Jeon Ji Hyun Only Solo Female Star to Make Top South Korean Entertainer Earnings List of 2022 Behind Lim Young Woong and BTS

The 2022 is more than half over but some things don’t change. I feel like the folks on the top 10 lists in South Korea rarely change and this new aggregation of the top earners for 2022 so far is a collection of the same names. Making the list as the only solo female star is Jeon Ji Hyun at an impressive third spot, with number 1 going to trot singer Lim Young Woong and y’all have to tell me why he’s THAT popular. If it’s because of the old people then they certainly have spending power lol. Second place goes to BTS as that group just mints month. From there on its buff ahjusshi Ma Dong Seok, Lee Byung Hun still going strong, Yoo Jae Suk, NCT Dream, TWICE, Seventeen, and Stray Kids. So there you have it, if you’re buying whatever these stars are shilling then they are worth their CF earnings lol.


Jeon Ji Hyun Only Solo Female Star to Make Top South Korean Entertainer Earnings List of 2022 Behind Lim Young Woong and BTS — 6 Comments

  1. Jun Jihyun has terminated few cf endorsements.

    It’s weird Lee Junho is not in the list. Since his military discharged to now, he has done more than 15 endorsements including Samsung phone last year. Ten(10) of which are huge cf endorsements which he has done in 2022. Then he has sold out fanmeetings. Then at recent, he had 5 sold out concerts including (2) Budokan shows.

    He also won the Brand Consumer Awards and his two cf won at the MTN Adverts Festival.

    It’s really weird, even before he and 2pm was not included in the top earners lists when 2pm was the highest profit maker of JYPE to 2017.

    Then mid 2017-mid 2019, Lee Junho did 4 sold out tours. One tour is probably equivalent to one drama production. And note, he himself is the producer of the concert from songs to album, stage to performance and the performer.

    Then he did 2 dramas and 2 movies and few endorsements.

  2. Bts cf rate is over ten million for international deals and even in Korea they get over 4 million usd for single ad. And they have huge contract where they get most of cf income as well as their tours. Their tours generated 100s of millions.
    Jun ji hyun longevity is insane. Got popular with cf in 1999. My sassy girl got her among highest earners, though that decade’s highest paid cf queen was lee young ae. But jjh n shk were still highly paid throughout that decade. In 2010s jun ji hyun became the top most and has maintained that. Blackpink earns huge money from their global deals too. Millions each of the member. More than twice members

  3. I noticed there’s not Super Junior. The group had not stopped touring. In 2022 alone, their tour revenue would be more than any actors or variety show hosts revenue.

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