Third Accuser Claims Nam Joo Hyuk and Friends Verbally Harassed Her in Kakao Chat During Their School Days and His Agency Again Denies

There is a South Korea slang called “Kakao Hell” which means when the chat app is used to verbally harass and bully someone. This week a third accuser, this one is a woman whereas the first two accusers are both men, claiming that Nam Joo Hyuk subjected her to Kakao Hell. She said that another one of his friends started a Kakao chat and forcefully added her to it, and afterwards the participants including Nam Joo Hyuk verbally abused and sexually harassed her with mean words. The messages included insulting her looks and demeaning sexual phrases. While Nam Joo Hyuk did not create the group, he did participate. She reported it to the school at that time and the school put the perpetrator in community service as punishment. Nam Joo Hyuk’s agency responded admitting the Kakao chat text messages the accuser provided were real but claimed it was taken out of context and also that this situation was resolved back them with the school and the student. The agency said the Kakao chat was a personal matter for the individuals in the chat and they would not be providing any further explanation. The agency said that all these claims by the first, second, and now third accuser are not true and through the formal legal process the agency will disprove it, but does not wish to do so via the media. It entreats the public not to just believe allegations without confirmation and validation and to reserve judgment through the formal legal process.


Third Accuser Claims Nam Joo Hyuk and Friends Verbally Harassed Her in Kakao Chat During Their School Days and His Agency Again Denies — 24 Comments

  1. According to Soompi article SOOP will only respond strongly to 1st and 2nd accuser but not the third female accuser as the matter was resolved thru an apology in school. It seems to establish a consistent pattern in NJH’s bullying. Didn’t create the chat group but participated in it. Good to most but selected a few to bully. Did it just enough to not get caught as the ringleader.

  2. its already investigated he was in the chat room but didnt created in fact he’s the one stop and shut down the chat room…he is innocennt and not BULLY…koala is late

    • What are you talking about? Yes he was the one who shut down the chatroom but that does not mean he did not insult the victim at all in that span of time it existed. Lee Jin Ho who covered the case said the kids were no ordinary kids and just because his posse of 18 spoke up for him with Dispatch, it does NOT mean people should overlook the sufferings of the victim. Fans always only take one side… and see what they want to see. I would rather sit neutral and watch how it all plays out. Not surprised if victims #4, #5 … come out soon.

      • just because his friends did drink smoke and bully the victim doesn’t mean he did? how can you blame someone actions to someone… fine victom 4 5 comes out show solid proof

      • @ rose on. He didn’t bully her??? Man abused her too in the chatroom. He wasn’t a mere innocent bystander.

        Some guys did this in my college and they were just sending memes (nothing sexual or personally mocking her appearance) , making fun of her reply. Yet they got slapped by disciplinary committee because the girl felt insulted. And that record will stay forever in their academic credentials. What he got punished with was way less

        Online harrassment shouldn’t be taken so lightly

  3. Njh should swiftly put out an apology statement to the victim, reflect deeply, show genuine remorse and enlist in the army soonest.

    If more female victims come forward with evidence, I think his career is over for now. Maybe 2 year away in the military will save him.

  4. I liked njh and was his fan. Right now I’m putting that on pause and evaluate it later. People should not blindly believe a celebrity. It is repetitive, but we don’t know them! they just choose what to show to general public, most of us have never spoke to them or even spend an afternoon talking. We mostly relate/associate to the nice and puppy-like characters he has played.

  5. What will happen to his new drama Vigilante???? Damn it. I was so looking forward to him playing a Batman type superhero.

  6. No one can force someone to be in a chat room. She can exit and block them. Why she stay in there n read their texts and exchange messages with them? It’s like Telegram or WhatsApp Group chat, everyone has the freedom to exit and block any chat group that they don’t wish to participate in. She could also change her phone number or report these boys to the teachers/principal or her parents. As matters have been resolved back then in school, why is she still bringing it up? It’s strange that she suddenly decided to bring it up again. It’s not that he became famous overnight that she noticed him now. He has been on spotlight on the entertainment news and famous for drama for quite a number of years now.

    • This is only a tiny part of the whole story. Even Soop admitted that. They chose not to tell the whole story rn. I believe there’s a whole lot more going on that is highly embarrassing for both the victim and perpetrators. They could have threatened her or her family or circulate her private photo in sns or endless other damaging scenarios. Schools authorities will always save face to protect their reputation so I doubt their side of the story as all resolved with an apology.

      Trauma takes a long time to heal. The first few accusers gave her courage to tell the truth now.

      • you’re making a lot of assumptions here. if it involved any sexual harassment and/or blackmail, this accusation would be taken much more seriously without exception. i’m a njh fan but i’m choosing to not blindly support him bc we clearly don’t have the full picture here but it’s really irresponsible of you to tack on accusations that have no basis.

    • And what exactly makes you think she didn’t try to do that! A lot women are afraid to admit they were sexually harassed/assaulted because of people like you who blame the victims for not be careful and smart when its the perpetrators that need to be held accountable. I don’t the know truth about NJH I wasn’t there when it happened nor were you so STOP VICTIM BLAMING!!!

      I completely agree with what @sus said they could have blackmailed her and she finally got the courage to speak up only after the other two accusers came forward.

      Defend NJH all you want I don’t care but don’t blame the accusers of lying and making stuff up when you don’t know the whole story. FYI I am neutral before you all go accusing me of being a hater.

      • you’re absolutely not being neutral presenting baseless assumptions about what the accuser experienced. i’m not gonna defend him bc this is all indeed sus as hell but people like you adding unnecessary, unfounded fuel to the fire is probably why soop is refusing to share more details through the media. you don’t have to trust the guy, and i think it’s very important to give possible victims the room to prove their accusations, but don’t be making things up until that happens.

      • @mimimi I never accused of NJH anything in fact I have nothing against him I am simply responding to @Misty as to why she as in the accuser didn’t try to exit and block the chat maybe she did but it didn’t work or she had some circumstances that we don’t know. I think the accusers also deserve a benefit of doubt like NJH does.

  7. NJH has been famous for many years already with million number of followers since a long time ago. I’m sure NJH is not without flaws & mistakes, no one is perfect anyway. But this sudden accusation now feel suspicious & did not put a good impression on the accusers as well.

  8. The reason bullying is so hard to prove is because perpetrators are angels to everyone and horrible to only a selected few and it usually happens outside of class when no one is watching. Now I am not accusing NJH of being a bully or anything but testimonies from his classmates that dispatch got of don’t hold much weight, just because they didn’t see anything doesn’t necessarily mean it didn’t happen.

  9. They may have something of her that they used to blackmail who knows. Otherwise who would like to be abused. Also, to people saying why are victims only speaking up now. It could be that they finally got the support they needed and are finally choosing to speak up. Also, this kind of thing need money too if they are taking this to court and maybe they are now financially stable and wants to speak up. Also, there has been movement going on in S. Korea where many victims are finally speaking up about their experience so maybe they got courage from that. Speaking about something severe as bullying is not an easy task. So, if you can’t support the victim at least don’t shame them for speaking up.

  10. The fact that his agency didn’t go hard on the female is more likely she has more dirt on him than is revealed. Otherwise the tone from them would be very different and harsh. I would say the matter has entered the negotiation phase to be settled privately. The result of which would be announced later.

  11. It’s Kakao “jail,” not “hell.” You mistranslate Korean all the time. Are you translating the Chinese translation of the original Korean article?

    Lots of things lost in translation in your posts. These sloppy translations are contributing to false rumors and misrepresentations.

  12. Time for SOOP to drop this toxic brand. He’s a liability instead of an asset to the agency of A-listers Gong Yoo, Gong Hyo Jin and Seo Hyun Jin. Better to recruit Kim So Hyun to replace him. That girl deserves better management than him.

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