The Three Men in Mu Duk’s Life Assemble to Save Her in New Stills for Episode 7 of Alchemy of Souls

The Crown Prince is majorly growing on me and so is actor Shin Seung Ho. He’s got this unconventionally large square face so I don’t find him handsome but his acting is super charming and his voice is insanely sexy so he’s come out of nowhere among the male leads in catching my interest. I thought it was a two way contest with Lee Jae Wook and Minhyun for being viewer favorites but he’s vaulted up there which makes Alchemy of Souls even more fun to watch. The new stills are out for Saturday’s episode 7 showing the three men or three stooges haha venturing into the magical items lair to try and rescue Mu Duk. I sense some scenes in the preview may be taking place in their minds but I could be wrong, either way it’s bound to bring out even more hidden or still nascent emotions.


The Three Men in Mu Duk’s Life Assemble to Save Her in New Stills for Episode 7 of Alchemy of Souls — 11 Comments

    • I hope its Lee jae wook that ends up with Muduk although minhyun is gorgeous too love this drama acting is as always excellent hope to more of these sorts of dramas lov them

  1. Shin Seung-Ho is a good actor.

    I liked him At Eighteen, How to Buy a Friend and D.P. (he got a lof ot hate for this role).

    Now, for the story, she’s a badass assassin but she needs 3 guys to save her, of course…

  2. Crown prince is blowing me away too. I can’t stop looking at him in any scene he’s in. He’s creating this one sided love for FL that is surely beautiful to watch. The way he looks at her and how he delivers his lines are so sexy! Don’t even get me started with that voice! Whew! Lol

  3. It’s a good role for that actor though… I thought I would be infuriated with him like in D.P. but his gruffness is quite attractive. I love the Four Season boys but my least fave is actually Seo Yul. Love where this drama is taking us so far~

  4. I totally agree with Koala. 😁 I had been wondering why an “antagonist” was in a part of the trio guys with Jung So Min. Now I understand why and I think I really like this reverse harem plot

  5. I LOVE the Crown Prince too! If Lee Jae Wook as Jang Wuk were even a hair less swoony and awesome than he is, I’d be seriously torn! I really hope the CP stays the absolutely adorable, often swoony, and generally decent guy he is no matter what. I think he will be a good king and I would HATE for his character to turn bad. He is way too likeable!

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