Jang Nara Holds Lovely and Warm Wedding with Friends and Family in Attendance

This weekend was the wedding ceremony for K-actress Jang Nara and it wasn’t an open to the media affair so the only pictures to come out are from the SNS updates of the wedding guests. I don’t want to overly pry but I think she would accept that as a famous star there would be much interest in her nuptials. The ceremony was in Seoul and the bride wore a lovely and more traditional wedding dress with long sleeves and a straight neck design coupled with an elegant low bun, tiara, and veil. The groom is a non-celebrity and his face has been covered in all the pics I’ve seen so that’s great for respecting his privacy. Many K-stars were in attendance most of whom worked with Jang Nara on prior dramas or movies and became friends thereafter. Congrats to the bride and groom and felicitations on lifetime happiness.


Jang Nara Holds Lovely and Warm Wedding with Friends and Family in Attendance — 18 Comments

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    • Que bodas tan hermosas se celebran en esta pais encantador. Todo me gusta de Korea, sus costumbres, los actores y actrices son fabulosos. Los amoo. Mil felicidades y que viva el amor.

  2. She looks so beautiful. It appeared to be a gorgeous wedding from the pictures and videos. The venue was really nice. Hope Nara and her new husband have a life of happiness <3

  3. I hope she drops her skincare routine. She looks like she’s in her twenties.

    Not a fan of the dress. It looks like the exact same cottagecore style Song Hye-Kyo wore.

    • It looks very similar but I think Nara’s dress is more successful as it fits better and the design is simple and minimalist. SHK’s was oddly fussy in the chest area with the extra lace on the edges, the unnecessary split in the cleavage and the fit was too loose.

      • Fit was too loose? SHK’s dress looked 2 sizes too small and made her appear plump, which is weird because the whole selling point of haute couture is tailored fit.

        Agree that Jang Nara’s dress is better, but the best execution of the cottagecore style goes to Miranda Kerr’s wedding dress.

  4. Idk why some people like the matronly look. Asian wedding dresses are some the most unique ones. I guess she’s just really simple. It does look like the same dress that SHK wore.

    Anw, best wishes to the couple.

  5. Ok I totally see the Zhao Liying resemblance now, especially in the engagement pictures.

    Yeah the dress def looks matronly. JN looks beautiful otherwise.

  6. A pretty wedding just as her . Congrats , all korean actresses of my first dramas are getting married one after one . I saw them grow into good actresses through many dramas …❤️❤️😭😭

  7. Jang Hyuk didn’t attend? Ohhh. I guess they are not that close after all. Hated her wedding dress. So plain and old looking

  8. I’m not trying to be a spoil sport or a party pooper. But in fairness to the groom if his identity is to be shielded from the public, being just a non-celebrity, at least more subtle means should have been used to blur the view, rather than just paste a ridiculous looking emoji over his face! With all regard to the popularity of the actress bride I have a great deal of sympathy for the groom. I suspect that there is more to his hidden identity than
    personal reasons. Whatever may that be it still invites speculative questions that the newlyweds may later be hard put to answer for the public’s satisfaction.

    • I follow sveral married a female actors on Instagram, and those whose husbands are not also actors do exactly as shown in these images – one always covers her husband’s face with a bear emoji, another uses hearts. You must remember that it is illegal in SK, actually against the law, to reveal a person’s image without their consent. Take a look at photos of celebs in airports – you’ll notice random people in the shot also having their faces blurred/masked for the very same reason.
      Only the sort of obsessively curious person that law precisely designed to protect against would look for or see any reason to raise “speculative questions” over the fact that guests at a wedding respected the groom’s privacy by obeying the law.

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