Fans of Yumi’s Cells 2 Soak Up the Sweet Romance in the First Part as the Hint of Turbulence Ahead Arises Starting in Episode 9

So my life feels like two extremes during the COVID pandemic era. I suddenly went from flying all the time for work to flying not at all and then recently flying all the time for personal family emergency reasons with no equilibrium. One thing I realized is that I hate flying in any situation but hearing the familiar safety video playing did always feel like a slice of familiar pie. One of the airplane safety announcements always tells you to “Brace! Brace!” in the likelihood of impact, and I remembered that watching the most recent episodes of Yumi’s Cells 2. All the credit to the production and leads Kim Go Eun and Jinyoung for making me so happy with their romance that I legit didn’t worry/want to think about the plotline to come lifted straight from the webtoon. Namely Babi is merely Boyfriend #2 and in Yumi’s romantic life and there is another guy out there with a forever stamp with her. And that came rushing in this weekend and I felt like I was stuck on a freefalling plane yelling BRACE to myself because I could see Babi being drawn into the orbit of Da Eun. I love Babi but if he’s not my Yumi’s end game then he can “to the left, to the left” and usher himself off stage after this season.


Fans of Yumi’s Cells 2 Soak Up the Sweet Romance in the First Part as the Hint of Turbulence Ahead Arises Starting in Episode 9 — 4 Comments

  1. Does anyone know if this show was originally planned for 3 seasons? I read the webtoon so I know how the original story goes but I thought they might merge (?) bf#2 and bf#3 (no news of bf#3 casting either)… however after this weekend it seems that won’t happen lol So, will KGE come back for the final installment…??

    • It was suppose to be only 1 long season but the director thought it would be better to have a ‘breather’ between Woong and Babi, like a new chapter of Yumi’s life. There is no season 3

  2. i read the webtoon and thought i wouldnt like Woong but i was totally team Woong by the end of season 1. Great work to Ahn Bo Hyun. No diss to Jinyoung and i might be the minority on this; i dont buy the chemistry between Yumi and Babi. maybe it’s because we dont really get to see Babi’s cells. He feels very closed off and kind-of too perfect that he gives off fake vibes. i read the webtoon so i un why this is the case and wont spoil it for others. This is afterall, a story focused on Yumi thus the title Yumi’s Cells

    For Da Eun, i think the production made a smart move in casting Shin Ye Eun. Jinyoung and Ye Eun already have a ‘standing ship’ from He Is Psychometric so that would lessen the blowback from Babi’s actions. Plus, she is a good actress and have proven chemistry with Jinyoung.

    As for Kim Go Eun, she is Yumi. Sooooo relatable in every facet and i love her.

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