Wed-Thurs Dramas Eve, Insider, and Jinxed at First Settles into Ratings Likely to Stay Steading for the Next Month

It’s week 4 for Eve, week 3 for Insider, and a fresh week 2 for Jinxed at First but the feedback appears to be settled already. Eve has returned a bit to above 3% ratings for the last 3 episodes and the most recent one got 3.571%. Insider hasn’t caught on further after the ratings increase from the first to second episode and the most recent episode 5 got 3.184% ratings. And newest arrival Jinxed at First isn’t jinxed but isn’t also lucky in ratings either, episode 3 brought in 4.2%. While Eve and Insider are cable dramas so their ratings are respectable if not a success, Jinxed as a KBS drama continues to be on the low side despite the well-received first week reviews. I think this will be the ratings range for the remainder of these dramas run through July aside from the usual last episode spikes. As for the stories, people need to explain why Eve even exists, like is there a reason or audience for that story, and where is the catharsis, or is it a story where everyone is so freaking unlikeable. Insider looks depressing and coming in June isn’t the best idea while Jinxed remains the drama that feels most appealing to me out of this bunch.


Wed-Thurs Dramas Eve, Insider, and Jinxed at First Settles into Ratings Likely to Stay Steading for the Next Month — 25 Comments

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  2. I want to try Insider, I’m not interested by Eve and watched the first 2 episodes of Jinx that were pretty awful, I really didn’t like the back story of this drama.

  3. if you put aside the outlandish setup of Eve, the revenge story is somewhat additive to watch. It’s practically makjang, intense, lots of drama – the perfect combo recipe for an entertaining guilty pleasure drama. Watch with no high expectation and just go with the flow. Used the skip button from the time to time as well.

    • Haven’t had to skip any parts yet..loving it. Love strong female characters and you have to admit there is some eye candy too. Love that K dramas appear to have grown up,

  4. Currently watching Jinxed at first and I am really liking the fantasy and cutesy romcom vibes… The leads are adorable together and it’s one of the few dramas airing that I can watch and not dread the next episode because of the lighter theme. Personally, romcom is my thing so I hope the ratings increase because I really love it☺

  5. I am watching Insider, good acting n great chemistry, intense n very layed, tonight ep 4 will clear up some suspicion.

    Also watching Jinx, fun watch but not fun to see the 2 ladies kept like in a bird cage, drug them n FL allowed only to read children book but the acting is good, plot moving fast especially now that FL breakoff from her cage.

    I drop eve, nothing interesting to watch.

  6. I dropped Eve. I actually really like Insider. Surprisingly, KHN isn’t even the draw for me but instead, the leader of the prison gambling ring. I like Jinxed too. The ratings aren’t great but aren’t terrible considering what KBS has been getting in that time slot.

    • Interesting to see whether jcw and kyungsoo can lift wed-thu kbs timeslot ratings. Their dramas tell me your wish and true sword battle air after jinxed finish.

      • also kimdongwook drama too, l really looking forward for these 3 drama especially TrueswordBattle since it coming from movie production (vlad studio)

  7. I have watched the first 4 episodes of Eve. Overall, this drama is like a Christmas bauble, bright and shiny and pretty to look at but ultimately hollow inside.

    So far, the best thing about this series is Yoo Sun as the unapologetic bitch Han So-ra. Although the rich, nasty, entitled chaebol wife in a dysfunctional marriage is something we have already seen hundreds of times before, Yoo Sun plays her character with a touch of pathos that makes you both despise and sympathize with her at the same time. Her best scenes are those with her boy toy.

    Lee Sang-yeob is also good but his is a small role. Maybe his character will become more prominent later.

    • Yoo Sun is nailing the role to a T, she is the star there. Saw an article that Ep 8 had more of LSY, if only they had more of him early in the drama, rating would have gone up much earlier. The rating has always been like stock market, up n down. i don’t care if ratings are low or high, i watch for the acting, writings, chemistry (teamwork) n direction, bonus if the cinematrology is good.

      Had watch the TVN promo, is more interesting than the drama, PBH, YS n LSY were so hilarious n had great chemistry. The 3 of them post on the sns they met up for drinks, ah, nice to see such friendship.

  8. I like Eve. It’s really a typical makjang drama but it’s pretty good. Jinxed is pretty lighter comparing to eve but it’s not bad.

    Insider, i have no interest to watch it after reading the synopsis.

    • It must be tough being a SYJ stan. Always looking for a fight when no one’s even thinking about your scandal queen. Whew.

      • Must be hard being a hater, move along and try doing something useful for once

        And yes the series is 🀯🀯🀯🀯
        Might be a typical makjang but it works and the viewership keeps rising

        So go Stan your plastic unreal faves and leave those that appreciate her alone

      • LOL Exactly. Adults are having a civil discussion about ratings here, and here comes the predictable immature and childish SYJ stan tying to pick fights because his/her life is so boring and miserable LMAO
        3-4% ratings is “shutting a lot of mouths”? LOL the delusion is real πŸ˜‚
        SYJ deranged stans are so loud considering the weak-ass ratings of their scandal queen’s drama LMAO πŸ˜‚
        Crawl back to twitter and let adults have discussion in peace here FFS, no one cares about your psy*hopath queen πŸ˜›

    • 4.1% is fire? Trying to pick a fight in EVERY post. Such devoted worship of the ground that hideous thing walks on. WOW.

      • for a wed-Thursday slot with a remarkable low rating slot, she is doing incredibly well
        Considering a whole country wanted to cancel her

        Please give her flowers, accept that she’s good and drama is great

        Also don’t forget tik-tok Facebook and instagram
        She has all the social media in lock down

  9. I read Knet’s reviews. They prefer both Eve and insider due to outstanding acting of both leads. But the acting of Jinked FL lead need improvement.

    For me, I care only pretty face of actresses and light story so, I will watch.

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