Alchemy of Souls Jumps to New Ratings High of 6.841% in Episode 4 as the OTP Set Off on a Training and Bonding Adventure

The premiere week of Alchemy of Souls came in at the mid 5% range in ratings which is already decent and with this Saturday’s episode 3 staying at the same spot I thought at least it didn’t drop. Looks like my worry was for naught as episode 4 jumped up to 6.841% and sent this drama to a new level. Ratings increase is great for the cast and crew to validate people are watching their drama but what hooked me was the great story, acting, and chemistry so I really want the gripping and interesting start to continue. It absolutely had and I LOVED episodes 3-4, Lee Jae Wook‘s character of Jang Wook is totally the role of a lifetime so rich in pathos and yet able to be a goofy young man at times. Jung So Min continues to deliver the Nak Soo in Mu Duk’s body calculating coldness with gradual caring that comes from being around people again and not a bunch of assassins. The directing remains brisk and effective and the chemistry of the cast (young and veterans) sells this fantastical tale that is grounded in many of the most compelling hooks of fictional time – daddy issues, abandonment, survival, and empathy.


Alchemy of Souls Jumps to New Ratings High of 6.841% in Episode 4 as the OTP Set Off on a Training and Bonding Adventure — 13 Comments

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  2. It’s a fun drama. I’m not specially impressed by the cinematography like for Red Heart, but the CGI look good. For the story, I like how the second lead is very smart. I was kinda disapointed by the ML when he said he didn’t learn to fight, it was so stupid from him. But I guess to be a genius Mage will help.

  3. This is my first drama of Lee Jae Wook and I’m impressed. He has so much range from comedic, to fighting sequence, and emotional expression. He is gonna have a good career if he keep this up.

  4. Lee Jae Wook is nailing every scene. This is also my first drama of him. I’m wondering why he is still underrated. Not many rookie actors caught my attention with incredible acting. He deserves to hit big.

    • He caught my eye already in Alhambra and has been great in every role although some of the plots have been crap.

      He is way more talented than most of the trendy yet wooden actors ard his age (ahn hyo seop n rowoon comes to mind, god how do those 2 even get so many lead roles). The range and groundedness of his acting. No over reacting and can shift from comedy to emotional to action. Omg his fight scenes are quite swoony.

      He is also tall n has a very unique charisma. So hope to see his career grow.

      • Agree! Much better than those popular ones, not just AHS and RW you mentioned, there are others like Kim Young Dae (the worst one so far), Hwang In Yeop (I dropped Why Her because of him) and even Netflix’s son Song Kang.

      • He’s younger. He was born in 1998 when AHS in 1995 and Rowoon in 1996. He auditionned for the first role of Extraordinary You and Rowoon for the second, but it’s the PD who chose Rowoon as the ML. Extraordinary You was a good drama so a good first role for Rowoon when DoDoSolSolLalaDo was badly written, LJW was very unlucky with this one.

        So with this drama, he really can show his skills ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Glad I waited till 4 episodes to binge watch. The world building hooked me in right away. CGI is not bad. The sword fight choreography reminds me of The Storm Riders and Swordsman wuxia movies. Never a dull moment.

    LJW and JSM are great in their roles. The actress who played Naksu and the young Jang Uk caught my eyes. Whoever they’re I want to see more of them in kdrama land.

  6. I’m also loving it and can’t wait for next week episodes! Glad to see that the ratings are going up ๐Ÿ˜€

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