Hwang In Yeop Criticized for His Acting in Why Her But Entertainment Writer Places the Falling Ratings on the Poor Script Wasting a Stellar Performance by Seo Hyun Jin

An article over the weekend discussing Sat-Sun SBS drama Why Her (Why Oh Soo Jae) delved into trying to analyze why the drama went from red hot start to a u-turned trajectory in the span of three weeks. The drama broke 10% ratings by episode 4 but since then has only gone down in ratings and the most recent episode 10 got 7.4%. A lot of criticism has been lobbed at male lead Hwang In Yeop for not having the acting chops to go toe-to-toe with Seo Hyun Jin but the writer says the bigger problem is the problematic and weak script. The strength of the drama is the unique and strong female lead paired with Seo Hyun Jin’s sharp and succinct acting, but the drama instead focuses on the love line which isn’t very believable. There is no reason why successful capable Oh Soo Jae would so quickly for the law school student who is comparatively has nothing to recommend. So Hwang In Yeop’s acting is weaker but he’s gotten saddled with a limited character. The legal cases are also presented so simplistically, solving cases like child’s play with no deeper layers. And finally the drama throws in Oh Soo Jae’s past and birth secret which is just the usual K-drama tropes.


Hwang In Yeop Criticized for His Acting in Why Her But Entertainment Writer Places the Falling Ratings on the Poor Script Wasting a Stellar Performance by Seo Hyun Jin — 51 Comments

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  2. I think it’s both. The male lead is too innocent and his love for the FL too direct. His character should show some depth because of his past. They just made him acting like a puppy.

    I have no issue with the reversal of genre with the FL being the badass and the ML being her emotional support but HIY is lacking in this role, he’s just boring. He doesn’t add anything to the writting.

    • Its not on TVN. Its on SBS. HIY is the weakest link. Totally not right for the role and his chemistry with SHJ is flat. I actually preferred him to CEW in True Beauty but this drama proves his acting limitations (and how terrible CEW’s acting is to make him so much better in that drama) and I cannot stand their romance scenes. Contrive and cringy. Drop for now. Better use if my time watching Attorney Woo Yeong Woo… much stronger drama so far and Park Eun Bin is so lovely in it

      • I didn’t think I would like Atty Woo Yeong Woo but that got such a charming start.

  3. I have no problem with the ML’s acting, really. He’s fine for me, delivers what is expected. It’s the writing. Here comes the typical powerful vs weak society. In the meantime, the legal part of the drama is weak. For instance, they’re in the process of company acquisition worth tons of money with commissions in billions bland yet how conditions were made were so light and easy. It doesn’t work that way. It doesn’t have any bearing. Also, the issue in the construction site. Really? It’s been used over and over – pass and get permits coz people with power says so even though the engineers know there’s problem with ground water. That plot is overused. No new materials. Also, sorry to say this, FL so overdressed sometimes it’s cringy. She was wearing high heels with hairs all put together in an open construction site. I’m done. It doesn’t look like it in real life. They have to make it a little bit believable.

  4. Rookie actors these days are pretty bad at acting compared to 5 or 10 years ago, they mostly rely on good looks and tall heights. There are only two rookie male actors (excluding former child actors) who impressed me with great acting. They are Lee Do Hyun and Lee Jae Wook, thank god both become male leads now.

    • Ikr, Alchemy of souls is doing pretty well and actually is my cherry on top from the sea of ongoing series as of the moment. He’s doing great there considering the role require a wide range of acting in comedy, action and even drama. I like HIY, maybe this isnt just his area.

  5. Live watching a kdrama is like boarding a cruise ship only for it to turn into the Titanic midway, which is exactly how I feel about this show.

    It started off strong then completely fell off to the point where I’m wondering the writer got swapped out. The romance is unbelievable. Neither the actors nor characters sync well. The FL is way out of the ML’s league and I have trouble buying that she’s in love with this kid.

    The show should be retitled WHY HIM?! because that’s all I think when I see them.

  6. Why her? is like many dramas , at first we have the sun shining and when you are ready to go out, suddenly a big cloud appears and rain begins to fall . The script turn out to be the usual scheme . It would have been better if the students were there to learn and help her through her journey . A little as ” How to get away…” with no love line and a A TEAM savers !

    • Finally someone who actually not criticizing ml or fl. Honestly it’s the script why they both seem off with each other and so is the plot. Both of their acting is really nice, but the script isn’t giving justice to their part. It feels bland after some time. And i don’t think it’s fault of their acting. It’s the script which is weak.

    • That’s what I think as well!
      They keep blaming the actor’s acting when really, it’s the script that is limiting their potential and chemestry

      • Thank you… The male and female lead are doing their best so I don’t understand why so much criticism on a drama that has not finished. I am in love with the drama and nothing anyone says will change that 😊😊😊

        Koreans at times should give their actors and actresses a break a beg their own too much 🚶‍♂️🚶‍♂️🚶‍♂️

      • The male lead is portraying the character very well…I feel like he cannot add somethings of his own in this character because of the way it has been written. He is supposed to be innocent and is (cause in the past too they have shown he has been accused falsely) and direct. Like what more do expect from him??? To act like a psycho?? I don’t see him taking revenge cause that’s not what the character’s supposed to do. Here I can say that the male lead isn’t well written.

  7. Was going to give this drama a try. Thanks to everyone’s input, I will skip this. “Legal cases solved like child’s play” are just annoying.

  8. I won’t criticise HIY but I do find their romance and dialogues pretty boring. It could be the script. FL is dynamic and gritty when dealing with her enemies… compared to a rather lackluster romance… it’s fine to have couples settling in being comfortable with each other in real life but this is like watching a couple getting together in the final two episodes… so for the sake of the drama at least give us something sizzling and spicy yeah???

  9. I find the whole college squad cringy and the cases are weak. Instead I love soojae and her assistant and friend. Also, the antagonist chemistry of Seo Hyunjin and Heo Junho is what still has me in. It’s hard to watch knowing they’re wasting SHJ.

  10. I don’t have any problem with his acting. What limited him was the script and his role is way lower than that of the female lead, if they could bring more in him through the script it’s going to be much better.. The script makes the male lead look so pathetic and unwanted and that’s what makes his character boring and dull. Not his fault. I will keep watching. Still love the drama regardless 🥂

  11. I wanted to watch this because the FL seem like an awesome character but then suddenly I saw the younger guy? supposedly is the male lead. His look somehow turn me off from watching this series. I feel they should cast a better male lead than this guy. Honestly, he was no match for the FL.

      • People can judge a drama all they want when they want. This comment section is where all views are posted good, bad and ugly. Just because your relationship doesn’t work out doesn’t mean we can’t post here. Zip it sweetie.

  12. I’m not sure why he looks handsome in true beauty but kinda ugly here, he’s like kang daniel who needs kpop make-up to look handsome.

  13. That’s what I think as well!
    They keep blaming the actor’s acting when really, it’s the script that is limiting their potential and chemestry

  14. meanwhile I think netizen is abit harsh at him. like… even the best actor won’t save that dull character. I think the bigger problem is the writing. But I Kept watching because it’s been so long I want Seo Hyun Jin play this kind of character. If it’s makjang, I would like the makjang is like flame of desire script. that drama is hella addictive… but we know in the real world we won’t get what we want. I I quite enjoy it for Seo Hyun Jin alone.

  15. I think the drama is better off without the romance with a younger guy bit. Yes, they wasted the FL’s solid acting.

  16. I personally like HIY, which is why I watched this drama to begin with. I don’t think his acting is bad, and I get his adoration of her. Is it predictable? Yes. Not the actors fault. I don’t have a problem with the differing ages either. Having lived that myself(the age difference) it’s not far fetched. I’ll keep watching.

  17. I personally like HIY, which is why I watched this drama to begin with. I don’t think his acting is bad, and I get his adoration of her. Is it predictable? Yes. Not the actors fault. I don’t have a problem with the differing ages either. Having lived that myself(the age difference) it’s not far fetched. I’ll keep watching.

  18. Why is everyone criticizing the actors it’s not their fault for getting the roles of the main characters in the drama. For your information the drama is NICE if u dont want to watch just STF and sleep no cares. P.s Hwang In Yeop looks fine as fu**

  19. I actually know and feels why she likes him, even from the first episode when he looks at her eyes while she is slapping him, he gets it, he knows she doesn’t mean it but her circumstances just so bad that she hurts her. It’s unrealistic but it shows that he can be her safe place.

    What I felt weird is their history beforehand, I think I’ll more content with him being fascinated with her and become someone who is safe for her to confide because he doesn’t want anything from her.

    Also the case drag for too long and just weird overall. Regarding the acting, it’s not bad nor mindblowing, he doesn’t have much to do and he is passable, in terms that this script was already shaky

  20. Oh soo Jae is tough, strong, independent and very successful. Yet she falls for Gong Chan. Why? Because she’s not perfect and she’s just a woman. She has a heart and she’s soft inside. The critisms for this drama is quite harsh, as if they can write better than the writer or as if they can act better than the actors. Though I think I know why. I guess the audience (including me) are disappointed because of the love line or the weak script or the Terrible acting? Maybe, but for sure we criticised it because our expectation is so high. I mean who wouldn’t expect high? Because of its impactful episode one, Who wouldn’t want more? I hope to see more, i expect to see better episode. Jebal!!!!

  21. I agree with this article. The romance doesn’t quite hit the spot. Somehow their chemistry is off probably because of the power dynamic. There’s literally no link between them. It would have been better if the drama was just focused on Oh Soo Jae without the romance. Or a better male lead would have been Yoon Se-Pil, the SP partner. Yoon Se-Pil and Oh Soo Jae have both been hurt by the antagonists and they have underlying similar motives. They are both powerful and attractive. They really would have made a much better couple than the Gong and Oh Soo Jae gang.

    • FIRST the romance hits every spot. SECOND Gong chan was also hurt but the antagonist( at least watch the movie well if u want to complain).
      Lastly Yoon Se Pil already has someone for him like I said before watch the drama well

      • I’m not alone in my observation of the lacking chemistry between the ML and FL. You can very well see from other comments that it just isn’t giving what it’s supposed to give. Objectively speaking,it fell short of expectations. I’d have preferred Yoon Se-Pil. His ex love is in a mental hospital and they can no longer be together. Gong Chan is passive at best at we are at episode 10 already. The fire isn’t there. I’m a fan of both actors bit I don’t let it color my judgement.

    • Your right….it would have been more interesting if it was just fouced on oh Soo..
      The love chemistry was just to fake and fast….

  22. I’ve watched all his drama and I don’t think his acting is bad. It’s just the story is limiting his acting.. and I think the drama is great.

  23. i personally like SHJ since i watched her in “Beauty Inside” from there i watched all her drama..and this “why her” it make me excited every week to watch it.It so harsh to read comments saying the ML and FL are not good,,but for me im really inlove to them SHJ and YIH,and nothing would change my excitement until the end…

  24. I love the actors and I honestly wouldn’t watch it if HIY wasn’t in it. I’m from the United States and we may think differently here, but we love him, his acting, and his looks. If you don’t like it then oh well. Nothing you can say will spoil it for the ones who do. So suck on a cock and get over it because you can’t change the script. We don’t care. Go cry a river by yourself.

  25. Tsk tsk tsk foul mouthed stan here getting all twisted like a worm being salted. A tad oversensitive? Can dish it out but can’t take it back.

    Probably one lonely arrogant ksh njh fan who now ship hiy using multiple usernames hoping people wouldn’t notice.

    • What does KSH, NJH, and their fans have to do with this sh*t? 😂
      I swear y’all haters are more obsessed than stans, taking every chance you get to mention those two 😂

  26. sure Hwang In Youp char is underwhelming.But if it act by better actor,at least put some depth in char(talk about talent and creativity in an actor), this char might be more lively and the romance might be make sense. but then again, any talent actor will be waste in this kind of roles..

  27. I’m surprised about the decreasing rating of the show.. I like both ML & FL. Both actors have already proven their good acting abilities. Since I like romantic drama, I’m looking forward to more love scenes of both leads, therefore looking forward to the last episode. Hope it’s a happy ending!

  28. Maybe because of the FL History she is almost having a baby and already a wife to be and the ML is like a Virgin Boy thinking her crush was innocent. Lol.
    This is why he can only be second Lead of all his career.

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