup? I find that with korean actresses, they have slimmer, sharper faces on photoshoots but when you watch them in dramas, their faces are rounder and less sharp/slim, so I think just mostly editing. Well, at least I hope it is…
      I could be wrong though, because young women being pressured into getting cosmetic surgery in korea is definitely rampant, especially in entertainment industry.

    • I thought so too (about the jawline being pointy), especially with her newest lainege ads. I have always liked this girl, i hope she doesnt try to do anything drastic with her looks…she’s already perfect in my eyes!

  4. she is so gorgeous and mesmerising. can i say her body is full of assets? I’ve been following her since tmets era actually, and i know she’s been beautiful since child. but i think that she’d corrected her nose a little bit. she might have done a dermal filler. because looking at her side profile picture, i noticed that her upper bridge nose at present is more higher than her teen era (u can make ur own comparison). dermal filler is something like this. well, that’s my opinion.

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